Monday, May 21, 2018

Would NHL grow the game much faster with Youth Academies?

........especially as with the Urban Youth Academies of major league baseball?

I've scoped Snoop Dog and Little John promotions.  But how much can one care if they can't play?  I remember the Might Ducks movie, new team, and new AHL Cincinnati Mighty Ducks affiliate inspiring some kids to purchase roller skates and flock around.  But it didn't stick in the streets.  It's not that Southie southern of a thing yet.  But it could be.

Another question to ponder:  Would colleges stand to recruit a more "progressively" diverse community if they ran youth programs that could serve as feeder systems to their own programs, or other division schools?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Name Switcharoo' NFL


San Francisco Bears
San Diego Bengals (poor poor San Diego)
Detroit Chargers
New England Eagles
Washington Patriots
Milwaukee Chiefs
Cincinnati Packers
Las Vegas Broncos

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Name Switcharoo' MLB

Brand brain flexercise
                                       THE MINDFUNK
Cincinnati White Sox
Boston Blue Jays
Baltimore Braves

Atlanta Nationals
Seattle Pirates

New York Twins

How would you do?

San Fran Cubs?
Kansas City Indians

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lame or Plain Names ?

Recently did a post with 10 new MLB expansion teams (of the future) with some envisioned farm team counterparts, seen here:  Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

Lifestyles, jobs, beings and used-sports names.  The trees and critters.  Lakers are fish.  Expos are legacy.  Galaxies are abound.  Alliteration. overcrowded-minor-league-positions-ten-clubs-brimming-with-talent

Did more expansions including the names of Riverwhales, Bisons, Mounties and Knights, with only that first one assigned to Sacramento sounding unique.  Perhaps the Capitol City California squad could be called the Talls?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Name Switcharoo' NBA

Denver Grizzlies
Memphis Magic
Golden State Nuggets
New Orleans Jazz
Utah Hawks
Atlanta Bucks
Minnesota Lakers
Miami Pelicans


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Interleague Play between AAA and AA Farm Squads

Ocean (AAA) and New Mexican (AA) inter-league play
-Let's just see how good the talent is --- a barometer
for quality of play and Expansion

Though a little crude, my thought is not unshared-  Triple-A is where some high caliber talent goes to ride off into the sunset, and many next level guys are bursting at the seams to get to the big leagues.  That is to say that there are some high caliber players at the third tier down in fact ready or on the cusp for a shot.  Not many younger young guys at Triple-A,.... well not as many as at AA.  
For different reasons of convenience like geography, some rehab assignments are held at one level of the farm teams or another by disabled Major Leaguers.  But a lot of call-ups happen from the 'Trip-A team to the bigs.  In theory, AAA is on deck for the majors.  From time to time, perhaps more often than already occurs, shouldn't more interplay from the different tiers occur during regular season minor league play?

I don't think it's a bad idea by the time my fictionally created minor leagues (as seen on this blog): 

Tiers of Minor League Expansion the time the league expands into the ballpark of 40 or more Teams in the MLB.

Inter-league games between both Rookie and A-ball levels would be neat too.  Rookie v. Rookie-advance and A versus A-advanced.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Alternative Names. Each Team MLB

Just flexing my brand brand here:

New York New York Towers and Tenants 
Boston Ports
Philadelphia Freedoms
Pittsburgh Hammers
Cleveland Engines
Cincinnati Federals
Atlanta Railers
Baltimore Express
Washington D.C. Caps
Miami Fish
Tampa Stingers
Minnesota Moose
Texas Cowboys
Houston Ranchers
Colorado Mountains
Arizona Cobras
LA and LA Unions and Sharks
San Diego Waves

San Francisco Goldens
Oakland Oaks
Chicago and Chicago Shippers and Piers
Kansas City Q's
St. Louis Gates
Toronto Maples
Seattle Pilots
Detroit Roadsters
Milwaukee Brats

What do you got?  I want to hear from hometown guys and what y'all want for your squad.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tiers of Minor League Expansion

Should more teams be added to the respective 6 MiLB affiliated league levels for the farm systems below?  Or should there be geographic expansion?  With this "if", I've highlighted some imaginary/envisioned leagues.  Click on them


Eastern, Southern, Texas, New Mexican
California, Carolina, Florida State, Barnstorm

Midwest, South Atlantic
New York-Penn, Northwest short-season leagues

Appalachian, Pioneer, Maple (North)

Arizona, Gulf Coast (FL), Dominican,
 Puerto Rican

Of course I believe it will be quite down the road by the time this happens.  What?  40-50 MLB squads?

Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

MLB New Orleans Parades affiliates et al. ....Teams I Missed ?

Much More MiLB in Canada

Monday, April 30, 2018

Ocean League as another Triple-A

In my imagination, the International League can expand by 2 teams, one being Ottawa, so that it's truly international again.  When MLB has expanded much more, more around the year 2100, we might think about an Ocean Division or League.

