Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cincinnati American Association Team: Where and what to call it

Action up north in Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Paul (of Twined up Minneapolis fame) are starting to make me jealous with multiple leagues in their cities, Chi-town having 3.  Other towns like Kansas City have another team, them having the T-Bones.

So for this Independent pro baseball league, I'd like a Cincinnati squad.  And I could see them playing in Florence Kentucky (Greater Cinci) as the Tri-State Riders.  Or they could play at a 3k seater on the UC Bearcats campus field.  These are existing places of play

I like the name Cincinnati Collegians.  But Daddies might be better.  Is that rhyme-literation?  The Cincinnati Daddies.

The Where

Okay, so I'm at it again, many times fixated on some of the same spots.

 TOP OF THE KEY (of 275 loop)
Old Forest Fair Mall (Cincinnati Mills) 

Build a multiplex mixed-use development everything.  Arena, 4 - 8k seat ballpark, high-rise luxury apartments, bars etc and so forth.

   Heart of Town
Ross/Tennessee Avenue in Cincinnati that used to be a centrally located move theater and is now some big business office plex health plex paper pushing thingy (...since hospitals are hogging the centralized locations because of ummmmm yeah location for the greater good; not like guaranteed payments via big business bipartisan bluffing mandate).  Rant over.  That ship has sailed, much like it did with the Ballpark at Broadway Commons.
                                                                UPTOWN on Campus
How about on campus at UC.  Currently there are about 3,000 seats along the foul line.  Add up or add to the outfield?  Or keep it the same and pack the place?

Not big, but still beautiful....., what about some kind of upgrade of stands on the Xavier campus 'cross town?

West Side or Cincinnati Commons
What about something else in the city limits like the west side and use it as the Cincinnati Public Schools stadium or Greater Cincinnati P&G stadium that doubles for baseball games and tourneys?  High School ball, Roy Hobbs and other community leagues.

Pete Rose Should Coach Baseball in Cincinnati

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Name your Team Now !

Have the brand precede the bid acceptance.
...whether that be Major League Baseball in Charlotte or Portland.

The NBA in Louisville.
The NHL in Indianapolis.
The NFL in Toronto
or MLS in San Diego.

Have the T-shirts worn.  Some logos ready.  MLB-style caps rally capped on your domes.

Take a vote.  Wear the movement.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

College Ball Fields for Pro Teams

9K seats are at Werner Field (pro) and  24K (35 expansion capable) seats at TD Ameritrade (college).  Creighton University and the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers do not share fields there in that Nebraska metropolis.  Their stadiums are 19 road miles apart.  Some legal stuff was at hand for the place that holds the College World Series there in Omaha.  So no pro ball there yet.

The U. of Nebraska Omaha though, use the pro team's Werner Field for some of their D1 games.

Salt Lake City does it right, too.  Trip-A Bees and college Utes play at none other than Smith Field.  Double-A ball in Richmond is shared with Virginia Commonwealth U..

Mississippi State, one of the launching pads for Will the Thrill Clark, has one of the bigger college venues that could house some fun other than the state's pro baseball team of the Mississippi Braves.  Maybe someday they can take on something like a Dub-A squad in the pros.  Also in state, Ole Miss has a ball field of about 10k seats (which is like a lot of Trip-A teams).  Well, there you have it.  A lot of room for more bigger time baseball nestled in the Deep South.

I know there are pro teams in Arkansas, and northwest Arkansas, but I had no clue the Razorbacks were NOT in Little Rock.  I just assumed.  Well, their venue does NOT hold the double-A team.  Springdale, AR has their own for the pro team Naturals of about 7k seats.

LSU's baseball field doesn't double professionally.  More baseball could be in Baton Rouge.
Another ball stadium in Tucson used to house the Rockies and was turned over to the NCAA's Arizona Sun Devils.  Phoenix Municipal has a long pro history, currently housing the Arizona Wildcats.  They even have the light poles from the old Polo Grounds of Golden Era lore!  So many stadiums in the Cactus League state.

Only about 3k seats in this tidy stadium uptown, ....but fill it up.  Cincinnati college baseball.

I mentioned Omaha before.  The Lincoln-Omaha area touts more.  There's a Lincoln Saltdogs non-MLB affiliated pro team which shares with the college Cornhuskers.  In a previous blog post, I expanded a MLB affiliated future farm club to Lincoln, called the Loggers.

All of the above Pac Twelve Wack' West SEC/Big Ten stadiums are big ones.  Check out more of the list on the wikipedia link.

