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MLS (Bigger Leagues, Major League and Minors)

I expect I'll live to see a Cincinnati MLS team.  I'm in my thirties.

So, what's it looking like?  Miami, Atlanta, North Carolina and Minnesota getting a team sooner than later.  Soccer has the most room to grow.  Some cities real real sooner.  Some pushing hard
( )

Maybe someday will be FC Queen City or Monarch Cinci.  (Screw you, you Charlottans!).

Below is Cincinnati's pro Arena League Soccer team Logo.  And what some would call a real football.  Hard to argue which one isn't so much of a hand or elbow ball.  Bloody Americans.

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MLB to 2100 AD. A Little Brainstorming for Beyond.

 A Major League Baseball Franchise that plays home (camp) games in more than one city is a regional team.

A regional team with camp in Nashville, Louisville and Charlotte (or possibly New Orleans and Jacksonville).  I'm calling them the Southern Draw.  A play on "drawl".
Let me say something about the whole possibility of latent connotation with the South.  Personally I'm not a big fan of the south's place in American history.  At all.  Even as I type this I see the gray color of the gun barrels poised to bury the bullet in the ground.
Though, as a geographer and not a designer, my biggest concern is the deep south's exclusion of a city is in the way I have my regional camps mapped out by 2015.  Speaking of designers, I would love input or designs for any future franchise for any sport.

So, if we're in Charlotte, Nashville and Jacksonville and they're camps for Southern ball and Charlotte market is so strong that Carolina breaks off into another deal or becomes an autonomous Carolina team, another camp city could come into play like Little Rock or a booming Birmingham city, let's say.  Pretend it's 2050.  Yeah, I don't know.


So yeah, I see this working out by the year 2025.  In older posts, as I have indicated that with growth and stability, any expansion camp city and for all I know, like let's say Louisville and Indianapolis could team up to be a feasible economic model as the Crossroads Racers by 2050

And as an imaginary Big 5 Dictator, Already in existence in 2015 is the West Coast Athletics of Portland (Oakland and Las Vegas?), and the Coastal Run Rays (of Tampa and New Orleans (the great Regional team experiment for MLB).

By 2015
-West Coast Athletics (relocation, partial relocation)
-Coastal Run Rays (relocation, partial relocation)

By 2025
-Southern Draw (EXPANSION)
-Southwest Rattlers (EXPANSION) come into the league with home camps of Oklahoma City, San Antonio-Austin metroplex, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.  Let's say Las Vegas left the West Coast team to become part of Southwest.  Replacing their void could be Sacramento or a team in the Inland Empire or even SLC.  Hell, Southwest could really just be called Western.  Or perhaps Oakland and Portland are well enough on their own.

By 2035 there is finally a Mexican team put in Monterrey.
-The Nortemexicano Toros or Bulls EXPANSION 
Perhaps this can be a model for economic handling that bring Latin American based franchises into places like Puerto Rico.
-The Heartland Stampede comes into existence.  EXPANSION.  They play ball in OKC, Witchita and Omaha (with consideration for an Iowa based camp?).
--Recoined "Western", the southwest teams play in central Texas, SLC, Vegas, Albuquerque and Boise, with options for El Paso.

By 2050
-Coastal Colonials, East Coast Colonials EXPANSION
Play ball in Charlotte, Atlantic City and Norfolk (with consideration brainstormed for Jacksonville being part of this or the Southern team.  Perhaps that Miami team is either thriving and successful or part of some Southeast consortium of bases.  If need by, perhaps the Marlins relocated and the Miami based some of the Coastal Run consortium in years prior to 2050 and jump onto the East Coast franchise.

S.I. Link: What will the ballpark of the future look like?

All these new baseball stadiums wallowing away to days and days of vacancy?  Aside from concert or any other convention usage potential, perhaps Major League Soccer joins in on multi-use stadium model.  That shouldn't be relegated to just be a usage of the past.  Population and land use should be a big issue in the future.  Soccer is a great family experience in parks.  All that unused space for MLS in big stadium is already used as advertisement in big stadiums.  Having park and picnic space in the stadiums could make this a non-issue.  MLS's popularity could play into or discount this consideration altogether by 2050.