For snips and wiggles, I'm making expansion of MiLB alongside MLB.  Coast to coast America is covered.  The Mexican League is there, though MLB affiliated it is not.  De facto is overseas, where we tend to draw from some of their best.  Not a lot of baseball in Hawaii and Alaska, America's ultra West Coast.  Let's do some of that.

Hawaii was home to a Triple-A team for nearly thirty years till 1987.  They were also home to a Winter League which was loosely affiliated with the major leagues.  Even more tourism it would be.
Alaska as a short season stint would make for beautiful backdrops.

click: Should Short-Season Baseball leagues become Split-Season with Honolulu ? or Alaska?
In the form of another AA league, I've thought of a fictional New Mexican League including more international Latino talent.
Alaska backdrops.  More Mountains!

An Ocean League would include some Aussie and Asian talent, even to include African talent down the line.  I'd say at least 2 stadiums in Hawaii and one in Alaska, all the others abroad would be good exploration.

Perhaps the Trip'-A teams in the Ocean League can take on the parent club name in the future?:
Major League Baseball International click

Tokyo Zillas
Sydney Roos
Manilla Waves or Mighties
Beijing Players     Hong Kong Conkers     Jakarta Fish     Seoul Slammers       On and on.
Maybe let them pick.  Might be better.

New Mexican League. New Double-A

New Mexican League - new Double-A League 

With the Eastern, Southern, and Texas Leagues, a new league could be had at the Double-A level.  Much in the fashion of the Arizona and Cactus Leagues, a New Mexican League could be formed.  While not necessary, it's still a COULD.  And so here I shall...

I read that a de facto Trip'-A league, the Mexican League (All-Stars), had players and a team in the Arizona (Rookie) League years ago.  Maybe some similar arrangement could be had with this imagined Dub'-A league.

I see desire on the rise for New Mexico in, around and in between the 50 or so miles of Santa Fe and Albuquerque (housing the Univ. of New Mexico).  For the sake of easy math, let's say 10 teams occupy this league.

NM Junior College.  Build more stands?
Not 300 miles away is Las Cruces (home of New Mexico State) and El Paso's million folks in Texas.

Plenty of ball yards can be had in these stretches.  I see MLB/MiLB funded majorly renovated ballparks for the university to share (in order to accommodate a better professional play).  Albuquerque already has such an arrangement with UNM and a Trip'-A affiliate.  And so build more, maybe something more....campusy'.  ENMU looks like it could use a boost.

I see existing pro parks in the already-mentioned cities of New Mexico, not forgetting the Pecos League park at the 'Fe (I'm not from there, can I say that?) and the Trip'-A park in Tejas El Paso.  And I even see the occasional play over the border in the likes of Nueva Laredo and Monterrey.
Some retirement in New Mexico

Having new parks between Santa Fe and Albuquerque could serve plenty of activities, not skipping over ...."ballpark walking becoming the new mall walking".

Arizona hosts spring training, a rookie league, the Arizona Fall League.  New Mexico could be a twin cousin.  I think something cool would be the hosting of an Asian-Australian tourney of some sort in the fall.

So much one can dream up on any of this.

Barnstorm League. Minor League Expansion A-Advanced

                              When many more Big League teams/cities are in MLB, I have imagined another league for the level A-Advanced:  the Barnstorm League 
Would the Dakotas and very middle of America be best for this league's play?
Would it share with at least some of the American Association's independent league ballparks?

There's an independent pro-league in Michigan on the north side of Detroit.  But it's one stadium for the entire league, so far, with a lot of booked time on the field
link:  United Shore Professional Baseball League
Perhaps an MiLB Barnstorm League could build a few more parks in the combined statistical area of greater Detroit and be able to house what I envision amounting to travel teams.

While I'm not the biggest commercialist, these teams can be commercialized like NASCAR.  Coca-Cola Drinkers.  Budweiser Teamsters.  Bud Frogs.  Walmart Wally Worlds.  Little Caesar Pizza Pizzas.  P&G Soapies.  McD Clowns.  On and on.

Or traditional geography,...the whatever whatevers.

In previous posts I dreamed up a team Bakken Fields, in the spirit "Field of Dreams" to play in the Rookie-Advanced level Pioneer League.  (You can see it here: Is this my Minor League Expansion ? )
I also utilized existing MiLB parks with made-up MiLB teams with future big league expansions.

Since the state of Kansas is somewhat underrepresented, I see some infrastructure sprouted out there.  Put something at Fort Riley so that the troops can use it for pastimes.  Call them the Riley Red Ones.  Share American Association parks

Any input?
American Assoc. Independent League.  Wikipedia.  Add Milwaukee and Rosemont (ILL.)