There is room for sharing facilities.



Monday, April 16, 2018

Alternative Names. Pacific Woodsmen Portland MLB

I was considering alternative names for the Major Leagues in Oregon.  I love my West Coast Athletics name first.  I like the sound of Oregon Redwoods also.  But there is a little too many red legs and socks (sox) in the league.  What about Portland Blue Sox or Oregon Frontiers?

Portland Green Sox sounds good also.  Blue Jax is something.  What about West Coast Woods?

Battlers.  Plates.  Ships.  Winds.  Greens.  Blues.  Monsters.  Big Feet.

Portland Flock?  West Coast Waves

Portland Talls    Portland Pacifics?

What is it?  Chew the fat with me.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Future Big League Baseball Cities

Who did I snub?
Particularly with a sizeable population
And will you be named Ohio, gaining fans who attended maybe 4 years in the C-bus area, Buckeye style?  Ohio Bucks deer apparel would work for the baseball squad.

Will Albuquerque have the market by 2100 AD?

Or will we have a bunch more team twos in the other league, like the Dallas Diamonds, San Diego Madres and Philadelphia Baseball Eagles?
Tier I:  Is this my Minor League Expansion ?
Tier II: MLB New Orleans Parades affiliates et al. ....Teams I Missed ?
Tier III: Teams I missed..... Imagining Even More MLB/MiLB Expansion

Teams I missed..... Imagining Even More MLB/MiLB Expansion

Jacksonville Sails
New Jersey Knights
Sacramento River Whales
Here's the more than dirty dozen squads I posted in two posts
before the above teams:  Is this my Minor League Expansion ?
MLB New Orleans Parades affiliates et al. ....Teams I Missed ?

That evens out that league map I had of 13 teams more, to 16.  More?
Virginia Blackbirds.  How's that sound?  Or Steeds?
Have I snubbed Louisville growth in the 21st Century?  Is this where the awesome-sounding Louisville Lumber comes into play?  I hope the NFL in Louisville uses Kentucky Downs.  Horsemen sounds good too.  A lot of team names to spread across imaginationland and the blog.
*shared stadium of existing pro team
***shared stadium built in blog-land
SACRAMENTO River Whales  ...affectionately called the 'Rails
AAA: San Jose Trollies*
AA: Bakersfield California Blue*
A-Advanced:  Monterrey Madres*      both California
A: Monterrey Motherloads*
Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, Florida
Rookie-Adv.:  Spokane 'Slickers*

AAA:  San Jose Hippies*
AA:  Mississippi Navy
A-Advanced:  McD Clowns
A:  Michigan Anchors*
Rookie-adv.:  Saskatchewan Big Feet

AAA:  Youngstown Rustbelters
AA:  Youngstown Townies ***
A-Advanced: Topeka Bud Train Teamsters*
A:  Jersey Jolts*          take your pic of existing ballparks (6) in NJ
Rookie-adv.:  Richmond Night Hunters*

AAA:  Ketucky Stable (Lexington*)
AA:  Baton Rouge Pride (tigers)*
A-Advanced:  Little Caesar Pizza Pizzas*
A:  Green Bay Ghosts (*Appleton)
Rookie-adv.:  Ontario Gold Shoes***
                                       Who Else ???
Mexico's team finally.  The logistics spell out Monterrey ?  The Sur Toros?

You may have noticed I did a geographic leap for some A-Ball play. Well, there is some short-season play in the Northwest League.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Make Expos Montreal Again. Make Marlins Florida again ???

Expos via relocation: draysbay.com-montreal-expos-ownership-group-positioned-for-mlb-relocation

Eat my ass, GettyImages (registered trademark)
I've said it before.  And I'll say it again.
And again and again and again.

The Marlins should be a part-time team in Tampa.   The Rays are a bust.  And the Miami fish dress like a Gloria Estefan caravan.  I like her music.  I just don't like their uniforms.  Or massive amounts of empty seats.

Rays should rebrand and relocate to a new charming ballpark in Montreal.

Look at them old Andre Dawson homegrown uniforms.
Go Florida Marlins

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Imagining Future NHL Teams and Affiliates

Here are two maps, one AHL (Like Triple-A) and ECHL (...Double-A)
Here's ECHL


Colorado Eagles now set to play.

