Monday, July 23, 2018

Will NHL be first 34 team League ?

We need Nordiques32 again.
Seattle33 looks to be landing the indoor leagues again soon.
And Toronto34 deserves to tout two.

Will the quality of play be of question with such an abrupt 4 team expansion in so few years?

How much would Americans notice?  What about the Nordes?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Success of Las Vegas Big League. Golden Knights

They like a dramatic and theatrical opening in Las Vegas, visitors and homegrowns alike.  It is after all Las Vegas.

First year, Stanley Cup Playoffs.  A championship in their initial year is unprecedented in big league sports.  Congrats.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Carolina Atlantics vs. Portland Pacifics

MLB 32

This will have baseball covered for awhile.  As far as I'm concerned, Montreal needs to have a Triple-A team called the Crowns in the International League.  And the Carolina Atlantics (or Southland Atlantics, to somewhat stifle an Atlanta south monopoly).

There will be a need for many o' minor league squads, probably 8-12 teams with this expansion.  And that will need at least 8 "new" cities to call some place home.  I think Vancouver can handle another team (right now it's a short-season-A level team), and they could hold the Trip-A team for the Portland Pacifics.  Vancouver Pacifics or West Coast Pacifics sounds neat.
Bikini's Bar & Grill, N.C.

Nothing to say that the A's could be in Portland (West Coast A's also playing in Vegas), and the Rays can relocate to Charlotte.  The Expos could be reborn with a Trip-A team affiliate of the Tampa Internationals.

Out of the Park Developments

What would you do for names?

Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thuh' Cincinnati Kickball Jersey

Just sayin'.

I love what you do for me, Toyota.  And all that.  But let's get local yockle up in her'.
It's kind of like Great American Ballpark, "Great American" being a double entendre.   Psssst,.. it's an insurance company.  A lot of people golfing while you're at work.  A lot of people in air conditioning while you are not.  But I admit, at least it sounds as best as possible:  Great American.  It doesn't get more ballpark than that.

But what I'm saying is......... at least be a double entendre.  Be a speedy big boy or some such.

Friday, July 13, 2018

My personal Big Five

Remember the Royals, Stingers and Mighty Ducks ...among many ?
I know the pictured aren't necessarily national reach, but Kroger is.  What about that on FCC jerseys instead of [I love what you do for me] Toyota !  Would Speedway do it?  More to follow...

What are yours? 

 Speaking of Friday the 13th today

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Check out Team Names from U.S. Soccer's Premier Development League


This Socker name deserves to be rewarded with imagery.

Tobacco Road FC
Michigan Bucks
West Virginia Chaos
Des Moines Menace
Calgary Foothills FC
Victoria Highlanders
Southern California Seahorses
Wake FC
Kitsap Pumas

Central Coast Roadrunners (CA)
New Orleans Shell Shockers
Chicago Fire Reserves
Richmond Kickers

Hell, these are all cause for celebration.

Drop 'em like they're hot
Central Jersey Riptide
Cincinnati Riverhawks
Cleveland Internationals
Hollywood United Hitmen
Indiana Invaders
Kalamazoo Kingdom
North Sound SeaWolves
San Diego Top Guns

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fanta size your Squad

             Can we pretend there's an amicable divorce and splitting time between more than one city could work for a pro franchise...?  Remember those Kansas City-Omaha Kings before they were Sacramento.

Cincinnati Celtics
Shake it up

Cincinnati Blue Jackets

Ohio Crew

Florida Astros
Carolina Marlins
Portland Rays
Portland Raiders
West Coast Athletics in Portland
Louisville Bucks
Virginia Beach Clippers
West Coast Suns (in Las Vegas also) ...or Super Sonics
Nashville Phillies
Seattle Grizzlies

Indianapolis Indians
Vegas Snakeyes (Diamondbacks)
Mexican Nationals
New Jersey Giants
Oklahoma Athletics
Texas Broncos (San Antonio)
San Antonio Redskins

Indiana Jets
Omaha Eagles
San Fran Flames
Cincinnati Sabres
San Diego Sharks
Kansas City Kings
Portland Penguins
Your steelers.  You're stealers.
Vancouver Expos someday
Las Vegas or Salt Lake Diamondbacks. 
What about NHL Atlanta Panthers.  Or as a nifty share, the Southlakes Predators ?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Baltimore Buzz

I mean, whatever, but I've buzzed rumors before on my blog of the Rays, A's, Expos and Diamondbacks..

