Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NBA Cities before Kansas-St. Louis Showmen

Nifty Newer Arena awaits in Kansas City.  Surely, St. Louis could take hoops on a part-time basis.  This relationship stood before with the NBA's Kings franchise with the cities of KC, Omaha and Saint Louey before the move to Sacramento.

The Show Me State
What're some good names for the place of play that once touted the Kansas City Omaha Kings ?  ShowMe State Showmen ?  KC Louis Ramblers ?  Missouri Diesel ?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Should Short-Season Baseball leagues become Split-Season with Honolulu ?

Should they?  Could they?

A so-called Split-Season League could take on players from an assortment of the Class A and Rookie leagues from September to later.  It could even be called something coy like the Split-log Hot Stove League or Lincoln League in Hawaii.

But why stop that far?  Since we have evoked imagery of logs, why not dock in Anchorage as well.  Let the Alaskan leg of the 'major league trip' be the Lag League as a way to house and play overstock players?  Invite independent league players if at all feasible or possible.  Certainly college ball players getting in Summer swings from the Alaska Baseball League could chime in.  Let a portion of their gate, if any, go to something like NCAA charities.  I don't know,....get creative.

But anyway, in La La Land, I just want some 49th and 50th state apple pie ambiance.

It could be somewhat of an assortment of players, like pure rookies and misfits to get playing time.  And MiLB could get more money from gate and concessions, from Summer to something like Christmas break or leading into Spring Training.
U of Hawaii  Amateur ball in Alaska
West coast area of Mexico

Go back to some Winter League action ?  Or would ball in resort or north Mexico do better logistically?  Or should we stick with the aesthetic of detached West Coast USA ?

New Reds Club in Appalachian League

This Rookie level team kicks off this year.

I have been Hot-Stoving like hell here, folks.  And more logs and kindling is hitting the flames for weeks to come.

This area of about 18 thousand folks houses the oldest college in Tennessee and one of the oldest in the country.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Double-A Cities that Could Step up for AAA

And of course this can cause a cascading discussion for the next AA cities and so on.  But getting more cities along the lines of Altoona or Binghampton shouldn't be the toughest thing.

Or the AA and AAA teams could play in the same place if needed, as the case with cities I'd argue for like Akron and Richmond (AAA city before).

Above, home of the Rubber Ducks and Flying Squirrels, respectively.

Others in northeast USA that could step up:  Bowie, Reading and Trenton

As is no surprise, all mentioned generally have strong proximity to big league cities.  Frisco, Texas is basically just Dallas.  Let's say Dallas Diamonds were an expansion team in the National League future.  The new AAA club could just play there at the big park at Arlington, or up the street in suburbia Dallas a la Frisco.

Cities like Richmond, Jacksonville and San Antonio have robust centers of populations, easily justified for the next Trip-A squads and seats.  In fact, a physical team relocation from Colorado gives San Antonio it's promotion to a Trip-A city.

I believe Dayton, around 40 miles apart from Cincinnati, and just an A-level team, could absorb any level of minor ball.  Their attendance figures could justify it.  Trip-A Toledo, up the road much further from Cinci and near Detroit up Interstate 75 takes on the same amount of fans for the season.  Pretty much, out of the 30 stadiums at the highest level of minor league ball, Dayton beats out at least 21 of those cities in attendance.  Seat-wise, almost always sold out at nearly 8k seats* (usually AAA are 10k), Dayton beats all other leagues in stateside pro ball.  No contest.

*It should be noted that number of games and how many games were maxed out at smaller venues nation wide, and how much artificial demand is created by limited seating is curious.

The chatter of MiLB saturation causes curious questions for the farm system of the next two MLB teams.  Portland is on the shortlist.  And now, their suburbs only host an A-level team.  Certainly Portland could handle a 3A team now.
 The Dayton Dragons' streak of consecutive sellouts, the longest in professional sports history, sits at 1,246 games (began during the 2000 season), while the Frisco RoughRiders led the Double-A classification in attendance for the 13th consecutive season. The Clearwater Threshers recorded the second-highest total (200,201) in Florida State League history and the South Bend Cubs set a new franchise attendance record for the fourth consecutive season.

click: Minor League Saturation issue and a Second Franchise for your City

AAA Indication for Other Major League Cities
2 Minor League Teams in Dayton ?
Map and Chart of Pro Baseball
Basketball and Football Minor Leagues are BIG


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Montreal Expos minor league farm system

Some possibilities dreamt up for when the world is right again... in the future....and for the past.

