Friday, June 23, 2017

Greater Names: Great Lakes v Dayton. MLB Greater name???

It was a game I caught glimpse of.  The Loons of the Great Lakes versus the Dragons in A-ball.  An alliteration of America's game.

Great names indeed.
The Great Lakes moniker is missing out of higher level sports.  Most notably in hockey, I'd say.
And so many cities in the region could use it, and in the vein of my pitch as a tag team city.  Some leagues are missing out on Indy, Cinci, Columbus, Cleveland, Milwaukee and even Detroit (because there's no Detroit Arsenal yet). 

The Megaloppers
North Shoreman
South Shoreman

All but MLB has a regional name.  The NFL has New England.  NBA has Golden State.  Hockey and the NFL tout Carolina, combining two states.  MLS has New England as well.  How neat would Dakota Diesel or even Nebraska-Dakota Diesel be?  What about the Southlakes Predators or Fishermen tagging with Atlanta?  And MLB could join the fold with Southern Belles or Drawl,... or something like the Southland Band.  ...Apparel sales big time.

I've blogblabbed about it all before in previous posts ..... ....
check 'em out

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cinci Stadium MLS and Vancouver play MLB ??? 'sNEWS or Lose

                     Click: River City News article

I've talked before about Kentucky (Newport, Covington, Dayton KY) being Cinci's New Jersey.  Albeit it was for the Football Bengals.

.....the possibilities

And FC Cinci just defeated the Crew.
Get ready. Cincinnati v. Chicago
Pic from Cincinnati news

Of note, Cincinnati has a strong sister city relationship in Germany.  Not far from this stadium rendering is the Hofbrauhaus, akin to the one in Munich which is home to FC Bayern Munich and a similar stadium.

Canada baseball news CLICK below

Monday, June 5, 2017

Expanding, One Game at a time. New/Different Places. London

Home Run Derby in UK

The former player thing makes it merrier for me.

Age brackets?
I haven't kept my eyes on the b-ball card market.  I would guess new cards.

International expansion home run over the wall

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Team without a Place?

Or a Team without a FIXED Place

First popping into my mind - the Harlem Globetrotters

Could something like this ever happen in the big leagues?

Obviously with the potential for apparel it could be everywhere in symbol.  But essentially it would be barnstorming.  A sense of place is the largest component of a franchise.

So if one is a veteran or troop, they have the potential for franchise.  A navy can dock in many places.

And what if their field was floating? The Armada.  So many harbors.  From Anchorage to Honolulu.  Miami to Jacksonville to Boston.  Houston to Tampa.  It's one of the reasons I'm fixated on a West Coast brand - sustainability and the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" factor that'd boost Hawaii and Alaska.  And absences like the NBA in Seattle.  The NHL not there and ditto for Portland.  A northwest brand between those 3 mentioned states and big time hockey.

I like portable names like Army, Navy, Truckers, Bikers, Roadies and Outcasts.

Could an Outlanders brand suffice for the more nodal and emptier barron lands of the American west and north.  Could Boise and SLC get some more love that way?  Could American football take on a more world football (soccer'ier) tone in its next namings.  Imagine it:  Outlander Football.

See way more blabber and fairly irrelevant pics on my blog

Friday, May 26, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB West

Las Vegas
There is some alternative opportunity.
Saving baseball in Oakland.  The Raiders left.  Warriors kinda' left - well, they're not picking you up.  They may be honking the horn, but you have to follow the car.  Walking.
Let me talk about Vancouver.  Imagine exhibition in Anchorage or Honolulu.  Check out some thoughts.

32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities

Portland Blue Sox for Major League Baseball

Unless you go Multi-Nodal, You Won't have a Home Team in your Lifetime

And in other sports.  Instead of LAFC why not West Coast United with Vegas?  Search keyword:  West Coast Diamond Club

 West Coast is biggest Gap in the Big Five Sports

Portland: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Regional Contingencies for East, Central, and West (Baseball)

Major League Baseball International Sister Cities & Series

Major League Baseball in Las Vegas

Major League Baseball in Charlotte and Portland. And then Las Vegas and Nashville. No Expansion Team Necessary



  Check out many more pairings in the blog, the West Coast Clippers splitting time in Seattle, and better off in San Diego, too.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB East

What if both the American and National League took on a team in the east?

Here's what I'd do:

Carolina, ridding of the Rays

The Carolina Colonials baseball club sounds neat.  The Indiana Racers with Colts and Pacers (and someday NHL).  Tennessee Mountainmen baseball.  I really do like their minor league Smokies name.  It would be great for them to split time between Memphis and Nashville, two 35k seaters a piece.