-Southern Draw (still) plays in Nashville, Memphis, Louisville and/or Birmingham.  Or some shuffled mix.

-Baseball further expands to Mexico City and is back in Montreal

By 2057 it's in Vancouver also.  Other cities have probably broke away from their regional camp consortium.  The Inland Empire Mustangs are in play.

By 2100
-Puerto Rico Islanders
-London Continentals
-Paris Monarchs
-Rhine Engineering Gypsies
-Tokyo Ambassadors

....and beyond:  Rome Guardians, Madrid Explorers, Dubai Mercenaries, Balkan Vamps, Moscow Travellers, Chinatown Circus, Seoul Soul... .

#21st Century   #22nd Century
# Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, Atlantic City, Charlotte, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Omaha, Boise, Vancouver, Monterrey, Mexico City, Montreal, International

Who else?
Which cities become autonomous breakaways from regional teams, for sure by 2100 AD?

I hope I'm just more forgetful than I am nostrodamnus.  I left off the Chi teams and I think Pittsburgh and Detroit also died of crime.

States without MLB in yellow ("south") and white in the west.  From coast to coast, it's contiguous.  That is to say, Forrest Gump could run from North Carolina to Oklahoma through Kansas and Nebraska, further westward through Oregon without the ability to run Jenny to a big league baseball game.
Southern Draw 

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Options Options Options. What about this Relocation & Expansion for 32 team MLB ?

West Coast or Portland Athletics and the Coastal Run Rays of Tampa Bay and New Orleans, 2015 MLB

(city names in type)

Move Oakland's ball club which is 17 miles from the Giants Portland.  Maybe even call the team, the West Coast Athletics and leave room for a regional future with Oakland and Sac-town.  Exhibition in Alaska and Hawaii.

Rename the old Devil Rays to the Coastal Run Rays of New Orleans and Tampa Bay.
To help ease my argument for the Regional teams concept, as dictator of pro-sports land, I've decided to spare the migrant region of Florida's Tampa team and move in the city of New Orleans as a partnership.
Or instead of New Orleans, would this be a way to bring in Charlotte with the Coastal Rays of Carolina and Tampa Bay?  This is a way of expanding viewership and sparing cuts....all without Expansion.

Which city would host home camp playoff games for Regional teams?  The place with the most attendance throughout the regular season.

And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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My MADdenized Map of New NFL Turf. The Question is how fertile it is

                                                               Jared Fanning Map that I snatched from online.
Map of the NFL that I Maddenized.
The only beef I have with it is how everyone must hate the Phoenix Cardinals, but love the Arizona Cards.

The biggest cities in the  "unincorporated" West Region are:
                  and then
Las Vegas
Salt Lake City

Out of those 4 states there are only two NBA teams with Utah and Portland belonging inside the realm of the big 3.

You could throw Albuquerque and San Antonio in there if you want.
Or you could just call it Southwest and have Oklahoma City in on the deal.

You could have Central and have OKC with Witchita and Omaha while punching Chiefs Country in the turf.
Take Little Rock.  Or throw Arkansas in with the "Southern" team which embraces Mississippi and Alabama lovin'.  Jacksonville can be a site of the south too.  Kentucky could get in on that action.

If I were League Dictator, I'd toss St. Louis's current love-like to Los Angeles.  Then I'd have a Delta Dog team shared for Louisville and the Gateway City (and maybe even consider some Memphis).   I might even retag New Orleans as the "Southern Saints".  A good time for it right?  Many Orleaneans are spread out across the country now.

Does not L.A. need a team?  Just wow.  Twenty friggin' years.
Rams, just move there.  Jags, take a hike up north where the maple leaves grow.

Oakland, Tampa, Jacksonville and St. Louis readers don't have to like me I suppose.  But hey, I didn't X out your Jams or Raguires on the map.

Is this NFL Country as we see it?  Google Image search "NFL map"

Here's where the helmets call home, adding the Browns and Texans: is fantastic

Football in the Southeast!  That's concentration.  Carolina and Jacksonville landed the expansion 20 years ago.
College Country (

Some kid out in internet neverland hurt my feelings and left out the Bengals.  Punked the Chiefs too.

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NHL Expansion in Your City? Does Anyone Even Care (in America)? A Great Lakes Team might.