Around the turn of the century, Cincinnati housed an ECHL team (as it still does) at the same time as an AHL squad ('97-2005).  Look at the northwest.  I don't care if Seattle lands the NHL next year, there should be some minor league pro representation there ... and in Portland.  Toronto 2 and Quebec City are more deserving.  With those 2 in, the amount of NHL franchises is an odd number so maybe that'd bode well for Portland.  But if Indianapolis provides more  geographical balance in some expansion, Portland should be the high farm field for NHL Seattle.

Sioux Falls could host a Dakota Diesel brand.  Perhaps an Omaha-Dakota Diesel (tag) team could be more economically viable.  Problem more these days is television market money, and no doubt some bean counters figure better for Houston than Dakota.  Maybe the league will be the first to land Austin (if they're smart).

While the AHL is one for one per NHL franchise farm-wise, the ECHL has 27 teams and a handful of NHL teams not claiming whole second-tier minor league affiliation.

Hey, what about some more AHL and ECHL teams in Canada?  Or is the major Junior levels enough for them?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Will Oakland proper only Stand for MLS?

San Fran or Oakland have their soccer in the form of a 40'ish mile drive.  Same with the NHL.

Oakland is losing the Raiders to Las Vegas.  The Warriors are jumping river from Oakland, making them wade across to get their live glimpse.

And I believe, most especially with the presence of the Giants not 20 miles away, the A's could very easily become anything from the Sacramento A's, to that of Portland or even San Antonio.  If you've read my blog before, you might've scoped my obsession with them becoming the West Coast A's, whether they stay, or spend some times away in the likes of westerly Las Vegas.  Either way, MLB's patience certainly won't be forever, though I'd be in favor of Coliseum renovation.  We're overly wasteful in America, and with these major leagues insisting on their own home to share with nobody else, we all just seem like taxpaying taxfunded asshats.

But I read some chatter about Elon Musk and his Tesla looking into the current stadium site and bringing in some form of pro soccer, no doubt with an eventuality into big time soccer for the Oakland site.

Will Oakland eventually be left with just Major League Soccer...  The Oaks franchise?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Baseball Double Dip, some American Association Cities

Milwaukee, the expansion team will share their newly built 4k seat home with the Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee Panthers.  Love it.

Kansas City T-Bones.  How's that for some backyard chatter?

Cubs Sox Country has representation in the league.  Throw in another 30 miles from downtown and Gary Indiana has it also.

Twins territory resides here too.

Dallas metro wraps two clubs

Houston, Denver, St. Louis and Cincinnati are the nearest big league cities to all this.
Makes me want to talk about having..... like a Cincinnati Amer. Assoc. team.  ............more to follow on that.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shouldn't MLB Youth Program be helmed more by Minor League Teams?

Shouldn't Little League be inspired more by MiLB Teams ?

First off, the Youth Academies are successful and awesome.  And it's apparent that demographically, even if based on population densities stats alone, there a need for more Urban Youth Academies.  I give kudos to big league baseball.  Growing the game is good for everyone.

Let the Reds use their farm clubs to inspire little leaguers and teens to do more in their farm areas like Dayton and Louisville.  Sometime into the future I could even see college programs inspiring kids to play more.  Ian Happ was a Bearcat.  Ditto homegrown Josh Harrison.

But here's why I'm thinking more along these lines of "not necessarily the big league clubs".  Let's be realistic - that's why.  Aspire to be Red, sure.  But what's wrong with being a Bearcat?  Or a Bat.  Or Dragon for these kids.  Pro players at the farm teams get a lot of development.  And they can part some of that wisdom.  Might even discover they want to be a coach at any number of levels of ball, pro or amateur.  More kids might be able to leverage some DI, II or III level to get into the books.  Aiming for the highest is great.  But the town is at the base of the mountain for most.
Indoor........... all year long.
I'd say, have the minor league teams sponsor knothole teams.  Make the kids feel part of the farm.   
ie.  Dayton Dragons have age groups, each one having a Bravo, Charlie and Delta team, etc for signups.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

More for Chicago

We got the base pads covered.  The market, only fairly recently not the second largest market in America, could sustain a second franchise in each sport.  That's easily demonstrated through two MLB teams, the league requiring twice as many billions in an annual economy than the nearest requirement of any of the other Big Five sports leagues.  Blog beat wise, I'm more for expansion than insular market growth, in the spirit of spreading the love, but let's go with it.

So, here we have Paulie's guess for a name:
                     NBA                   NHL                MLS                 NFL
 What do you think?