Remember the ghetto behavior and that empty ass Camden Yards?
Well, the Nationals are so very proximate to that ballyard in the Bal-Wash Corridor, ...and you know me,....let's spread the love out more.

If we got rid of duplicate clubs in the likes of the Bay, the Ballwash, LA, Chitown and Zoo York we could do other clubs.

Montreal White Sox
Portland Athletics
Charlotte Rays
Nashville Metro Musicals
Indianapolis Orioles        .....ha ha, oh no Colts! ....or just the New York Mets in Buffalo.
San Antonio Angels

Sunday, July 1, 2018

International Team

North Country Lumberjacks
The 'Jacks is a helluva' name for a baseball team.
This is the name of a baseball team I envisioned for Canada, specifically Montreal and Vancouver.

I've even had thoughts of a Las Vegas-Montreal International Expos team before, whose mean geographical existence could even make for a central division alignment (somewhat logistically in justification).

But what if it dabbled in the oil field of Bakken for a visit a couple times per year?  Or a nice field of dreams setup in Pierre in the Dakotas.  Or some such.  There are a lot of ball fields in Montana.  A trip to Boise perhaps.  Perhaps this team is a Portland-Vancouver team surrounding Seattle.  There's some kind of regional rivalry for you.

Or if just a Canuck thing, maybe a more substantial visit to Portland every other month at their suburban minor league squad's house in Hillsboro?  Calling home part time (or Camp) over the border would make such a brand an international squad.

The North Country apparel is a sure sell.

Friday, June 29, 2018

What Similarities for these Cities ....of More: Of Big Five, pt. 2

Nashville & Cincinnati fresh on the list
                                                                                                     Big Five as I see it

The Big Three
    ...was Oakland also.  Milwaukee (w/ Packers), right?

                                                MLB NFL NHL
 (not too long ago St. Louis)
                                     More than one big city in their state

                          NFL NBA NHL

Carolina (Charlotte et al)
                             Up next, New Orleans?  Long time off
         The Outdoor Towns                                   
                                                        MLB NFL MLS 
Kansas City
                             More than one big city in their state.  Populations capture 2 million,  The drive between KC and STL is as far as Cinci to Cle (but Ohio's C-bus is the big league in between)
                    Any indication point to other city with two of these three leagues?:Baltimore is that  too near under D.C.'s big five shadow?
Outdoor towns, though they have newer and renovated arenas in wait.....

Connect 4

Big Three ....And 1
Atlanta and Houston
Next up:  Cleveland? 

You lucky bastards.  I've talked about you in other posts.  I've even talked second teams for the likes of Boston, Philly and Dallas.  Even further in the future than that,......everyone's second team cities.

see: Of Big Five: What Similarities for these Cities. 'Wons and Too's

What Similarities for these Cities. Of Big Five, Ones andToo's

I call it like I see it.  Though I believe MLS might swap with NHL in a couple decades.

NBA MLS Cities
"The Big Balls"
                              SLC and Portland are the only big cities in their state
                              Orlando is in a state that touts 4 top-league towns.
                                    And by that measure, Only California has more in its market
                     You can get super technical and say 7 cities in the Golden State(LA (Anaheim))
So, CA 7, FL 4, and then Texas and Ohio 3 and the likes of New York, 
Missouri and Tennessee with 2

          A one-horse stable in a state with flaunting of the Big Five?  Illinois
And all in name it's Minnesota       Next:  Sacramento, OKC down the line

San Jose         C-bus and San Josey' have car hustle proximity
                                                           to more than one big league city.
                                 Next:  Portland, but wait, they have the NBA


St. Louis
           NFL Owner wanted unearned money and respect, so the people replied: "burn this bitch down"
                      Next:  Montreal
                            If it weren't for vacancies in Seattle and/or Portland, I'd say San Diego.

