Friday, February 17, 2017

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How about some New Canadian Football League Teams in America

Map of Major League Looks for MLS
Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NBA

Expansion of One Team in Each of the Big Five Spor...
Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: National Hockey...
Sacramento Soccer for MLS. +  NEWS

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NFL
Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: MLB
Ohio Flights and Kentucky Horsemen for an NBA Expa...
Say No to two Los Angeles NFL Teams
Should Kansas City and Omaha Team Up for a Pro Fra...

Geographic Twin Cities in Major Sports America. S...

Indianapolis is next east city to get NHL, right?
Ohio Flights NBA Expansion Team. House it in a Couple Spots
Which Sportless City Gets Which Sport Next?
Best 100 Miles of Big Baseball
Eyeing Major League Soccer. A Cincinnati Goal
Add "Nation" to the Jersey
                                                                            With MLB Expansion Comes MiLB Expansion
What to Do with a Two-Place Team's Empty Ballpark?
Relocating the Coyotes and the Panthers
Wyoming Truckers Team for MiLB
The Idea of Retraction in Claim: LA and Miami
Ohio Aviators NBA Team
Grey Coast Ghosts. NHL Expansion Team
Las Vegas Montreal Internationals Baseball
Major League Baseball in Tennessee. How to Beat Out Charlotte for the Bid
ECHL or AHL Should at least have a Team in the Northwest
MLS in Tucson
Dakota NHL Team   The Diesel?
TV Market Money More Important Than The Gate?
Without the NBA
 MLB to 2100 AD
Over 20 American Cities Stand to Gain from Camp Model
NBA Expansion in Your City. Does Anyone Even Care?


UFL and Arena Football filling a void? And the LFL Expanding to Broader Markets Faster. World Markets

WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

WMLB, WNBA, WNHL, WMLS, ... and wha whuuut, WNFL?!

WNBA. So why not the WMLS?

MLS most feasible chance at travel team/home-camp shared team model. A Few Examples.

WNFL. You thought correct, the Women's National Football League


See Some more links.  Part II:
 Hitting the Links, Dose' (Dos, II)

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