  Minor Leagues                                                                        *shared stadium of existing pro team

AAA: Ottawa Internationals

AA: Ohio Oaks (*Dayton)

A-advanced:  *Ft. Lauderdale Florida Fleet (and *Jacksonville)
A:  Hampton Roads Heroes (*Norfolk)

Rookie advanced:  Charlotte (*NC) Internationals
                                                                       *existing stadium

Ottawa....brought to us by Vogue

Friday, February 16, 2018

State-Named MiLB

Connecticut Tigers
Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Arkansas Travelers
Vermont Lake Monsters                                                                     
Mississippi Braves

Iowa Cubs
Tennessee Smokies
Carolina Mudcats
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
West Virginia Power
West Virginia Black Bears

I love the geographical expanse of other teams coined by County or Valley, Tri-City and Great Lakes.  I give a tip of the cap to these teams of wider geographic appeal.

In MLB there is Texas, Minnesota, Arizona and kind of New York.  
There used to be first names of California and Florida.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bootleggers United v. Armada

Got jugs and a fast car....Cinci bootlegger

Put a soccer team in Charlotte.  I had thoughts of a co-location with Atlanta and/or Nashville ....but I suppose that gig is not to be.  But look at that NASCAR heritage in the Carolinas.  And look at the root heritage of car racing.  That's Bootlegging.  And think how the fans will root. 

The Sinners kick it in a city of Saints?  At least for preseason, right?  Ditto for Charleston, West Virginia.  Flasks in the boots, hooray.  Bootleggers United.

Armada is a badass brand.  And lets stick with the spirit of co-location.  Should this be a share between San Diego and Oakland?  Dock in Honolulu?  Should they just be called West Coast Divided or United? Or should it be a name instead for cities like Milwaukee, Cleveland and Rochester ?  Can it float to Cincinnati and Indy?

Are these names not an evocation of Europe and America ?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

NBA International - Future Goals

And before the NBA starts to look more like an NCAA map, I believe the likes of these markets will take shape in global B-Ball

Sunday, February 11, 2018

AAA Indication for Other Major League Cities

More than one Triple-A team in an area ???  Is this a good indicator where the next big league brands should be ?

3 AAA teams in north and western New York:  
Buffalo Bisons
Syracuse Chiefs
Rochester Red Wings

Buffalo built a trip-A ballpark that's major league convertable'.

2 in the heart of North Carolina:
Durham Bulls
Charlotte Knights
                                               ....that clinches a Charlotte MLB bid for me.

This territory combination rubs up against Philadelphia and New Jersey
          Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs
          Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders
.....these Phillies and Yanks affiliate areas could sustain a third franchise in New Jersey in a market with the Bronx Bombers and Mets.  Nothing to say of the AA teams near there.  But Brooklyn is more romantic ?

Tennessee totes 2 AAA teams and a handful of AAs.  Bodes well for population Tennessee in the form of Memphis Redbirds and Nashville Sounds.   click:  Major League Baseball in Tennessee

2 Minor League Teams in Dayton ?

Anything to add?

NBA Cities before Las Vegas

We can all figure that Seattle and Louisville have dibs.  

But geographically, Las Vegas is set up nicely for go-arounds to come.  Population-wise, southern California is close to crowded, but San Diego has room.  It used to be the Clippers crib.

Given the hockey and football presence, there are a handful of major league cities that could have NBA sooner than Vegas, even though NBA can favor the smaller markets such as Memphis.  But again, not a ton of candidates out west.
NBA after Louisville and Seattle

Friday, February 9, 2018

2 Minor League Teams in Dayton ?

What could another team in Dayton be named?
..... whether that be A-Advanced, AA or Trip-A.
And by the way, yeah, they can double up with the A-club in the Dragon's Layer.   Logistically, this would leave for a lot of coordination and fixed dates.   Coordination between the International League and Midwest League might get tricky.