New Orleans
                    Next:  Oklahoma City?
                               Jacksonville or Memphis = No
                        And for both leagues: Louisville.  Kentucky Downs sound badass enough?

Buffalo            ....No Balls
                           Next:  Toronto (and/or; but not for this argument because they tout MLB)

.. .... well, kinda' Milwaukee but really they're big 3 staycationers
but we can all agree Green Bay is Milwaukee's and Wisconsin's.

Lucky coney for your next team
....used to be San Diego and Cincinnati, from a loss and gain, respecively

                                 The Onesies
      San Diego

"Green Bay" - a Milwaukee tailgate trip
                      kind of like OSU grads making the trip from Cincinnati

                 Over this expansion landing, I would've taken a Green Bay'esque tailgating venture for the entire state of Crimson Tide and War Eagle Countries
Next:  Louisville, sometime after that is Alabama  

Oklahoma City
San Antonio (staked claim of Texas, namely the Rangers)
                      next, Louisville
Onsie as far as the NFL is probably concerned, NHL Canada
             and Las Vegas
      Next:  Nordiques again

Any missing?


see:  Of Big Five, pt. 2: What Similarities for these Cities ....of More

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Detroit Arsenal and Sacramento Republic ???

Two more bids for the taking in Major League Soccer expansion.

San Diego Wave
Or should the next So.Cal brand be called something like the Banshees.  The Land Whales.  But a play on the word Wail.  Banshees wail, right?

Detroit Arsenal sounds bad ass.
Bad as hell.  Tight af, as the kiddos are saying.  Naughty naughty ass.

But Gateway sounds crunk.  Lol, "crunk".  But really.  Gateway, though.  No more basic ass bizatch names, shall we?
Something else unconventional?  What about the Archies?  You know for the arch in St. Louis.  Or something I've been looking at for awhile:  Instead of United, let's do a sarcastic American twist by saying "Divided".  Make it our own, even if we know it's not, ...and we're late to the game.  I've said Texas Divided before, but it can work with the existence of Sporting Kansas City in Missouri.  State Divided.  Show me.  But since we have that arch in St. Louis and the great divide of the Mississippi, let's just call it States Divided.  Right smack in the middle of America.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

FC Cincinnati Training Facility

In the northeast suburb of Milford off the loop highway
(...close enough to Mason and the north 'Nnati demographic I've harped on)

 Viva the Football

Friday, June 22, 2018

Portland Diamond Project

Doing your homework.
Even turning it in the VERY day it's assigned.
That's front-runner material for a pro expansion bid landing in your city.

I would say it's eagerness for baseball watching bleacher-style.  But I didn't see anyone vying to relocate or land a Triple-A team to the city anytime recently.  But, okay, maybe too soon.  While there's a short-season A-level minor league club in those Oregon suburbs of Portland, they haven't beckoned higher level play since 2010.  Those Beavers of AAA ago became the Chihuahuas down yander in west Texas.

New Portland MLB Stadium [?]

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Same team names across the board

Rangers  NHL MLB
Oilers  NHL and used to be NFL
Giants   MLB NFL

Cardinals of MLB NFL
Panthers  NFL NHL
Kings   NHL NBA
Lions   CFL NFL

Cue the Cpt. Obvious pic, but I already did that recently. so  this'll do instead

Portland sounds good with a Jets name.  Charlotte/Carolina brand too for that matter.  Oklahoma Oilers.  The Basketball Giants.  Some Lions baseball?