Saturday, June 23, 2018

FC Cincinnati Training Facility

In the northeast suburb of Milford off the loop highway
(...close enough to Mason and the north 'Nnati demographic I've harped on)

 Viva the Football

Friday, June 22, 2018

Portland Diamond Project

Doing your homework.
Even turning it in the VERY day it's assigned.
That's front-runner material for a pro expansion bid landing in your city.

I would say it's eagerness for baseball watching bleacher-style.  But I didn't see anyone vying to relocate or land a Triple-A team to the city anytime recently.  But, okay, maybe too soon.  While there's a short-season A-level minor league club in those Oregon suburbs of Portland, they haven't beckoned higher level play since 2010.  Those Beavers of AAA ago became the Chihuahuas down yander in west Texas.

New Portland MLB Stadium [?]

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Same team names across the board

Rangers  NHL MLB
Oilers  NHL and used to be NFL
Giants   MLB NFL

Cardinals of MLB NFL
Panthers  NFL NHL
Kings   NHL NBA
Lions   CFL NFL

Cue the Cpt. Obvious pic, but I already did that recently. so  this'll do instead

Portland sounds good with a Jets name.  Charlotte/Carolina brand too for that matter.  Oklahoma Oilers.  The Basketball Giants.  Some Lions baseball?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

United Bid gets World Cup 2026. Soccer Love Expanding

No Chicago in the United North American bid???

And some of the locations on this map could be subjected to national team training camp locations.  For Cincinnati, there will be the new MLS Fußball Cincinnati Stadium to house matches, as well as some renovated version of elbow ball American football at PBS just south of there, which is home of the Bengals, as well as Nippert and the University campus.  And another mile from that are high class athletic facilities at Xavier University.

But what do you see, or really don't see when you see this map?  I know Charlotte has had some international feetball displayed at a big venue.  No Chicago.  Utah on the outs.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Next Triple-A farm clubs in Portland and Montreal ?

And would they correspond to MLB teams in the cities of Vancouver and Charlotte?

Or perhaps Monterrey and Indianapolis...

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Alternative Names. Some Teams Soccer, Major Leagues

New England Shields
New York Force
Philadelphia Statesmen
Columbus Ohioans
Portland Axemen
Boston Colonies

Minnesota Norse
Armada Orlando
Colorado Arsenal
American Inland FC (Cincinnati)
Gateway KC
Nashville Band
West Coast Galaxies
Armada (LA) or Fleet

Thursday, June 7, 2018

G-League Triple-A Future

And these farm teams will be call-up ready clones for the NBA squads 
from the multi-tiered minor league in the future.

Cincinnati Celtics
Columbus Cavaliers
Louisville Pacers
Pittsburgh 76ers
Atlantic City Knicks
Hartford Nets
Baltimore Wizards
Columbia Hawks
Jacksonville Heat
Mobile Magic
Corpus Christi Pelicans
El Paso Spurs
Idaho Mavericks
Las Vegas Kings
Vancouver Raptors

Alabama Rockets
Reno Trailblazers
Knoxville Lakers
Seattle West Coast Clippers
Inland Empire Warriors
Nashville Grizzlies
St. Louis Jazz
Mexico Bulls
Dakota Timberwolves
New Mexico Nuggets
Arkansas Bucks
Omaha Thunder
Kansas City Suns
Norfolk Hornets
Albuquerque Pistons

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Alternative Names. Each Team NHL

Montreal Minks
Toronto Talls
Ottawa Barons
Boston Boosters
New York New York Reign & Dockers
Florida Destroyers
Tampa Bay Boosters
Dallas Rail
LA Hits
LA Anaheim Emperors
San Jose Stompers
Calgary Zoo
Edmonton Axes
Vancouver Shipmen

Winnepeg Winds
Las Vegas Shows
Pittsburgh Mills
Philadelphia Shakers
Columbus Huskers
Chicago Snow Thunder
Colorado Maximum
Carolina Tidals
Nashville Comets
Detroit Diesel
Minnesota Missiles
Washington Lords
Buffalo Rinks
New Jersey Jolts
St. Louis Middlemen
....... but but..... 31, ....ummm Arizona Pack
for hell's sake Quebec Nordiques!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Markets on Edge of your Seats and Screens

The title is a thematic homage.  Television ratings are huge for sports markets.  MLS is struggling to monetize the relative break-less format of the game to squeeze in commercials in addition to its American popularity patience growth.