Blog Blurb: Vancouver/Portland/San Antonio MLB; Cinci/Nashville MLS

Portland       San Antonio       Vancouver

Which would be better baseball in the northwest for MLB and a Seattle regional rivalry?
Sometimes I wonder this:  Does Portland even care about MLB?  Personally, I haven't seen enough lust for a Triple-A team (realizing there's no Dub-A action out west).
Whiles sometimes I wonder if Austin and San Antonio's proximity too each other makes for a good crowd source, in addition to Texas Rangers claim, I wonder if it's harder to make a decision to award a team to either/or Austin/S.A..  With talks of the Columbus Crew seeking Austin instead of San Antonio (even though Austin seems deserving of something right now, I say NHL) I wonder even further.
Cincinnati       Nashville

I read rumblings of Nashville thinking of a location change for the field.  And that would be a breach of terms.  And I am wondering indeed about two things.
     1.)  Do officials understand or respect Major League Soccer?, and
     2.)  Does MLS deserve any?
Downtown means downtown.  It has been said time and time again.  Speaking to Cincinnati, while there are plenty of arguments and opinions on ambiance of a location, there are Blight Power politics holding up a business no-brainer.  It made MLS officials look a little bad on a promised announcement.  And Blight Power partiers have an inexcusably amount of folks doing what they do - incentivizing and running blight.  In 'cinderella Nashville and Cincinnati, it seems like the mayoral offices have been barely listening to conditions, while greater Boston, Seattle and Atlanta are permitted by MLS to be eco-friendlier than Cincinnati, Nashville and Detroit. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Much More MiLB in Canada

Particularly Ontario.

Greater Toronto has about 6.5 million people.  7th most populous on the continent.

I've posted before, listing a fictional farm system for the Montreal Expos future affiliations, and I coined the Ottawa Internationals as their Triple-A club.  What other Trip-A and 'Dub-A clubs could be housed in Canada, the International and Eastern Leagues respectively?
Winnipeg      Quebec City        Mississauga*  Brampton*   Hamilton*
*Toronto suburb (cities hooked to T-town pretty much)  
             What about a team called the Halifax Citadels?
London, Ontario is halfway between Detroit and Toronto.  Good place for a ball yard.
Windsor is across the divide and Detroit.
Winnipeg's Shaw Park, American Association League (non-MLB affiliated).  Goldeyes Baseball.  Over 7,400 seats

In the Pacific (AAA) and Pioneer (rookie-advanced) leagues, cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver (who already touts a team in Northwest short-season-A ball league)
                                                                                   Current basepads in country
Here AA stands for the Amer.Assoc. independent league, 
where a Milwaukee team is expanding into
The suburb of Surrey, then Saskatoon and Regina on top of those sound good?

Okay, so there's like 30 municipalities that could easily house a pro baseball squad with their nearly a million, half a mil' and hundreds of thousands populations.  Let me pick a few with some breathing room from or in the big metros.

London Ontario could house the Ontario Horsemen.
                                                      or Gold Shoes
Windsor Casinos
           Quebec Nordes 
BC Westerners
          Edmonton Fielders
Calgary Coldies
             Halifax Citadels
Hamilton Zambonis
           Winnipeg Winnies or Manitoba Manshees sound funnier than BC Banshees
Brampton Boaters           Saskatchewan Big Feet             Sudbury Suds                     ...what else ?

Cities like Vancouver standing to gain the big leagues eventually.
In the meantime, thoughts can be had toward some creation of a northern division in triple-A

Saturday, March 24, 2018

MLB New Orleans Parades affiliates et al. ....Teams I Missed ?

Did I snub your city on the previous post concerning the MLB/milb expansions?

click   Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

So I've been talking shit about a whole lot of "who's next" 20 years after the last MLB expansion.
You should try.  When there are 40 big league teams, who do you think they'll be?

Let me throw these cities in there.

Vancouver Mounties ?                                                     *shared stadium of existing pro team

Buffalo Bisons

And who are their affiliate farm clubs?

Sacramento even it out?
                    NEW ORLEANS PARADES
AAA: Quebec Nordes
AA:  Louisiana Whodats*
A-adv:  St. Pete Waves*
A:  Sudbury Suds
Rookie:  Tennessee Treble*

AAA:  Ontario Gold Shoes
AA: New York Meese' (Mooses)*
A-adv:  Halifax Harborers
A:  Manitoba Manshees*
Rookie:  Halifax Citadels

AAA: Edmonton Fielders
AA:  Hamilton Zambonis
A-adv:  BC Westerners*
A:  Winnepeg Winnies*
Rookie:  Calgary Coldies

                  soon to be dated after this post in April:   Much More MiLB Canada

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Is this my Minor League Expansion ?