Quebec City

That's what I've seen some buzz around.  I'm not sure any of it included Cleveland, Cincinnati or KC.  Definitely enough hockey in Capitals country already.

Am I just as cozy with my Cyclones as I am with my Bearcats?  I think so.  This sentiment is the same tone I took with my NBA snippet where I asked "who cares?" for the big guys balling in their town.  We can bounce a ball down here easier than getting on ice.

So the top towns are the more obvious of the 3.  Try this fourth in your pipe and whirl it around.
Going along with my theme for Regional Team camps for pro franchises, what do you think of this?:
Laketown Lakers?  Lake City Sailors?  Lakefront Armada?
3 camps:
Milwaukee, Cleveland, Upstate NY (Oswego, Fulton, Saracuse).
Existing rinks.
Maybe add a venue east of Gary and south of Michigan City?  It's Chicagoland right?  Green Bay?

40-game season "at Home".  Divided by 3 is 14 homebase games for each town.  Divided by 4 home camp games is 10 at each rink.  I think there would definitely be some buy-in going on with this scheme.

Great Lake Longboats.  Longshoremen?

Do you think the MLS will catch on faster in your city?
Yeah, and faster than playing hockey?
As a sport and expansion-wise.

MLB Expansion. Just a Few Thoughts to Stir the Pot.

                                                      Pic snagged from SF Weekly Blog

If you would've asked me as a kid where to put some more teams I would've pulled up a top 50 cities population map like most anyone else, but we all know that the questions get lengthier once asked, "if you build it will they come?".

Good article from Baseball Prospectus.  After the turn of the century, Portland had a team bid and you can look at the document submitted to MLB for their pitch:
Population Base per Franchise statistic is a tight squeeze for baseball, which requires the most days and dollars of sports.  Anyway, Mr. Maury Brown's rankings of more-likelies sustainability-wise, from top to bottom:

Northern New Jersey:
Las Vegas
San Antonio
Puerto Rico
Norfolk, VA

Offhand, I remember Virginia really grabbing for the Expos around when D.C. snagged 'em up.  And San Antonio going for a Marlins grab.  Ugh.  Florida.  Miami, it's not the Dallas Rangers.  Devil Yankee Rays.

Minor League Locations

""Minor league baseball is highly regulated," Rich Neumann told council. "The number of teams is fixed. Only 160 communities in the United States have minor league baseball.""

Baseball is patient and romantic.  And the courting for her isn't easy.  She's not some cheap broad.  She's could be a vampire though.   I don't know what kind of pretty handsome one would have to be to land her if they didn't have her type of money.

Aesthetically I like Portland, Charlotte and Nashville.  New Orleans is pretty I'm sure.  Indy is probably willing to claim turf away from Cub, Cardinal and Reds country.  Maybe, just maybe Vancouver and/or Montreal in my lifetime.  Not that I think the time is ripe or anything close like that, as more knowledgeable people point out.  I'm not thrilled about more Texas, New York (Jersey/Brooklyn) or California teams but populations there indicate it can work.  Oakland could go to San Jose or Sactown.  The Inland Empire could probably handle it but there's enough love going around for SD, L.A. and the old California Angels.  Brooklyn would be as nostalgic as it gets.  San Antonio as well as Austin are pretty places for it.  Geographically, the only way I could see baseball in the heart of Texas making the most people happy would be for a stadium in between the San Antonio-Austin commute with some I-35 improvement and a Central Texas name....... or a move of Ranger uniforms down the highway with a new look and name for Dallas metro.

A lot of what I'm blog tossing around is based on my thinking of the future based with prosperous population and economic growth.  Not much about MLB expansion I'm pointing out is anywhere necessarily original.  I like the thought-trees of baseball sprawling across the map.  And the globe.  By 2100 AD there could be a Monterrey and West Texas team for all we know.  I personally enjoy looking at the more immediate opportunities geographically and money-wise like Charlotte and Portland but the map-spread of baseball doesn't look to change soon unless you're looking for the Devil Rays and A's to uproot.  If a pure Floridian sports fan took the pains to read through my blogs I wouldn't necessarily hate them for hating me.  The dollar realities suck.  The fan base there has a lot more ways and reason to get out of the house than a Twins fan.  I would've preferred San Antonio over Jacksonville to snag football out of there too.  I would've probably preferred Jags in Canada or Portland instead.  But anyway,...before I get carried away:  From time to time my Ohio mind can resist the aesthetic temptation of putting a team on every corner of Florida.  And you better bet MLB thinks mind over heart.  Especially true when we read into the realities of market share (especially Media) and revenue share and wariness of diluted talent on the stage.