Major League Baseball in Tennessee. How to beat out Charlotte for an Expansion Bid. New Brave King of the South

There's the best solution (for any division really) for 3 beckoning markets in a 2 squeeze pinch.  It's getting rid of the Rays to somewhere else.
I have to admit something.  I don't care about Montreal.  No loss to me.  I have another plan for them and it includes Vancouver (and justifiable any division alignment). 

Disband the Rays. They can share the born-again Florida Marlins and split time between the Florida coasts.  The tix' would be more in demand if you have 40 games in each location instead of 80.  Fill in some gap time with Gloria Estefan concerts.
Whatcha' think?  Check links below

Major League Baseball in Nashville and New Orleans

Southland Pioneers Major League Baseball Team. Or the Southland Rays. In Nashville and Charlotte


Southland Pioneers Major League Baseball Team. Or the Southland Rays. In Nashville and Charlotte

Tilda Lindstam



Big Baseball back in Montreal after a decade absence ?


32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities


Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks. The 'Jacks !!!



Friday, May 5, 2017

Mainey Yacks

Yacks or Yaks

What creative names you got bounced around?

I think this is a nifty unconventional name for some team in Maine. 

Envision a crab riding the Yak head instead of horns

Double A for the Red Sox in Maine

Drunks do this?!  Or perhaps crazy lobsters.
Yacking up after too much to drink?

Nifty Names. A Local Twist

Monday, April 24, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB Central

Oklahoma City
Omaha?  Not yet.  I like the sound of Oklahoma-Omaha Pilots.
When you look at the map what do you see?  Albuquerque or El Paso someday?

But Texas Rangers already.  So what does that mean for central Tex with San Antonio and Austin?

I disparaged Montreal before.  Well, not really, maybe I rubbed them the wrong way in my preference for other cities for big league ball.  But I have a compromise and it involves stadiums being fuller more often than they are,...and the city of Vancouver.  Average Montreal in with Vancouver and we have a Central geographic justification.   A two-place team for Canada is where it's at.

Would the Mexico City Emissaries work with part-time play hubbed in San Antonio?  Tex-Mex Toros?  Monterrey involved in there somewhere?

New Orleans?  Share the Midland Rockers with Little Rock?  What about a 20 or 35k seat beautiful ballyard?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kentucky Downs and Horsemen. NOW !!!


I'm not going to pretend Louisville can handle MLB just yet.  Not before Indy.
And I'm not going to pretend they care about hockey all that much.  Or are foaming at the mouth for soccer.  And yes, diamond-wise there are territorial encroachment realities with the Redlands, Cards and Cubs, with nothing to say of the line of precedence of Charlotte and Nashville and market realities concerning 80 homegames.

But football and basketball can be handled with fervor.

Now that Las Vegas has been very much staked off, Louisville is all that is left in bustling virgin land for these big leagues.

You know it and I know it.

Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville

Ohio Flights and Kentucky Horsemen for an NBA Expansion


Friday, April 7, 2017

Next Regional Name

Is it going to be MLS for the Carolinas?  We have two "Carolina" themed teams.  Two New England ones.  A Golden State one.  A few aptly state named ones like Minnesota and Texas.  We used to have a broader Angels and Marlins.
What's next?  Not sure.
But let me tell you what I'd like to see sometime.

Dakota Diesel hockey.  Omaha Dakota Diesel hockey.  Have their logo be the front of a big rig with a mean grill.

New England Colonials.
A National League brand for the Boston region,....and why not the Carolinas?  East Coast Colonials would be a neat two-place team.  Imagine two beautiful baseball chapels of some 35,000 butt plates.  MLB will get it's toes more proudly into other markets.  No minor league team shakeups necessary.  How neat would it be for Carolinians to enjoy watching their minor leaguers come up in person?  A Colonials and Mudcats and Bats fan.  Oh my.  What if minor league teams were located very near their big league papa?  Imagine the farm system being farm to table.  Farm to plate.

North Country Lumberjacks.  <----click on this.
Or would this make for a good CFL stadium barnstormy NFL team representing all of Canada?  I also like names like Canadian Power and Nord Force.

Southlakes hockey in the NHL would work for Atlanta.  Share a retooled and co-located Panthers, and rebrand them as the Southlakes Fishermen.  Apparel galore.  $.