With all the talk of the hugely successful Las Vegas NHL Golden Knights Team in their inaugural year, big league soccer landing in Cincinnati in the matter of no time, places like Portland having the buzz for a ballpark, and the sitting arena in the land of Nordiques, expansion craze is subtly in the air.

Seattle NHL NBA
Louisville NBA
Quebec City NHL
Portland MLB news blurb every other day.  Montreal romanticizing for rebirth.
Is the 27th kickball franchise ready to stabilize in Sac-town Capital Cali?
As far as the feetball, Las Vegas is going to be invigorated with Raider football and there's no talk about who is next in the league.  It would be nice for the NFL to address a minor league system so we can get out of patronizing institutions of academic learning.  My blog has addressed markets like Toronto, Louisville, Portland, OKC or San Antonio/Austin (San Marcos).

What are your thoughts?  
Is the first of any of the above-mentioned going to be Seattle filling their arena with two more sports seasons?

You on the edge of your seat?
Building a brand before the blessing?

Friday, June 1, 2018

More MiLB. Is Phoenix or Tampa the capital of the Minor League Baseball Land ?

The last MLB expansion was for Phoenix and Tampa.  And they've been housing minor league, some Fall, and both Spring Training balls.

Grapefruits and Cacti.

The facilities within these leagues of Spring Training could house the next minor league affiliates, in the event of an expansion.  When MLB gets to 32 teams, it would seem at minimum, there will be 3 new A-ball squads for each of the two new franchises.  It could happen in Arizona, especially after June.  Many training facilities in Florida are used by Florida State League A-ball advanced, as well as the Gulf Coast rookie league.  So, more A-ball can be played in the existing structures, of course as a share, and perhaps even some AA and AAA action.
Camelback Mountain of Phoenix

A solution to much of any pro-ball saturation and potential expansion problem is to fill stadiums all the time.  A team is at a road game, another uses it as home.

But back to the question, is Arizona or Florida king of the minor leagues?  Time-wise it's FL, right?  Well, close enough.  Until last decade, the golden years state had the most clubs park for Winter thawing.  The question burning for Miami and Tampa:  Is there too much baseball and so nobody shows up the the big league games?  Is it getting that way for the Diamondbacks, or their stadium funding future.  It's already falling apart, right?  Hard to maintain those big things.

And with attendance problems even at Comisky in Chicago and many more places, wouldn't a smaller ballpark model work out better?  Surely the Florida Marlins can play in tinier parks, 40 games a piece in Tampa and Miami as home (camp) games.
St. Pete downtown across from Tampa
Geography-wise it's not clean and nifty.  Nothing like the relationship of the Triple-A Louisville squad being a short drive to Cincinnati.  The Indians and Reds share an Ohio embassy on the west side of America in the Cactus League.  No Spring Training drives down I-75 anymore.

Since 2010, Arizona and Florida have equally been divvied up as a location for warm-up ball.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Fussbol Cincinnati .....Fußball, FCC of Major League Soccer

Fußball Cincinnati
Or can I say Fußball Zincinnati?

MLS in 2019.  Playing at the Nip Nip Nippert still until the new stadium is built on the West End (of downtown).

Chicken dance time downtown.  The German Heritage of the majority of ol' German and Irish ties.  Cincinnati:  the first major "purely American" city, inland and born after the Revolution, with many revolutionaries starting their new life and finishing their life in town.

I scoped a little while ago that my Cinci was changing some of it's street names back to the German ones, with the whole shameful side of World War II wearing off a bit with time.  Cinci Toyotas

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Name Switcharoo' NHL

Mindfunk on Ice

Washington Golden Knights
St. Louis Sabres
Vegas Stars
Columbus Flyers
Buffalo Ducks
Vancouver Coyotes
Chicago Senators
Ottawa Wild
Dallas Oilers

But what would you do?

