Wednesday, September 2, 2015

With MLB Expansion Comes MiLB Expansion. Where to Play More MLB & MiLB Ball.

For simple math, say there are 80 home games.  So that's 40 home camp games per city for a two-town team.  Such a franchise might have some jealousy for Portland and Las Vegas (for my imaginary relocation and renaming of the West Coast Athletics), but it's better than nothing.  For the 40 games normally absent on an MLB schedule, baseball can still be played.

Triple A teams (wikipedia)

For something in the ballpark (figuratively and literally) of a 40 (normal) home game absence, a Triple A affiliate can represent some playing time in the "home away from home city".  So when the West Coast Athletics are playing home-camped in Vegas or on the road elsewhere, the Triple A affiliate could play in Portland.  They could be called the West Coast or Westward Warriors.  Or the Portland-Vegas Express.

Perhaps the drempt-up Truckers or Roadwarriors of Wyoming could be the West Coast affiliate.
Wyoming Truckers Team for MiLB. Or Maybe One for the Dakotas Also

So, let's say the league expands to 32 teams though.  
Let's say there's the East Coast Expos resurrecting bigtime ball in Montreal with a share in Charlotte.  It's talked about in my blog, but no no no.  Let's say the North Country Lumberjacks are an expansion team for Vancouver-Montreal.  And the Southland Band is playing for more than just the camped Nashville and Charlotte homes with occasional exhibition in the likes of New Orleans and Memphis.  So, okay, all the South team cities just mentioned have minor league representation, specifically AAA ball.  So we'll create a Canada's Finest Triple A club looking like a Mounties brand for North Country.  At present, not much is going on the the ball team department way up north.  Nothing like the minor leagues used to be up there.  And perhaps we should consider something like a fictitious Monterrey Mexico Sur Toros franchise representing the Southland Band at high A ball.  Should we bring the Mexican League in on more North American minor league play.  The demographic is naturally growing anyway.  Perhaps Cuba and Puerto Rico for the East Coast Band?

 Monterrey Rays. Or Sur Toros? MLB in Mexico

That's my vote.  Minor League expansion with direct MLB team affiliate ties and a more international flavor.  

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