Why do I say any of this?  Dayton has a top-ten attendance figure Minor League baseball wide.  And that is as an A-ball club.  They could house a Triple-A team with their attendance figures.

Dayton or Ohio based team names ?

If a second team were simply deemed "Ohio" in name, easy justification for other places of play could occur, not limited to Great American Ballpark.  The Ohio Players could grab naming rights from the band to include purchase of mandatory playing of songs.  Or just name them Players Club.  I like Pros or Oaks a lot.

The attendance leaders in each classification of Minor League Baseball and their overall numbers were: Triple-A -- Indianapolis Indians (641,141), Double-A -- Frisco RoughRiders (470,003), Class A -- Dayton Dragons (554,638), Short Season-A and Rookie -- Vancouver Canadians (239,527).

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cleveland and Milwaukee Should Team Up for Great Lakes

Bucks and Cavs Country footing for soccer.
Brew and Tribe Nation teeming for hockey.


Great Lakes

I definitely would love to see this for hockey.  Two saturated markets teaming up for something I think that they deserve.  And so why not for MLS (and playing in existing structures) for what would amount to a home showing in these two cities essentially once a month?  I know.

How badass does this name sound?  Armada

Or Fleet ?  Or Great Lakers SC.  Shippers.

preseason for Great Lakes ?
....what about these cities in the Great Lakes region?  And Syracuse or the like?

Great Lakes SC. Major League Soccer. By Popular Demand?

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL   (click)

City Combo'Nations for some Sports Tag-Travel Team thoughts

Florida Panthers Rebrand. Southlakes Fisherman. Co-location 

Cinci and Indy

Monday, February 5, 2018

Favorite FUTURISTIC Franchise Names

Some bloggystyle schemed up future franchise names
   in the Big Five Sports
Omaha-Dakota Diesel on the ice.

Southlakes Fishermen in NHL Atlanta
West Coast Ghosts in Seattle and Portland
East Coast Whalers could swim between Hartford and Hampton Roads (Norfolk)

Detroit Arsenal
Cincinnati or St. Louis Shield taking on Chicago Fire
Armada docking in Cleveland and Milwaukee
Bootleggers United camped in Nashville and somewhere in the Carolinas.
Texas Divided or Excited

North Country Lumberjacks swinging from Vancouver to Montreal
Louisville Lumber Company
Carolina Cougars or Colonials; Carolina Lumber sounds good too.
Tennessee Trucking
West Coast Whales in Portland and Las Vegas
Oaks in Oklahoma City or Omaha or the Pilots (for both)

What about Toronto Trucking or Nord Force football ?
Oregon Railroad   Express ?
Kentucky Downs

Cincinnati Aviation for hoopin' hardwood
Aces in Vegas
Ohio Flights

Whatchoo' got ?

click:  Favorite Franchise Names and Uniforms

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Damn Shame MLS is its Own Thing instead of Our Thing

Damn Shame MLS is its Own Thing (Stadiums).........sometimes........... instead of Our Thing

I can sum it up in a few words:  Empty seats and the Environment.
Multi-use year round feels good for the likes of Paul Brown.  Locally shortened to PBS, FC Cincinnati hasn't played there like the pro teams play in NLF stadiums in Portland, some Patriots and like the Seattle Sounders do.
Sure, beautiful depictions of the stadium seem exciting for the skylines, but Nippert has the historic charm for all kinds of football in Cincinnati.  More butts in more seats more often.  In a business play to demand respect, Major League Soccer demands a layer of its own now.  Butts not in seats as Mother Nature redundantly weeps.  Reinventing wheels in many o' municipalities.



Will MLS embrace a "West Coast" Moniker Brand? Be the First

The Chivas should've been moved to Las Vegas Part-Time

West Coast Diamond Club



Most Transportable Existing Team Names

Most Transportable Team Names for the Big Times

Big Bucks
The Tennessee Oilers temporary decor was weird to me,
                  but maybe it just served as some context for a new black gold Texas tea.

Let's see if I can hit the big ones... .
                                             Because, let's face it, Lightening and Thunderbolts can be anywhere, but I'm talking about some fans may want.  For instance, country folks are country-wide.

