Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plainly Put Tickertape News: Ohio, Oregon, Austin and Expos

The owner of the Crew, absent a new stadium, wants to take the team to Austin.

This 20 year condemnation of buildings is an acceptable thing?  Such subsidies to billionaires?

In other major league news, the American and National leagues may go away for intra-time zone play for teams in a region. Montreal and Portland are said to be next in the 32 team big league baseball.
Portland???  Or should it be Charlotte.....?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MLS Expansion City Horse Race

Is the Major League Expansion cities horse race heating up?

Is Nashville in the lead with Sacramento over the likes of Cincinnati in landing the next spots in the league?


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fantasy MLB Shakeup. No Stadiums in Oakland, Tampa Bay or Arizona

We're not going to get into the boring little leaky pipe details in this matter.  A's baseball is withing 20 miles of Giants baseball, so that could eventually be a bye bye, ...as much as MLB says it doesn't want to make little Johnnys cry like St. Louis NFL fans may have.  And Oakland just lost their Raiders.  Tampa is already too much Florida resort and grapefruit baseball.   Make Florida the Marlins again (but a two-place team).  Arizona has stadium concerns.  And Phoenix without baseball would still leave the state with its Cactus League.  But anyway, it is said expansion won't happen without A's and Rays stadium settlement.  No more relocation, one is to suppose.

So, let's fantasize 3 other spots.  Who are the top three thoughts?
Montreal, Portland and Charlotte?
Maybe San Antonio?  Who outside of that?

Well, outside of those and Mexico City, there's not a whole lot.  Havana is notably new, but poor.  Monterrey is logistically better than the big capital.

Wildcards like Oklahoma City or Vancouver are rarely talked about.  Indianapolis would love their own place in the buffer zone of Reds, Cards and Cubs.  And let's be honest about Vegas.  It's getting saturated, even if it could be the shortest move outside of some kind of crazy Inland Empire middle finger to the old California Angels.

Oh, how I wish a team would embrace the two-place team model like the NBA did with the Kansas City-Omaha Kings.   Las Vegas and Portland could have the West Coast A's that way.  The Southland Band could be in the likes of Charlotte, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans that way (instead of some empty Rays squad).  In other sports, Southlakes Predators or Fishermen could play hockey in Atlanta.  The apparel would be nuts!  Think of all the possibilities.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Could the Bengals move to Toronto?

Or would Louisville be more apt?
Oh how I love the sound of Kentucky Downs for them though.
Why can't Toronto have the Chargers?  They're already lackluster in LA

I've blogblabbed before of how owners will all be Jerry Jonesing for an upgraded football cathedral.  Who Dey's home of PBS is getting closer and closer to the 20 year mark.  Kentucky could call for some action and abatement to billionaires across the river, ...especially if the northern Kentucky shore doesn't get to house futbol of FC Cincinnati.

Get rid of the Jungle from the Nnati?  I've had to sit out a couple NFL seasons.  The first one was because of a Steelers playoff victory against my team doing Gump impersonations to the tunnel for a premature celebration in a loss.  Probation until week 2 of the playoffs declared since they can't seem to ever make it there.  And trying to briefly escape politics in sports another year, ....well, ya' get drug into a low IQ point of view.  'Cape doesn't hurt my feelings.  But when I see his parents, then I feel like handing him a lollypop instead of a microphone.  Solidarity in an anthem?  Okay, so we stop pretending.  I'm with that.  I'm geography-minded.  As such, I tend to know where I am, even if driving through.  It's predictable for the most part.  Really, it's simple math.  Crappy hoods.  Good hoods.  So, ...glad it wasn't my team .... but wait,.... my team's locker room is pontificating crap, .....and so I don't feel like supporting those intellectual and victory bums.  We might re-sign the librarian leading the locker room.  Yawn.  Enough of THAT commentary.  Check 'er out.

I've had a CFL-NFL idea before.  Canada's NFL team kind of playing a home game in each of the CFL stadiums.  The TV money is where it'll count the most.  So instead of like a Vancouver or Toronto team, do a national name like the Norde Force.  Or.  Canadian Power.  Or Railroad.  Or Truckers.  Trucking.  I'd enjoy some American-based franchises in the CFL again.  Showcase some Portland and Louisville.  Or some Oklahoma Oilers.  All in my blogosphere mentioned.