Gun to my head today:  Portland Athletics and the Charlotte or Carolina Whatchamacallit's (born in Tampa).

Expansion:  Monterrey.   To balance this out? .... gun to my head? ..... a Heartland (Regional (hometown-travel) team "based" "tented" out of OKC, Witchita and Omaha.  I'm not sure how this can work well (monetarily/logistically) for baseball, but since I've touched on a little of the words "nostalgia" and "aesthetic", what better venues for a carnival, campy, tent atmosphere than Middle America lugging their equipment through the bread basket?

I've given more thought on Regional teams bringing in more fans for the other sports, like the weekly displays of football.  Baseball is a tougher one for no fixed home I think.  Whatever seating is made available for current non-MLB towns could make up ground by more farmtowns and apple pie big cities tuned into MLB for their own Central team?  Would Vegas help host some "home" or "tent (camp)" games for a Western big league ball alongside, SLC, Albuquerque and San Antonio?  Will MLB cozy up to this bachelor'esque show instead of worrying about diving into a questionable small-market relationship?  Regional teams for MLB is a fun little gun-to-my head exercise anyway.

Would you like a New Orleans, Mobile and Tampa Bay shared team called the Coastal Run Rays?  How about the Gulf Armada?  Better than nothing, right, Tampa and New Orleans?

Please share your choices or thoughts.  Hell, draw me up some logos of a future franchise.  Any sport.

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Of course these money making leagues aren't willy nilly with decisions

Of course these money making leagues aren't willy nilly with decisions (except with expanding into funtime Florida?)


Methodology for sports capacity study:

Baseball has few options for expansion markets:

Thank you, Mr. Thomas.

Baseball won't be back in Montreal for awhile: 

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Move the Devil Rays to Portland and rebrand that baby

Do it yesterday.  Thank you.

Good stuff:

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
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NBA Expansion in Your City. Does Anyone Even Care?

Does the NBA do better in smaller markets?
Will excitement wear out in OKC?  How long does that take and is there a good example of this in NBA history?  Cincinnati Royals maybe?  Will they be the first American league to go into another continent's market with a franchise?  Will the NFL beat them in doing this (well, I'll be damned)?  In 1995 did you think twenty years later the NBA would have as many sorry ass franchise dollar issues with the league floating some of the teams?

I'd like to give a shout out to Bleacher Report.  There is always awesome stuff to view there.

Feasibility studies for each sport to locate to your towns can be viewed for all the sports on the links on this awesome site as well:

They lay it out number$ as to why our certain cities don't have a pro team.
According to the bizjournal article linked above currently big cities like KC, St. Louis, Cinci and Pittsburgh alone are insufficient to hold the franchise.  Market saturation, yadda yadda yadda.
Dayton is borderline.  I'd like to combine it with the millions in the Cincinnati market since both cities are so close.  River City team for Louisville and Cinci?  Add St. Louis?  Okay, okay, let's add Pittsburgh and have the Rivertown Raiders, Marauders, Rovers.

Can there be a Kansas City - St. Louis bball team?  How hard would it be to have multi-venue for a single franchise?
Do cities like Cinci and Pittsburgh really even care?

A Case Study could be had from the Sacramento Kings stay in two cities for a bit last century:
Kansas City-Omaha Kings link on wikipedia.

Are we satisfied with our college kids of Muskie, Billiken, Panther and Bearcat ilk hustling down the court?  Maybe.  I kind of am, truthfully.

Can I answer these questions alone?  No.
Can I tell you if Paul M. Stone, PMS, wants an NBA team in the Cincinnati Dayton area called, let's say, the Ohio Barons to battle those laketown lugs calling themselves the roundtable of Ohio elite basketball?  I can tell you that'd be cool.  Put that mammajamma in Middletown.

What about a single team for KC and St.L called the ShowMe State Storm?

Super Sonics back at it.