Milwaukee Bucks
Clippers ships even in river towns from Pittsburgh on down to the likes of Louisville.

The city of Charlotte, coined the Queen City alongside Cincinnati (of the west), would adore becoming the Carolina Royals.  Two stadium hold-out cities, one being a Florida city with decent television dollars but hideous attendance, have very portable franchise names.  The Athletics have been in Kansas City and Philadelphia before.  Nature's Rays reach all of geography.  Newer name and an easy change, all the same.

Lions and Titans and Bears, oh my.  And do go along with baseball or football, the Cardinal has many variations throughout the western hemisphere.

Ducks and Stars can have nearly any landing.

Sporting or Fire has a nice ring for all cities.  Along with the firefighting implication, the Boys in Blue convey awesome alliteration in towns with a sound like St. Louis or Cincinnati Shield.

Throughout my futurist possibility blog, 
I cast the name Truckers as a highly desirable one of mobility.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Minor League Saturation issue and a Second Franchise for your City

And so let's pretend we would house some triple A clubs in the same yard as the Big League one and have to name it.

Let's say MLB expansion happens for Portland and Montreal.  And we can say there might be a saturation problem in MLB as far as AAA cities are concerned, the map being tagged up, saturated.  Having the new big club in Portland and Montreal probably would be a little too much too soon to have their Triple-A club in town as well.  A new trip-A team would likely sit better in a seasoned city of a big league club.  So Montreal can have the Louisville Bats and the Reds can club up at Great American Ballpark with the Cincinnati Lumber Company big league affiliate.  Sounds badass to me.

Team names spit-ball list in the Pacific and the International League (AAA)
MLB East
Cincinnati Outlaw Reds.  Or maybe Cincinnati Lumber Co.
Cleveland Engines
New York Metros
New York Crankees
Boston Colonies                                                              

Philadelphia Submarines
Pittsburgh Navy
Miami Guppies
Atlanta Railroad
Chicago Midways                                                                   

Chicago Southsiders
Milwaukee Trucking
St. Louis Gatekeepers
Toronto Bluebirds
Baltimore O-birdies
D.C. Americans
Tampa Moonlighters
                         Montreal Expos and Louisville Bats affiliate

Teams in the MLB West and the Pacific League
Royals from Jesters
Mariners from Pontoons
Giants from Wee-Lads
A's from Couch-Taters
Dodgers from Trollies

Padres from Choir
Angels from Nuns
Diamondbacks from Dinos
Rockies from Wagons
Rangers from Cow pokes
Astros from Flyers
Twins from Brats
                                   Portland Pilots and Reno Aces farm club

  But hey, you may want to envision your own town's team something cool instead of San Diego Choir, Oaktown Couch-Taters or Denver Wagons.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Favorite Franchise Names and Uniforms

Best of the Big Five Sports

                                                     Colorado Rockies
                                                                               It just feels sooo right.

Minnesota Timberwolves
New England Patriots or Raiders ?

Columbus Crew

Minnesota Wild


Maple Leafs beautiful blue

Bengals super stripes

Celtics pinching

MLB is tough, so many similar sexies: guess I'll go with Tigers

Crew   for the double whammy selection this post


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Renaming the Native Americans

And by Native American mascots, I'm not referring to the Super Ancient Chinese over the land bridge, or white people like Vikings.


Cleveland Blue Sox
Atlanta Mavericks
Washington Warriors
Chicago Icehawks

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NHL cities before Cincinnati

Kansas City?  Toronto II ?

What's their team name?
Great Lakers?  Queensmen?  Rivermen

click: A good name for the newest Cincinnati team

Other team names across the leagues I'd love to see are Diesel, Truckers, Road Warriors and Highwaymen,

Monday, January 29, 2018

MLB International

Should I put Beijing instead of Honolulu ?
What year ?  2060 ?  80 ?
And probably Bogota down there instead ....

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Map and Chart of Pro Baseball

Accounting for league shift of the San Antonio Missions and Sky Sox of Colorado for next season.

Professional Leagues in collaboration with Major League Baseball; its affiliates.