Especially with San Diego being freed up as a market in both types of football, a West Coast named brand beckons.  Instead of a second Los Angeles anything, I would enjoy any number of West Coast two-place teams (if not just in name) including markets such as Inland Empire, Sacramento, Portland, Oakland, Seattle, and even Honolulu or Anchorage.  Oakland, wouldn't you spare some part of your Athletics, if you shared baseball with Las Vegas or Portland?

Also in baseball, a Southland Band share representing some combo of musical cities as New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and Charlotte is a thought.  Atlanta monopoly has gotten boring.

What say you?  A Midland brand.  A tag team like the Oklahoma Omaha Pilots?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Taxpayers at Gateway Reject Paying for Rich Man's Stadium - MLS

And for that, I commend you all.  I'm a man of Reds Country, so I don't say many positive things with respects to ye' of Cardinal ilk, but you're sticking up for yourselves and sending a message to billionaires and their subsidized footballs.
But a dream...
Hands on, do shoot, Saint Louey

Monday, April 3, 2017

Will We Go with Oregon Athletics?

Oakland, I'm sorry about the dooms day scenarios all going on.  Las Vegas.  Golden States jump over the Golden Gate.  Taxpayer Stockholm Syndrome.  Truly I am kinda'.

I think it's a better name than Portland Athletics,....but maybe not better than California Athletics.  That team could split time between any number of cities.  Think Sacramento and the Inland Empire.  Could even be West Coast A's with Vegas.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Major Leaguer Heaven

Ballah in Valhalla.  Whatever ya' call it.
Imagine the simulator that could arouse or evoke the most from ya'.  Okay, maybe not virtual reality yet, but let's go with a video game.

Imagine playing a baseball game.  At anywhere.  Anytime.
Pete Rose on the same field as Shoeless Joe.  You want that at Crosley, Commisky, Riverfront, or Vegas under the modern lights?  The Babe at Fenway.  Which year?  That cornfield in Iowa. 

Another virtual major league.  Pele up against whoever else is a great footballer.

What pairings or All-Star squads would you intermix?  Would you name your team?  Where would you play the game?  Would you do an all-time hometown team?  Would all players in the history of
the game be available?  Okay.  Yes.  Would this be an entirely online game and updated as such?
Yes, Bo Jackson's Baseball

Friday, March 31, 2017

Cinci Centric Soccer Analysis Update

Soccer weather in America is a Wild Card.  Cinci is a lesson in that.

When I think of soccer markets and youth soccer markets, I think of St. Louis, Latino enclaves, North Carolina and Cincinnati.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Toronto Atlantic Travellers

Would this not be a good name for the next NHL hockey team fitting within the framework of my travel team idea?

It happened before in the Kansas City-Omaha Kings in the NBA of ago.

Just think about it:  A team in Toronto (it's second one) in cahoots with Halifax.
Canada deserves more hockey.  Like Halifax and Saskatoon along with Quebec City.
And all this Vegas, Arizona and Miami stuff going on without a northwest brand hubbed in Seattle or Portland.....well, it's just silly.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Las Vegas Raiders has come True


Just had the Warriors jump step to San Fran.  I guess it's good they're still Golden State.
I mean, dayamn!!!  What next?  The A's?!

Didn't even give a chance for the ice to freeze over... .

Friday, March 24, 2017

Nifty Names. A Local Twist

Look at some of these.

I just wanna' call the list OG. Teams of today and ago...

I say this with a tone for pride and not as a disparaging snipe:  local yockle unique names.
Can we get a Barn Donkeys next expansion?  ..for Portland, Charlotte?
                     So many.  Google them.
The Sound Tigers of Bridgeport hockey
Iron Pigs
Batavia Muckdogs
Hartford Yard Goats
Altoona Curve
Bowling Green Hot Rods
Mobile BayBears
Modesto Nuts
Richmond Flying Squirrels

Montgomery Biscuits.  Wow.  Love.
Akron RubberDucks
Biloxi Shuckers
Savannah Sand Gnats
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The New Orleans Zephyrs renamed their AAA squad (Marlins) the Baby Cakes.  Gold.
Hot off the press:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hockey and Hoops near Hampton Roads?

One awesome arena could lure in two big league brands 200 miles south of our nation's capital.

Why not build the best arena in the world for the hook that would seduce the NBA and NHL?

What kind of amenities would be offered up like none other?


East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL

How bad ass does this sound?:  East Coast Battle Group
Hampton Hooplah?  Norfolk Vikings?
Eastern Seaboards, Virginia Beach Cruisers, Newport Express, Virginia Admirals, Generals

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I demand these. NOW for the Big Five

And I will insist to be free of declaring pairings.