West League. A-Ball MiLB Expansion

As it stands at the A-ball level of minor league there is the Midwest and South Atlantic League.
While there are short-season leagues with clubs on the ample (crowded) Northeast Seaboard in the form of the New York-Penn League, and the Northwest League, there's no A-ball in the Southwest.
Should I call it the Southwest League then ?

Let's have something out west by the time MLB expands in the range of 40 or so big league clubs.  As it stands, there are plenty of fields and stands in Cactus League Arizona and the Phoenix region.  And of course given the presence of such Spring Training facilities and the Pecos League, there's not necessarily a need to build more, although accommodating updates to existing ballpark structures is welcome.
   Just whipped up a dozen baseball squads from California, AZ and to New Mexico

Phoenix Field Team
Phoenix Fire
Arizona Force
Tempe Turtles
Tucson Talls  (Cacti)
El Paso Pythons

Southern Cali Poseidons
North Cali Nomads
Arizona Rangers (they could be a travel team or pick your stadium)
San Diego County Syndicate
Santa Fe Deputies
Albuquerque 'Hands (Ranch hands)

Expansion could include stadiums built and/or revamped for the Imperial County Kings, California Bajas, Tijuana Juanas, Nuevo Laredo Intercontinentals.

MLB/MiLB growth could foot the Bill for Independent League Stadiums

North League. Maple. Another MiLB (Rookie-Advanced)

In a daze' far far away, when the big leagues have expanded to 40 or more franchises, with bases in Montreal and Vancouver covered with those Blue Birds, there will be dozens and dozens more minor league affiliates.  And so, I've had a lot of posts covering these expansions and places they could be (like: Is this my Minor League Expansion ? )

So, let's for giggles say there will be a North League to supplement the Pacific and International Leagues.

In my blogblab post (Much More MiLB in Canada) I started to throw out some cities and team names.  Here they are:

London Ontario could house the Ontario Horsemen.
                                                      or Gold Shoes
Windsor Casinos
           Quebec Nordes 
BC Westerners
          Edmonton Fielders                       

Calgary Coldies
             Halifax Citadels
Hamilton Zambonis
           Winnipeg Winnies or Manitoba Manshees sound funnier than BC Banshees
Brampton Boaters           

Saskatchewan Big Feet             
Sudbury Suds  

And here are more teams below.  And remember some of my minor league expansion theme - two teams at least can share a field (less away games for fans to think about without live baseball, popcorn and hot dogs).  The Big Feet and Saskaroos can play home at the same place.  Double decker locker rooms and clubhouses, whatever.

Saskatoon Saskaroos
Surrey Settlers
Regina NecksWinnipeg      
Quebec City Queensmen    
Mississauga Magicians

I would throw some Alaskan teams in there, but they're already in the West Coast division of the Ocean League.  

Check out my post and tell me whether a Canadian located league should be Trip'-A or the lower rung in the form of this Rookie-Advanced League I present.
And I know a lot of Triple-A parks are 10k seats.  If you wanted this North/Maple League to be AAA....well, it's Canada, it's up north.  Do 5k.  Set up a ton of community outdoor classics in the diamond's off season.  Double up your parks with squads representing heavily traveled Ocean League and Maple League clubs.

Puerto Rican League. Rookie Level Expansion

The games between Dominican and Puerto Rican based squads would be nifty indeed.  Sure, those rookie teams housed in Grapefruit and Cactus turf are swell as well.  A championship playoff and series would be in order.  Perhaps we can make this the Winter ball after Fall ball.

 Perhaps it can be slowly be expanded as the Caribbean League

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

Could there be CFL/NFL Minor League Collaborative ??

And would the highest bid from either the CFL or NFL land the player ?

Both leagues would draw from these farm teams.  Or could CFL or NFL franchises have farm share agreements like the NHL does with some AHL/ECHL squads in the past?  Would there be a first year developmental salary cap ?

Check out some posts below...

Minor League Football

The Future of CFL Expansion/Relocation. In America? 


'Uh Football Mad N. America in the Future ?


NFL, Get to Canada. CFL, get to America



Thursday, April 26, 2018

XFL and more as NFL

"The XFL won’t be the only new professional football league set to launch over the next couple of years."

Whether Alliance of American football or Pro Pac league, I've seen chatter of failure as a business model.  But could it develop into a minor league for the NFL or CFL instead?

I've preached it before. 

Minor League Football. The Better Idea?

Minor League Football. The Junior Varsity so to speak

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cincinnati American Association Team: Where and what to call it

Action up north in Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Paul (of Twined up Minneapolis fame) are starting to make me jealous with multiple leagues in their cities, Chi-town having 3.  Other towns like Kansas City have another team, them having the T-Bones.