*shared stadium of existing pro team
***imagined stadium of expansion occupied by more than one imagined franchise 
Pacific:  Vancouver Mounties (*, and/or BC Place)
AA: Waco Roundtrippers 
A-Advanced:  Washington County HillKings (*Hillsboro (Portland))
A:  Tri-State Riders (*Florence, KY(Cincinnati area))
Rookie-Advanced:  Bakkan Field Outlanders in Williston, North Dakota

AAA: Carolina Lumber Co. *home of the Knights
AA:  East Coast Colonials (*Myrtle Beach)
A-Advanced:  Fort Bragg Bad Boys *
A: Greenbrier Windfarmers***
Rookie-Advanced:  Greenbrier Green Cougars***

AAA: Ottawa Internationals
AA: Ohio Oaks (*Dayton)
A-advanced:  *Ft. Lauderdale Florida Fleet (and *Jacksonville)
A:  Hampton Roads Heroes (*Norfolk)
Rookie advanced:  Charlotte (*NC) Internationals

AAA: Tennessee Mountaineers*,  
AA: Kentucky Wingers (Ft. Campbell, Lexington*, Louisville*, Bowling Green*)
A-advanced:  Salem Patriots (*Virginia)
A: Ohio Norsemen (*Columbus)
Rookie advanced: Greenville Fightin' Apps (Appalachians) (*Tusculum, TN)

AAA:  Columbia Beans *
AA:  Northside Bears * with the Indians theoretically as the affiliate of the Pirates if need be,                                                  or on my warboard these guys play in Indianapolis and Wrigley Field
A-adv: Riverside Niners*
A:  Savannah Army Sailors *
Rookie Adv:  Montanamen (Billings*)
Future posts should include New Orleans and Albuquerque areas.  And others like Vancouver.

AAA: Sur Toros (*Monterrey, Mexico)
AA:  Temple Tankers in Texas                                                                       
A-Advanced:  Florida Sharks (*St. Petersburg)
A:  Lincoln Loggers *outside of Omaha

Rookie-Advanced:  Wyoming Truckers
                                                 or should it be the 'Pokes (Cowpokes)

AAA:  Tucson Sun Rays *
AA:  Central Texas Mustangs (***Temple)
A-advanced: Tallahassee Caps
A: Middletown Roadsters (Ohio)
Rookie advanced: Boise Band *

AAA:  Pensacola Beached Pandas *
AA:  Lubbock Bomb Squad *
A: Cincinnati Masters (Mason, OH)

Rookie advanced: Madison County 75ers (Richmond, KY*college (make refurbish))

LAS VEGAS Galaxies
AAA:  Nevada Javelins* at least 2 other teams play here with the Mets 51s affiliate.
AA: Little Rock Roadshows*
A-advanced: Vegas Rooster Dinners*
A: Las Vegas Chicks*
Rookie advanced: Reno Vegas Ranchers*

UTAH Lakers                                      ...it's a fish, not a saxophone

AAA: Austin Cattlemen*
AA: Texas Fishermen (Round Rock* (Austin) and San Antonio*)
A advanced: California Shipping (Stockton*)
A:  Brooklyn Trollies *
Rookie advanced: Clermont Eagles (Ohio)

 At what order do any of these, and in what pairs do these imagined squads enter MLB ?
Should the MLB squads in Austin and Salt Lake City switch out their Triple-A clubs?  The Sidewinders could have their AAA club split home-camp time between the Round Rock ballpark and the new Central Texas MLB stadium.

No Two Teams - NHL

Them Islanders....
Should I send them to Connecticut again?  Or should I make them a two place team with Norfolk.  Yes!
Let's go with East Coast Whalers rebirth.  And brand for an Islanders name could land with Seattle.

Ducks ?
Seattle Ducks is cool.

It would only seem right with a second team already in Greater Toronto and talking this talk.  And of course in the spirit of my blog they'd carry the name Ontario.

Since Seattle seems well along its way, I'm moving the Mighty Ducks to Portland.  Seattle Islanders seems nice, but we can rename that team to Hampton Roads and Hartford as the East Coast Whalers, as tempting it is for me to have the franchise park in Milwaukee and Cleveland as the Great Lakes brand.
Some old posts concerning the subject:

If NYC Gives Up a NHL Team

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford

No More Two-Team Towns for a Sports League

NHL - If each franchise had to camp in two cities... .