CFL Expansion: An Experimental Regional American Team

Defunct American CFL Teams 

Truckers is a Helluva' Brand Name. Especially for a Team Hubbed at a Doubt


Friday, September 15, 2017

Texas Railroad. The NFL team in central Texas. Pre-Season in El Paso

The NFL team in Austin, San Marcos AND/or San Antonio
Does the Railroad sound like a good name?

Pre-season El Paso

My multi-nodal home camp idea for teams, with a somewhat travel-team feel, creates more "absence makes the heart grow fonder" for butts in seats.  This would do good things for sports possibility in Florida and questionable following in places like Las Vegas or Portland.

National Football League Expansion & Relocation. #NFLexpansion

The NFL in San Marcos Texas. And Major League Futbol


Texas Country Cavalry. A Team with Two Stadiums. A two-town Texas team

Florida has 3 NFL Teams....But Not Texas. Huh

Austin Texas Big Leagues. Bring it

San Antonio: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NFL

NFL: 50 States and 32 Nations?


Friday, September 1, 2017

How to have NFL team in the likes of Omaha

And I don't believe the college pigskin luster will help or hurt much.

It's like a circuit.  Maybe 1 or 2 NFL games per year with the Midland Stampede.
The Cattle Drive.  Barons.  Something.  Imagine 8 home-camp games shared between the likes of Oklahoma City, Austin or even Little Rock.


I believe this would afford many o' Americans to have two favorite teams.  Omaha will still have a place in their hearts for the Broncos, and though still feel a bit of Denver in their minds, the Bronco Country blues could have a backup root.

Look at all of the Outlander cities that could feel this way:  Regional NFL Expansion

Friday, August 25, 2017

Diamondbacks become Las Vegas Vipers??

Or Snake Eyes?

Stadium woes for the 20 year old team brought about talk.   But just like the Jaguars of NFL claim, there are contracts and laws, and it won't happen.  By that I mean relocation. 

But it's a thought.  It's down the road.  And while 300 miles out west isn't terribly far,.... let's not get carried away with this Vegas momentum with the weird shaped balls (hockey and American foot elbow hand ball).  Vegas isn't THAT big of a market yet when it comes to homebodies.  It's still kinda' resorty' like Tampa.  You'll see NBA there way before the diamond.

Put your place in the search box of this blog.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Next MLB Expansion should be Canada and Mexico. The 'Jacks and Toros

Portland and Charlotte can be taken care of with the A's and Rays situation. 

Well, that could be the case if the big leagues could embrace a multi-nodal home and barnstorming feel.  West Coast Athletics is an awesome brand whether they play nestled up to the Giants or not.  And my stated case has been that Portland and Las Vegas may only be part-time towns for the big show.

And places like Mexico City, Monterrey and their nation....would have a brand to rally around.

Ditto for Montreal again.  And Vancouver.

So, why not have a Mexico brand play in two places?
Why not the North Country Lumberjacks splitting home time between Vancouver and Montreal?  It would be an even hotter ticket, even for the French.

Smaller number of seats in two place, apparel sales, and constantly nationally televised games makes it nearly a no-brainer, and I'm confident this showcase would overcome concerns.  BC place is a nice place.  Mexico could bolster infrastructure around some wonderful Williamsport-styled seating.

What are your thoughts?  Nashville/Memphis combo or Charlotte instead of Tampa?

Monday, August 7, 2017


San Diego
St. Louis
Pittsburgh ... Tampa, ...um, let's not go there.
Or what?  Just too much baseball?

MLB is the biggest revenue requirement, by at least two-fold.  Market saturation and all that jazz.  Chicago is the third largest market (it was second for the longest), yet it's doubled up only in MLB.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cinci Soccer Pro v Cons to West End, Oakley and the River

Plainly, ...as I see them at the moment.

The pub atmosphere is already in place.  Not fakin' it till ya' make it.  It's made.  Cincinnati footballs were not born downtown

It's a place where people live.  On game days it would instantly become a Wrigleyville for people who don't want that.

Whether it be Kentucky or Ohio side

Traffic handling already in place (for the most part).
Two solid sports sides of the river.

Boring.  There is apparently no other part to Cincinnati.
Rhine United?

West End
The Ambiance of Cincinnati, the Gritty Side.
The blue part of the uniform is the blue collar feel?
Stretching out downtown and it's entertaining feel.

Cons:  traffic?  But we can always bolster the infrastructure
But not really, right?  It's hugging a major American vein (I-75)

Personally, though I like the big shot feeling of Cincinnatians having our own New Jersey, I'm starting to crave some Cincinnati ambiance, especially since I can remember how much more beautiful the Ballpark at Broadway Commons would've been, instead of a casino.