Monday, May 28, 2018

London LaBatts. LaBatt Blues Baseball

The oldest continually operating baseball grounds is in London, Ontario.
It's closer to Michigan than it is Toronto.  But as you can check out in the wikipedia link below, it has a long history indeed.

I would like even more exposure for it, perhaps in some sort of new and more robust Canadian league of ball, like my fictionalized rookie league (Rookie-Advanced).

Sunday, May 27, 2018

G-League Team called Oakland Bridge

Have to jump that bridge to watch the Warriors play yay yay.

I like that name over something like California Twins

Friday, May 25, 2018

Alternative Names. Each Team NFL

                                                 Or looking for Crosstown Showdowns in the far far away future...

Cincinnati Platoons
Cleveland Shoremen
Pittsburgh Production
Las Vegas Houses
San Fransisco Coasters
LA Pandas
LA Pacifics
NY Blue Whales
NY Engines
Chicago Blitz
Green Bay Ships
Kansas City Trains
Arizona Phantoms
Houston Freight
Dallas Trucking

New Orleans Blues
Jacksonville Destroyers
Atlanta Riders
Tampa Bay
Miami Sharks
Carolina Battery
Washington Warriors
Baltimore Baysharks
Philadelphia Press

New England Atlantics
Buffalo Herd
Seattle Sentinels
Denver Winters
Tennessee Band
Detroit Linemen

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me .  Happy birthday to meee eeee eee eeee.  Hap' bir'day to me.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cincinnati is Major League Soccer

'Twill be announced on Tuesday, Commish' in tow.

Cincinnati Magazine.  Oakley.  Won't be here.
Nippert.  Where all pro Cincinnati Football is given birth.

The Where.  High School football here go bye-bye

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Alternative Names. Each Team NBA

New York Presidents
Brooklyn Velocity
Philadephia Freemen
Boston Baysharks
Washington Floor Generals
Detroit Diesel
Chicago Stunts
Houston Hats
Dallas Cattlemen
Phoenix Roaring

LA Postmasters
LA Coasters
Golden State Mining
Minnesota Evergreens
Atlanta Air
Denver Trucking
Cleveland Machine
Miami Camels
Memphis Pops

Indiana Barons
Charlotte Flights
New Orleans Marching
Utah Frontiers
OKC Marshals
Orlando Shows
Toronto Defenders
Milwaukee Whales
San Antonio Stetsons
Sacramento Talls

Monday, May 21, 2018

Would NHL grow the game much faster with Youth Academies?

........especially as with the Urban Youth Academies of major league baseball?

I've scoped Snoop Dog and Little John promotions.  But how much can one care if they can't play?  I remember the Might Ducks movie, new team, and new AHL Cincinnati Mighty Ducks affiliate inspiring some kids to purchase roller skates and flock around.  But it didn't stick in the streets.  It's not that Southie southern of a thing yet.  But it could be.

Another question to ponder:  Would colleges stand to recruit a more "progressively" diverse community if they ran youth programs that could serve as feeder systems to their own programs, or other division schools?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Name Switcharoo' NFL


San Francisco Bears
San Diego Bengals (poor poor San Diego)
Detroit Chargers
New England Eagles
Washington Patriots
Milwaukee Chiefs
Cincinnati Packers
Las Vegas Broncos

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Name Switcharoo' MLB

Brand brain flexercise
                                       THE MINDFUNK
Cincinnati White Sox
Boston Blue Jays
Baltimore Braves

Atlanta Nationals
Seattle Pirates

New York Twins

How would you do?

San Fran Cubs?
Kansas City Indians

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lame or Plain Names ?

Recently did a post with 10 new MLB expansion teams (of the future) with some envisioned farm team counterparts, seen here:  Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

Lifestyles, jobs, beings and used-sports names.  The trees and critters.  Lakers are fish.  Expos are legacy.  Galaxies are abound.  Alliteration. overcrowded-minor-league-positions-ten-clubs-brimming-with-talent

Did more expansions including the names of Riverwhales, Bisons, Mounties and Knights, with only that first one assigned to Sacramento sounding unique.  Perhaps the Capitol City California squad could be called the Talls?