 Seattle's hockey name? click

Monday, March 19, 2018

MLB Las Vegas Galaxies affiliates

*shared stadium of existing pro team

AAA:  Nevada Javelins* at least 2 other teams play here with the Mets 51s affiliate.
AA: Little Rock Roadshows*
A-advanced: Vegas Rooster Dinners*
A: Las Vegas Chicks*
Rookie advanced: Reno Vegas Ranchers*

The one out of state affiliate is Little Rock's second team, 2 double-A squads in the capital of Arkansas. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two Ballclubs per Ballpark

Hot Stove like Hell !!!!!

Let's envision a time well down the road when big league baseball has expanded to cities now craving it, and a time which continually is saturated in the minor league landscape.

There's a solution, albeit overly simple.  And you'll be able to see how I play with it.  Just use parks in use now.  Instead of half the time being used, use it full time with two teams.  Logistically tricky for sure, but not impossible.

Let's do the Triple-A teams
Wikipedia, I love you.  Swap Colorado for San Antonio for up-to-date

Now, make up some new teams that share these stadiums.  Here are some.
Don't forget.  I talked about sharing the big club ballpark also.

Friday, March 16, 2018

MLB's Central Texas Sidewinders minor league Affiliates

*existing ball park
AAA:  Pensacola Beached Pandas *
AA:  Lubbock Bomb Squad *
A: Cincinnati Masters (Mason, OH)

Rookie advanced: Madison County 75ers (Richmond, KY*college (refurbish))

Can this be a more inclusive thing for El Paso,...or do the Rangers have that covered?
San Antonio and Austin otherwise would vie for the naming.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Outdoor Classics. Alternative Places

In less than a year, at Notre Dame's football stadium, the Blackhawks will take on the Bruins - the NHL in Indiana.  College football has hosted before in Michigan.  Where else could you see or would you like to see such a game played?  Ohio State?  ECHL's Cyclones at Nippert.  The NHL is doing a good job with it, particularly the Stadium Series.  All the New York met teams got to play at Yankee Stadium over the series of two dates.

We can really screw around with the thought, and do baseball inside of football stadiums.  MLB's Rangers occasionally play in San Antonio's Alamodome, which was built to lure football, and landed the Spurs for years.  So, whatcha' thinkin'?
Brewers at Green Bay ?  Take on the Sox or Cubbies.  Would they do astroturf-like basepadding, as in just having sand near the bases?  Cubs at Soldier Field?  I bet it'd be too tough to do Reds baseball at Nippert.

Basketball has to do outdoor NBA sometime soon, right?  Bulls at Wrigley.  The Pacers could go with the old field that hosted the minors, as well as Negro League ball.  Now it's a neat apartment complex.

Celtics and Lakers at Wimbledon or the Nets-Knicks at the New York Open ?  Maybe the NFL can do something coy with the preseason.  Think like the Browns and Bengals playing at the Ohio State Fairgrounds at the Columbus Crew.

NCAA-wise, my Bearcats need to play the hardwood on the football field.  Xavier and UC could do Great American Ball Park for the Crosstown Showdown Crosstown Shootout deal.  It would plainly be awesome as even as exhibition in the Summer.  The Aircraft Carrier stuff done in college bball is aesthetic as hell.  click:

Outdoor NBA Series

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

MLB's Utah Lakers minor league Affiliations

*shared stadium of existing pro team

AAA: Austin Cattlemen*
AA: Texas Fishermen (Round Rock* (Austin) and San Antonio*)
A advanced: California Shipping (Stockton*)
A:  Brooklyn Trollies *
Rookie advanced: Clermont Eagles (Ohio)

click: The Pitch: Utah MLB

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MLB's Indiana Farmers minor league Affiliates

*existing stadium

AAA:  Columbia Beans *
AA:  Northside Bears * with the Indians theoretically as the affiliate of the Pirates if need be,                                                  or on my warboard these guys play in Indianapolis and Wrigley Field
A-adv: Riverside Niners*
A:  Savannah Army Sailors *
Rookie Adv:  Montanamen (Billings*)

I got more use out of existing facilities and some cities promoted as such

Monday, March 12, 2018

MLB's Tennessee Truckers Farm System

In my fantasy land a major league franchise plays in two tidy 35k seat ballyards, one in Memphis, the other in Nashville.  They go by the name Truckers, and it's a killer apparel line nation-wide, especially for the generic apparel not necessarily yelling a Tennessee call.  Bonus for them bucks and the franchise.  By the way, Bucks, as I argue for any Milwaukee NBA relocation, would probably have much the same effect.  But hey, I'll be a touch more original for the sake of it.