The NBA in Louisville.
Seattle, honestly I don't care.
And really, I'm not demanding a dang fatootin' thing.

The NHL in Portland/Seattle.  Arizona?!  Las Vegas?!  Panther-sized yawn, yo.

More important things to worry about, right?
Big League baseball.  I really don't care.  I'll likely live to see that Portland and Charlotte birth.
Montreal?  Two schits.  I wonder if the likes of Monterrey on the other side of the creek will see MLB regularly before we round the next century.

NFL:  yeah, I don't care about the Colts and I do give a hoot about Bengaldom, but if you put a Kentucky Downs team in Louisville the grumblings of the aforementioned and Titanland would be nifty.

MLS:  you're doing your thing.  The American Soccer landscape is slippery.  My native land of the Queen City flaunted that fact to you.  That list of 10 or so will surely be someday.   San Diego, St Louis and Cinci shifted into the argument with lightning speed, despite their proximity to other markets.  It helps that MLS has expressed a stronger desire for rivalries knocking up against each other.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Next Second Team City

Is it Dallas?  Is it Chicago?
What about Toronto in the NHL?

A second NBA team in Chi-town?

Are the leagues going to expand their footprint before doing such a thing anymore?
....Well, Los Angeles, the second largest market, having had no NFL teams for 20 years, got two more.  The Rams didn't move to Portland or the Chargers didn't move to Toronto, now did they?

I don't think so, but....
If so anyway:
     NBA:  Chicagoland Flights
NFL:  Chicagoland Troops
     MLB:  New England Colonials (Boston)
MLS:  Chicago Blue ....Chippers
     NHL:  West Coast Ghosts (San Fran)
But it's really, and rightfully going to be Toronto.

Just some thoughts:  Boston and Chicago rule their states in a clear monopoly.  There's argument in Texas, Pennsylvania and California for their megacities.  So, before doubled up Dallas for another team, there'd be the San Antonio area.

What cities are your choices for seconds?  Sizeable areas (including some twin towns) are the Bay, D.C./Baltimore, Philadelphia and Dallas.  A Philly American League and Dallas National League squad in the future?  Not far from each other is an area in central Texas comprised of Austin and San Antonio.  Austin will get NHL before Houston, right?  San Marcos is a small city in between the two.  Is some kind of football team a good place to tailgate their as a weekly venue?
So much to talk about.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Will there be a Sims Baseball.....if not MLB The Show Video Game Expansion Option ???

MLB The Show by Brian Mazique contributing for Forbes:
[What's Still Missing]
There's still no option to relocate teams or to add expansion teams. NBA 2K and Madden have added one or both of the options, but The Show has yet to take that step. Some may be reading this and thinking: "the game isn't even out yet, how can you be critiquing a mode?"
It's simple. It's safe to say those features won't be included in this year's game because if they were, it would have been revealed at this point. As we sit just three weeks away from launch, I assure you relocation or expansion will not be in MLB The Show 17.
Some fans are pure traditionalists. They only want to play with the real major league baseball teams, but a large portion of us would love the option to locate and create expansion teams with the same create-a-team suite used in Diamond Dynasty.     - - -

Wouldn't a Sims future MLB feature addition be FANtastic?  Imagine if cities like Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Montreal and Portland ..or even Honolulu had a way to lego up their stadium choices.  ... I mean, well, you know, the fans thereof?

The gamers could solicit free architectural graphics from firms wanting their name to get out there even bigger and better.....from any number of cities, to include Mexico City, Monterrey, Berlin or London.  At least let fans pick their favorite parts of existing ball parks and play puzzle Picasso with their wishes.
Would ya' name it the Pines of Portland?

Monday, March 6, 2017

NBA: When Cincinnati?

Which really is asking..... which cities will come before Cinci?

Louisville is looking consensus.  Kentucky's first big league brand in the modern era.

Cincinnatian NBA fans should be nervous about these two city names:  St. Louis and Kansas City.
My money is on KC and their newer arena.
When bigger league volleyball? the blog
And quite plainly, this should be said to the likes of Cinci, Pittsburgh and Baltimore:  
Missouri is without the NBA.  So, KC or St. Louis?

Because of alignment, out for the Western Conference, the likes of Seattle, San Diego and Las Vegas are of little concern for this argument.

Cinci, Pitt and KC are NBA ready, seat-wise.  This, downtown Cincinnati