So for this Independent pro baseball league, I'd like a Cincinnati squad.  And I could see them playing in Florence Kentucky (Greater Cinci) as the Tri-State Riders.  Or they could play at a 3k seater on the UC Bearcats campus field.  These are existing places of play

I like the name Cincinnati Collegians.  But Daddies might be better.  Is that rhyme-literation?  The Cincinnati Daddies.

The Where

Okay, so I'm at it again, many times fixated on some of the same spots.

 TOP OF THE KEY (of 275 loop)
Old Forest Fair Mall (Cincinnati Mills) 

Build a multiplex mixed-use development everything.  Arena, 4 - 8k seat ballpark, high-rise luxury apartments, bars etc and so forth.

   Heart of Town
Ross/Tennessee Avenue in Cincinnati that used to be a centrally located movie theater and is now some big business office plex health plex paper pushing thingy (...since hospitals are hogging the centralized locations because of ummmmm yeah location for the greater good; not like guaranteed payments via big business bipartisan bluffing mandate).  Rant over.  That ship has sailed, much like it did with the Ballpark at Broadway Commons.
                                                                UPTOWN on Campus
How about on campus at UC.  Currently there are about 3,000 seats along the foul line.  Add up or add to the outfield?  Or keep it the same and pack the place?

Not big, but still beautiful....., what about some kind of upgrade of stands on the Xavier campus 'cross town?

West Side or Cincinnati Commons
What about something else in the city limits like the west side and use it as the Cincinnati Public Schools stadium or Greater Cincinnati P&G stadium that doubles for baseball games and tourneys?  High School ball, Roy Hobbs and other community leagues.

Pete Rose Should Coach Baseball in Cincinnati

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Name your Team Now !

Have the brand precede the bid acceptance.
...whether that be Major League Baseball in Charlotte or Portland.

The NBA in Louisville.
The NHL in Indianapolis.
The NFL in Toronto
or MLS in San Diego.

Have the T-shirts worn.  Some logos ready.  MLB-style caps rally capped on your domes.

Take a vote.  Wear the movement.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

College Ball Fields for Pro Teams

9K seats are at Werner Field (pro) and  24K (35 expansion capable) seats at TD Ameritrade (college).  Creighton University and the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers do not share fields there in that Nebraska metropolis.  Their stadiums are 19 road miles apart.  Some legal stuff was at hand for the place that holds the College World Series there in Omaha.  So no pro ball there yet.

The U. of Nebraska Omaha though, use the pro team's Werner Field for some of their D1 games.

Salt Lake City does it right, too.  Trip-A Bees and college Utes play at none other than Smith Field.  Double-A ball in Richmond is shared with Virginia Commonwealth U..

Mississippi State, one of the launching pads for Will the Thrill Clark, has one of the bigger college venues that could house some fun other than the state's pro baseball team of the Mississippi Braves.  Maybe someday they can take on something like a Dub-A squad in the pros.  Also in state, Ole Miss has a ball field of about 10k seats (which is like a lot of Trip-A teams).  Well, there you have it.  A lot of room for more bigger time baseball nestled in the Deep South.

I know there are pro teams in Arkansas, and northwest Arkansas, but I had no clue the Razorbacks were NOT in Little Rock.  I just assumed.  Well, their venue does NOT hold the double-A team.  Springdale, AR has their own for the pro team Naturals of about 7k seats.

LSU's baseball field doesn't double professionally.  More baseball could be in Baton Rouge.
Another ball stadium in Tucson used to house the Rockies and was turned over to the NCAA's Arizona Sun Devils.  Phoenix Municipal has a long pro history, currently housing the Arizona Wildcats.  They even have the light poles from the old Polo Grounds of Golden Era lore!  So many stadiums in the Cactus League state.

Only about 3k seats in this tidy stadium uptown, ....but fill it up.  Cincinnati college baseball.

I mentioned Omaha before.  The Lincoln-Omaha area touts more.  There's a Lincoln Saltdogs non-MLB affiliated pro team which shares with the college Cornhuskers.  In a previous blog post, I expanded a MLB affiliated future farm club to Lincoln, called the Loggers.

All of the above Pac Twelve Wack' West SEC/Big Ten stadiums are big ones.  Check out more of the list on the wikipedia link.

There is room for sharing facilities.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Alternative Names. Pacific Woodsmen Portland MLB

I was considering alternative names for the Major Leagues in Oregon.  I love my West Coast Athletics name first.  I like the sound of Oregon Redwoods also.  But there is a little too many red legs and socks (sox) in the league.  What about Portland Blue Sox or Oregon Frontiers?

Portland Green Sox sounds good also.  Blue Jax is something.  What about West Coast Woods?

Battlers.  Plates.  Ships.  Winds.  Greens.  Blues.  Monsters.  Big Feet.

Portland Flock?  West Coast Waves

Portland Talls    Portland Pacifics?

What is it?  Chew the fat with me.