In an event that any of these expansions didn't include Portland, ...that Oregon metropolis could use a Triple-A squad.  The Sounds could even transfer out of Nashville to there.  But I like this idea:  When the Truckers are away at their other camp in Memphis or at an away park, a Triple-A Tennessee brand of the Bucks or Mountaineers could play in Nashville.  Memphis to Nashville and vice versa, even spending some time in the Sounds stadium (which could also house Appalachian League teams or any other minor league really).  Tag-team the big ball and smaller ball clubs in the same facilities.

Logistically (schedule-wise), this is all easier said than done, but the Double-A's could be thrown in this absence mix. Between the two "ex" Triple-A ballparks in Memphis and Nashville this can be done.  4 high level pro parks in Tennessee.  Again, away games being other teams' home games.

The Dragon's venue in downtown Dayton could host such any extra squad, perhaps another A-ball club.  The Ohio Pilots or Ohio Oaks sounds nice.  In my scenarios so far though, I have the Oaks as the Montreal's Double-A farm.  So, I'll move along.  But essentially, the Cardinals and A's affiliates don't necessarily have to vacate altogether.

We can say their double-A ball brand could be the Kentucky Wingers, housed in a ball park at Ft. Campbell, much like the one that was standing for the Fort Bragg game.  The Wingers could play there and part-time at other places such as the existing structures in Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green.  Stretching this schpeal out more, I blog envision Appalachian League teams out in Eastern Kentucky.

So many A-ball facilitation possibilities.   But here's the overall for thought's sake:
   Here it is for the A-balls of the Tennessee Truckers
Tennessee Mountaineers*, Kentucky Wingers (some*
Salem Patriots (*Virginia), Ohio Norsemen (*Columbus)
The Greenville Reds rookie league team could share their rookie league yard with the Greenville Fightin' Apps (Appalachians)

*existing stadiums

Sunday, March 11, 2018

No Two Teams - MLB *Expanded

This is a post concerning proximity.

Would the Mets go to Buffalo and keep the name ?
Would the White Sox shove on over to Indianapolis ?
Angels California again up to Sacramento or Portland ?
        West Coast Angels part-timing in Oregon...?

Okay, all that atop was from the first post.  For all intents and purposes the Giants/A's and Nats/Orioles are packed into vehicular contiguous metros.  And so, I'll pretend with cruelty to Oakland and Orioles land in a benevolent effort to spread some MLB love, I have to relocate those O' no's to somewhere else, presuming the ilk of Buffalo, Indy and Portland having been taken care of by this point.

Getty Images, Built for the Miami Marlins 20 years after the Florida Marlins started.
Many of us think Montreal.  That's boring to me, and I'd be lying if I said I cared.  I'd personally only move have a team there as a share with Vancouver.  The O-birds are rebranded the North Country Lumber'Jacks.  The 'Jacks will be able to take on the San Antonio Athletics.  I want to say Austin Athletics.  But can I?

The likes of Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Omaha and New Orleans may live a life climbing up the century.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

No Two Teams - NBA

If a city can't have two teams...

For snips and wiggles:
Clippers to Seattle.  West Coast Clippers

Nets go where?  Brooklyn seems fit, but we're arguing here ......
                 and so we'll argue for space and separation above population.....
      Louisville Nets

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Pitch: Utah MLB

3 Baseball Stadiums of Greater Salt Lake
And I'm looking to implicate the state of Utah, namely its capital and regional population hub of SLC, as a major league capable baseball home.

A stadium with over 8,250 seats and another with 5,000.
And Triple-A ball affiliate for the Angels of Los Angeles houses 14,500 seats at SLC for the Bees.

So, for 3 pro teams located in the state, to include the SLC Bees, that over 27,750 seats between 3 ballparks in a 70 mile stretch in a metropolis virtually in no-man's land.
The Rockies could use some competition in their backyard.  Salt Lake Mountaineers do the trick?  Maybe some fishy Utah Lakers?

Geographically, I spy Albuquerque in the neighborhood.  Well, region.  Utah is double the pop. of that of New Mexico.  So, there you have it.  I figure by the time New Mexico has a big league club, they have a robust enough population to house their own affiliates while the big leaguers are on a road trip.  Baseball could be world wide on a promotion-relegation system by then.

