Sunday, February 5, 2017

Oakland. Losing the Big Three ???

Warriors,....come out and play eey yayah.
Come out in San Fran.  Shocker.
You'll likely lose the Raiders, Oaktown.
And yet I'm torn.  I'm all for taxpayers taking a stand against Billionaires getting welfare for their opulent coffers.

My idea of regional teams, essentially sharing a team between 2 camps, stemmed from the sadness of the prospect of Oakland losing the A's.  It's a real possibility, though MLB does not like that sort of thing, and thus understandably is dragging its feet on the franchise that was once Philly and KC.

So, why not share with Las Vegas part-time as the West Coast Athletics?  Ditto, Raiders.  West Coast Warriors sounds fab, also.

Get a smaller ballyard built by billionaires.  Make it all the more special of an occasion with a cozy ballpark.  Class up the joint with Sin City.

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