Modified map taken off of, and MLB teams from ParMar Media.
Some map placement skewed to accommodate MLB stadium markers

To Be Continued:  See Independent Leagues (non-MLB affiliated)

Friday, January 26, 2018

An Alternative to MLB 2050. See it before the year 2030

In the MLB 2050 post, I alluded to baseball back to Montreal, in Mexico based in Monterrey, and Portland and Charlotte.

I could see more cities.  It's a vision in Vancouver with BC Place already in place.  Let's make baseball in Montreal even more English by splitting time with Vancouver.  And let's just go ahead and not call them the Expos.  I've blog beat it before:  the 'Jacks.  The North Country Lumberjacks and a hardy Canadian northmen (northperson) history.

North Country Lumberjacks. The 'Jacks !!!

I could see Portland and Las Vegas having the West Coast Athletics.  I want to see the Florida Marlins again, but also in Tampa.  That multi-nodal action for A's and Rays would be 30 teams in the MLB.  Just like now.  I just removed and rebranded them ol' Rays.

But with Charlotte and Portland settled, which places will be geared up by 2030? 
Because that's what I'm aiming for.  2030.  A meager dozen years away.

Indianapolis setting a more solid buffer for Cards, Cubs and Reds Country.


What can this look like for you?

But what about more unconventional two-places teams like the Jacks?

Southland Band:  Take care of the likes of Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis and Charlotte with one team for now.  Vacate west coast Florida and makeover the Rays.

Midland Pilots could play in Oklahoma City and Omaha with 2 thirty thousand seat ballparks.

West Coast Wolves, with the Boise Pack, Salt Lake Pack, on and on.  But those seem more towards the year 2100AD, ....or am I wrong?

MLB 2050 post

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: MLB

Thursday, January 25, 2018

XFL Coming Back ?!

Not the No Fun League

The 2001 and only season, Summertime. 

The big market cities and Orlando 
were never part of the CFL American teams, which was a short run.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018

Basketball and Football Minor Leagues are BIG

I'm basically referring to NCAA.

Though I sing praises for the NBA Developmental League (G-League now) and its future.
The NFL needs to follow suit, and perhaps we need to drop the first year requirement for illiterate kids to attend higher learning just in order to showcase their skills on television.  And television money.

But NCAA baseball, MiLB baseball, minor league hockey as well as NCAA hockey are not that big.  Well, I mean, March Madness and football on Saturday is hard to compete with.  And pro baseball in general makes good money, though not too many television bucks.  And well, baseball might not have room for more than just one big time darling in the form of MLB.  Ditto for hockey.  Check out some of the below posts.

Let's say 32 Minor League Teams for NFL

Minor League Football. The Better Idea?

About College Baseball and Hockey Getting Bigger



North American Premier Basketball League

I'm rooting for the Ohio Cardinals, I guess.

2018 it begins

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who could some MiLB affiliate cities be for the likes of Charlotte MLB ?

I would love a Carolina Cougars MLB team.

The Charlotte Knights could stay the club for Carolina while the Chicago White Sox get themselves a new AAA affiliate.  And that team could be at Comisky.  The Southside Sluggers sounds peachy.

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans play in the A-Advanced Carolina League as an affiliate of Chicago's north side Cubs.  Have another A-Advanced team play there, this time as the MLB brand for Carolina, as the South Carolina Coogs.  Or perhaps the East Coast Cougars and, in the spirit of my blog beat, do some time sharing the stadium up in Wilmington, Delaware.

For Double-A, in the Southern League, that stadium MLB built at Ft. Bragg could be a team.  I like the sound of the North Carolina Jumpers.  And for the A-ball team, playing in the same spot, can be something to the tune of the Fayetteville Troopers.

They can put a Rookie League Cougars team in Florida in the Gulf Coast League.  ....Or, like a MLB Portland team could do,.....a team in the Advanced-A Pioneer league.  I like Cheyene, Wyoming.  No teams in Wyoming yet.  I like the sound of Wyoming Truckers.

For the most part, I kept it Carolina.
Marlins beat the Braves on this day at a brand new stadium at Ft. Bragg.

click: Who could some MiLB affiliate cities be for the likes of Portland MLB ?