Back to Utah.  Building a slightly higher priced ticket in a 30k seat expandable-friendly construct'able (add additions) fashion in Salt Lake City, if it's a beauty to look at, is doable.  What complicates this fantasy is the pecking order, with metropolises like Omaha, OKC and population centers like San Antonio (double that of SLC).  And SLC doesn't have a city like Austin within a hundred miles.  Yet the heart of Utah has the edge of population and elbow room over greater Omaha.  And give or take it's the same population of Oklahoma, which could be in Royals territory (as is Omaha) or leaning to Ranger nation (more aptly to be called Ranger region in that regard).

If you're in Utah, you're no Vancouver.  Or Portland or Charlotte.  You are Olympic caliber a la the 2002 Winter games.

No, you won't be in the next round of expansion.  But long-term planning ahead of time can do some good for groundwork.  Have your pitch in your pocket.  Let others scramble.

Salt Lake City: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Thursday, March 8, 2018

MLB's Omaha Oaks farm Teams

*existing ball park
***imagined stadium of expansion occupied by more than one imagined franchise 
                                                                                 Sometime down the road
AAA:  Tucson Sun Rays *
AA:  Central Texas Mustangs (***Temple)
A-advanced: Tallahassee Caps
A: Middletown Roadsters (Ohio)
Rookie advanced: Boise Band *

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MLB's Oklahoma Pilots minor league farm system

When all is right with the world, further into the future.

  Minor Leagues                                                                        *shared stadium of existing pro team
Pacific: Sur Toros (*Monterrey, Mexico)

AA:  Temple Tankers in Texas

A-Advanced:  Florida Sharks (*St. Petersburg)
A:  Lincoln Loggers outside* of Omaha

Rookie-Advanced:  Wyoming Truckers

The Oklahoma Dodgers (AAA) will vacate part-time into Los Angeles and be re-coined the California-Oklahoma Express as the LA Dodgers affiliate.   Imagine, C.O. Railroad taking on the Round Rock Express from Trip-A action.  Or maybe even swap out Monterrey for the Trip-A team in the future.  The fictionally created Temple Tankers could become the Tank Dodgers and that would be the switch for the existing Tulsa Drillers franchise which I'd like renamed Tulsa Aviation or the Tulsa Planes.

MLB's Portland Pioneers Farm System

Montreal Expos minor league farm system


Monday, March 5, 2018

Smart Space

I concede that I don't much mind the fact that the NFL and MLB aren't playing in the same spaces anymore.  It started with Camden Yard in Baltimore.  It started a beautiful revival to help us all get a little more Wrigleyville.  Oakland Coliseum is the last big league football-baseball stadium standing.  And it is a wedge of contention that drove the Raiders to Las Vegas.

How much it has done for taxpayers and the environment is probably another thing altogether.  It happened easily with baseball and football.  And though the square size barely changes with both kinds of football, a league is insisting upon soccer-only venues. FC Cincinnati at Nippert or Paul Brown Stadium is fine.  But it is what it is.

 As multipurpose stadiums were rarely ideal for both sports usually housed in them, they had fallen out of favor by the 1990s. With the completion of the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City in 1973, a model for purpose-built stadiums was laid down. Since Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992, most major league sports stadiums have been built specifically for one sport.   -wikipedia below
Back in my boyhood, the Reds and Bengals played at the same stadium.  The Pirates and Steelers did the same.  Cards-Football Cards.  Mariners-Seahawks. Astros-Oilers.  You get the picture.  A lot of the big league cities did.

Get some idea of how converting arenas and fields is done:  core77.com/posts/22530/how-do-they-change-stadiums-from-hockey-rinks-to-basketball-courts-in-90-minutes-and-move-an-entire-football-field

Yankee Stadium is used by NYCFC.

NHL-NBA space collaboration:
Take a look at some of these figures from a few years back of the 10 arenas touting these Big 2:

So, my questions:

Can we play soccer and football at the same stadiums ?   And, can we do indoor (arena) football, basketball and hockey in the same ones? -insert pic of Native American crying

For that matter, can we share the away game time with another team in "our" stadium, amounting to baseball about every day and football/futbol each week?  Check out my posts about sharing minor league (and independent league) and major league parks.

A parking area could be a sportsplex of 3 stadiums (2 stadiums and one arena).  Sure, in America, baseball stands alone indeed.  The Big Five could be housed in one area.  Imagine the Seattle tripleplex
In one fell swoop of arena dealing, Seattle stands to doubletap into the Big Five.

click:  MLB/MiLB growth could foot the Bill for Independent League Stadiums