What pro/cons am I missing?  What else?
Lions and tigers and Bearcats, oh my!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

An Alternative for Athletics Baseball: Anchorage and Honolulu. Yup!

And they'd simply be called the West Coast Athletics.

For those of you who read my blog (you know who you are, I don't know who you are ......and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know who you are, and I thank you), you might be sick of hearing me repeat this West Coast A's brand over and over again.  But MLB isn't expanding until stadium fixations are taken care of for the current Oakland and Tampa Bay area based teams.  And boy Bay Areas technically already have MLB.  I have fixes or modifications to satisfy situations to keep MLB for them while the A's and Rays vacate.  Sounds weird?!  Or have you heard of (read) my fixes before?

If you snapped at my hook, ...well, I know it's more of an exhibitiony' feel for Hawaii and Alaska to host MLB and I'm all about them just making regular season appearances deep in the Summer for Alaska (A DAY NIGHT GAME!, if you know what I'm saying) and anytime you really want for the warm Pacific Island.

And I'd like to see the Giants recoin themselves the California Giants.  Every once in awhile they could go for some Redwoods benefit/charity at the ballpark (adding a dollar a tickey and donation buckets about, or some such), all the while having a tree as the emblem on their hat.

And the A's could move, either part-time to Las Vegas (because right now they're a part-time town too), or to Portland, and/or Las Vegas.  Option, also, Vancouver, but let me settle down and not get too crazy.
Used to be Philadelphia A's

South Coast Rays?:

An Alternative for Rays Baseball: New Orleans

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bored Billionaire and an American Mexican-League team

It's a nifty thought anyway.  Proximity to Mexico, wouldn't ya' say?

Mexican League (basically Triple-A)
   I'd like to see the
Portland Trollies          El Paso Gas
San Antonio Rafters
Utah Fielders
Santa Fe Express
Albuquerque Turkeys
OKC Pilots

What about more?  Cuba Ice.

Monday, July 17, 2017

An Alternative for Rays Baseball: New Orleans

The South Coast Rays

Tampa is a part-time town.  And while my preference is the Florida Marlins splitting time between two resort Florida cities (and coasts), the South Coast Rays sharing time with
New Orleans seems like a nifty fix for an all-southern brand.  Can Atlanta's monopoly be over with?

Hell, some kind of Southern Rays with barnstorming of existing structures in downtown Charlotte, Nashville and Memphis, also.  Call them the Southland Band?  Southern Band,...something like that?

Friday, July 7, 2017

NBA's Exponential Expansion - More than 3 Cities Next

Why doubled up in LA like every other sport?
Why not take the Clippers to San Diego ANDDD Seattle.  The West Coast Clippers sounds so bad ass.
And if we did it by way of relocation/co-location for the tag team Clippers, there's another city that could come into the fold.
Rachel Demita

WHO BESIDES LOUISVILLE AND SEATTLE....which seem to be the obvious choices????

Do Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis care in the east?
What about Kansas City again?

Norfolk area?

Anything even feasible in the west?  Texas in-fighting for Austin?
Vegas, that town that got hockey first and now the NFL???

Monday, July 3, 2017

Did Anyone Catch these Cool Names in the Beautiful Bush Leagues?

By now, have you heard of the New Orleans Baby Cakes?

The Jacksonville Suns changed their name to Jumbo Shrimp
The Mets (not Phils) have the Rumble Ponies
Shuckers, Yard Goats and Biscuits have been gold.


 All fun names.

Different strokes for different folks.  Some folk fun is like A-ball's Bowling Green Hot Rods.  Or Loons.  Or River Bandits

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Next Triple-A MiLB Team

And the next vacancy is assumed to be left by a city promoted.  I'd say make Tampa triple-A, but whatevs'.

Is Monterrey Mexico the next most appreciative Triple-A camp for MiLB???  More interleague-like play with the Mexican League?

Of side note:  it's pretty cool that Atlanta's AAA club is in suburbia Atlanta.
If my Reds parted way with regional Louisville for whatever reason, what place would be a good landing spot.  Could a promotion of the city of Dayton be in order?


For about a decade now, Canada has been absent of MLB.  I genuinely wonder if Montreal snobbery is a thing and if they'd be very much less interested in sporting a minor league franchise for the Jays.  Then Toronto's current TripA team could free the city of Buffalo up for one of two MLB expansion team affiliates.  I'm sure Vancouver would be fine with taking up the on-deck circle.

San Antonio is barely a hundred miles away from the Rangers tripA club in suburban Austin.  Maybe the 'Stros tripA affiliation in California could just come to Alamo territory?  For now, it dubA Padres turf.  Actually already, the Sky Sox are picking up and moving to old Dodger and Missions club turf.

Looking up at the map, I spy Boise.  Could they get a major promotion as the one with Dayton I got all imaginary about?  Maybe not feasible.  I'm not sure.  I know Dayton is a hard ticket.  To buy.  Sold out a lot.  Logistically it's a pain, but Honolulu and Anchorage could get something.

My solution would be a West Coast named franchise share with Portland.  Portland, along with Monterrey are no doubt the biggest gapes with Canada.  Is Portland the true trolly snob?  They're missing top-notch pro hockey, too.  They could use a West Coast Truckers branded franchise in those two minor-league heavy sports farms.  While Greater Portland and Oregon have the suburban Hillsboro Hops A-ball club, we could spice a promotion up a notch with a tag team city agreement for a bigger league developing team.  Go Portland.

Friday, June 30, 2017

So,....FC Cincinnati it is. That was Fast. Build it

Cincinnati boost MLS hopes with incredible crowd, victory: 


Quick, fast, and seemingly outta' nowhere
Cinci and Soccer fans, you'll care about this part...
And where are we building it, Cinci?

Charlotte, your case for Queen City has been closed and Cincinnati owns it.  I would've about bet the farm that St. Louis or Carolina would've been more front and center for an expansion than Cinci.  But obviously that fault line of youth soccer bubbling over the years has been underblown.  It's bigger than that.  That lava in Cinci has exploded and burned the air.

Not only is there a hunt for MLS FCC location, there's beckoning for where the practice facility should be,......in essentially Mason, West Chester, Eastgate (Clermont County) or even the West End (for possible stadium location also).

The most public buzz for the stadium has been around Oakley and Newport across the river (for which the stadium rendering was drawn).



Okay, so yeah, the question MLS-wide is which two teams?

Cinci in the Eastern Conference and Sac-town in the West named by end year ....???

Friday, June 23, 2017

Greater Names: Great Lakes v Dayton. MLB Greater name???

It was a game I caught glimpse of.  The Loons of the Great Lakes versus the Dragons in A-ball.  An alliteration of America's game.

Great names indeed.
The Great Lakes moniker is missing out of higher level sports.  Most notably in hockey, I'd say.
And so many cities in the region could use it, and in the vein of my pitch as a tag team city.  Some leagues are missing out on Indy, Cinci, Columbus, Cleveland, Milwaukee and even Detroit (because there's no Detroit Arsenal yet). 

The Megaloppers
North Shoreman
South Shoreman

All but MLB has a regional name.  The NFL has New England.  NBA has Golden State.  Hockey and the NFL tout Carolina, combining two states.  MLS has New England as well.  How neat would Dakota Diesel or even Nebraska-Dakota Diesel be?  What about the Southlakes Predators or Fishermen tagging with Atlanta?  And MLB could join the fold with Southern Belles or Drawl,... or something like the Southland Band.  ...Apparel sales big time.

I've blogblabbed about it all before in previous posts ..... ....
check 'em out

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cinci Stadium MLS and Vancouver play MLB ??? 'sNEWS or Lose

                     Click: River City News article

I've talked before about Kentucky (Newport, Covington, Dayton KY) being Cinci's New Jersey.  Albeit it was for the Football Bengals.

.....the possibilities

And FC Cinci just defeated the Crew.
Get ready.
bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/06 Cincinnati v. Chicago
Pic from Cincinnati news

Of note, Cincinnati has a strong sister city relationship in Germany.  Not far from this stadium rendering is the Hofbrauhaus, akin to the one in Munich which is home to FC Bayern Munich and a similar stadium.

Canada baseball news CLICK below

Monday, June 5, 2017

Expanding, One Game at a time. New/Different Places. London

Home Run Derby in UK


The former player thing makes it merrier for me.

Age brackets?
I haven't kept my eyes on the b-ball card market.  I would guess new cards.

International expansion home run over the wall

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Team without a Place?

Or a Team without a FIXED Place

First popping into my mind - the Harlem Globetrotters

Could something like this ever happen in the big leagues?

Obviously with the potential for apparel it could be everywhere in symbol.  But essentially it would be barnstorming.  A sense of place is the largest component of a franchise.

So if one is a veteran or troop, they have the potential for franchise.  A navy can dock in many places.

And what if their field was floating? The Armada.  So many harbors.  From Anchorage to Honolulu.  Miami to Jacksonville to Boston.  Houston to Tampa.  It's one of the reasons I'm fixated on a West Coast brand - sustainability and the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" factor that'd boost Hawaii and Alaska.  And absences like the NBA in Seattle.  The NHL not there and ditto for Portland.  A northwest brand between those 3 mentioned states and big time hockey.

I like portable names like Army, Navy, Truckers, Bikers, Roadies and Outcasts.

Could an Outlanders brand suffice for the more nodal and emptier barron lands of the American west and north.  Could Boise and SLC get some more love that way?  Could American football take on a more world football (soccer'ier) tone in its next namings.  Imagine it:  Outlander Football.

See way more blabber and fairly irrelevant pics on my blog

Friday, May 26, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB West

Las Vegas
There is some alternative opportunity.
Saving baseball in Oakland.  The Raiders left.  Warriors kinda' left - well, they're not picking you up.  They may be honking the horn, but you have to follow the car.  Walking.
Let me talk about Vancouver.  Imagine exhibition in Anchorage or Honolulu.  Check out some thoughts.

32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities

Portland Blue Sox for Major League Baseball

Unless you go Multi-Nodal, You Won't have a Home Team in your Lifetime

And in other sports.  Instead of LAFC why not West Coast United with Vegas?  Search keyword:  West Coast Diamond Club

 West Coast is biggest Gap in the Big Five Sports

Portland: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Regional Contingencies for East, Central, and West (Baseball)

Major League Baseball International Sister Cities & Series

Major League Baseball in Las Vegas

Major League Baseball in Charlotte and Portland. And then Las Vegas and Nashville. No Expansion Team Necessary



  Check out many more pairings in the blog,....like the West Coast Clippers splitting time in Seattle, and better off in San Diego, too.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB East

What if both the American and National League took on a team in the east?

Here's what I'd do:

Carolina, ridding of the Rays

The Carolina Colonials baseball club sounds neat.  The Indiana Racers with Colts and Pacers (and someday NHL).  Tennessee Mountainmen baseball.  I really do like their minor league Smokies name.  It would be great for them to split time between Memphis and Nashville, two 35k seaters a piece.

Major League Baseball in Tennessee. How to beat out Charlotte for an Expansion Bid. New Brave King of the South

There's the best solution (for any division really) for 3 beckoning markets in a 2 squeeze pinch.  It's getting rid of the Rays to somewhere else.
I have to admit something.  I don't care about Montreal.  No loss to me.  I have another plan for them and it includes Vancouver (and justifiable any division alignment). 

Disband the Rays. They can share the born-again Florida Marlins and split time between the Florida coasts.  The tix' would be more in demand if you have 40 games in each location instead of 80.  Fill in some gap time with Gloria Estefan concerts.
Whatcha' think?  Check links below

Major League Baseball in Nashville and New Orleans

Southland Pioneers Major League Baseball Team. Or the Southland Rays. In Nashville and Charlotte


Southland Pioneers Major League Baseball Team. Or the Southland Rays. In Nashville and Charlotte

Tilda Lindstam



Big Baseball back in Montreal after a decade absence ?


32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities


Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks. The 'Jacks !!!



Friday, May 5, 2017

Mainey Yacks

Yacks or Yaks

What creative names you got bounced around?

I think this is a nifty unconventional name for some team in Maine. 

Envision a crab riding the Yak head instead of horns

Double A for the Red Sox in Maine

Drunks do this?!  Or perhaps crazy lobsters.
Yacking up after too much to drink?

Nifty Names. A Local Twist

Monday, April 24, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB Central

Oklahoma City
Omaha?  Not yet.  I like the sound of Oklahoma-Omaha Pilots.
When you look at the map what do you see?  Albuquerque or El Paso someday?

But Texas Rangers already.  So what does that mean for central Tex with San Antonio and Austin?

I disparaged Montreal before.  Well, not really, maybe I rubbed them the wrong way in my preference for other cities for big league ball.  But I have a compromise and it involves stadiums being fuller more often than they are,...and the city of Vancouver.  Average Montreal in with Vancouver and we have a Central geographic justification.   A two-place team for Canada is where it's at.

Would the Mexico City Emissaries work with part-time play hubbed in San Antonio?  Tex-Mex Toros?  Monterrey involved in there somewhere?

New Orleans?  Share the Midland Rockers with Little Rock?  What about a 20 or 35k seat beautiful ballyard?