Share the Tennessee Grizzlies with Nashville.

Does Las Vegas even want one?  Does anyone care?  I'd like to know.

And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.
See links below.

The Biggest Calls for New Big League Teams 

NBA Europe Week. International NBA Sister Cities

NBA Sister Cities Abroad.
Vancouver NBA, Montreal MLB and 7 new CFL teams by 2035
NBA Travel Team for the National Road
NBA MidAmerican Express Travel Team (for Louisville, El Paso & Austin...and maybe St. Louis?) 
NBA Travel Team. Route 66 NBA Club. 
Harlem Globetrotters A-Team or B-Team NBA Travel Team
Seattle with the NBA Team Again. And a New NHL Team  
NBA D-League and the Expansion of Basketball and Big Times
NBA D-League Expansion Thought. Travel Teams. And Outdoor Action.
Without the NBA

Eastland and Westward Basketball in the NBA

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NFL Regional Teams to Represent People of the Outlands? For Snips and Wiggles Let's Try It and Other Immediate Calls to Order.

-In the near future, I have the Jaguars relocating to Canada to become the Nord Force (as opposed to calling them the Mounties and to help making the national team name less apt to be divisive for our north side brethren).  The obvious locale choice is Toronto but I would love sports to consider a feasible roaming format in the future to help cover more of the map with regional teams.  Getting the French side of Canada invested into an NFL team, I'd like them playing some games in Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal.  They can play two home games in each town in their inaugural season.  Vancouver would be an obvious venue as well.  The CFL has stadiums in place and even where current venues don't have the numbers as far as league seating, Canadian television viewership will help shatter that concern.  I guess the Buffalo will survive.

-The Rams move back to Los Angeles.  I'm being revenue realistic.

-The Sur Toros expansion team plays football in Monterrey, Mexico by 2020.

-In Portand, Oregon, let's kick off some more regional expansion with the Western Mustangs for a team that can also play in Boise, SLC, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Vegas and/or Oklahoma City.
Make more people from areas without a team care.  Let more of the nation have a team.
The training camp situations and roaming potential would be economic entities as well.  No doubt, some of these camp cities for regional teams would beg consideration for a fixed spot and eventually receive the NFL's undivided attention as the years go on (ie. OKC and the Pioneers of Portland).
-Need a fourth team, and logistically don't want to deal with the London Continentals just yet?  See below.
Some honorable mentions I've thought about within the next 20 years and beyond:
-Southern Belles:  near the heat of football in Birmingham-Tuscaloosa and the Talladega festival atmosphere, I think a team with brand new housing and economic catalyst to a town called Reform, Al, near the border of Mississippi (and further away from Atlanta that) could help draw in a helluva southern crowd on a Sunday (and Monday vacation days).  A "home" game in Little Rock and Jacksonville couldn't hurt.
Population centers in the future are likely to grow and as the population gets bigger as a whole there is less of a concern of watered down talent/competion for expansion.  It's going to happen but how it unfolds is interesting.  I could fancy a team going between Las Vegas and -SLC becoming the Great Basin Bandits.  Also, the Great River Rafters or Delta Dogs being in Louisville, Memphis and St. Louis.  The Great Plains Drifters or Cattlemen could extend football weekends for folks in OKC, Omaha, Witchita or Iowa.  And maybe even the Dakotas will start to have that Jets/Giants feel with the Vikings and their Great Plains team.
A Southwest San Antonio Albuquerque team with a camp in Austin or El Paso could work against Jerry Jone's feelings.
-And how would the East Coast Colonials feel in Hampton Roads, Atlantic City and/or Jacksonville?

Why don't you give it a try?

Nord Force
Sur Toros
Western Mustangs
Great Plains Cattleman
Great Basin Bandits
Great River Rafters, Delta Dogs or American Valley
Southern Belles
East Coast Colonials
* * * *
Some Locational Consideration?
Inland Empire Horseman of the Death Valley in Riverside, San Bernadino
Vancouver Shield,  Vancouver Rocky Mountain Rangers
The Big East or Beast Brigade infringe on Columbus and WV turf from Ohio and Pitt teams?

-Nord Force  (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver... Montreal, Quebec City, Edmonton, Winnipeg) Training camp in France or Norway?
-Sur Toros (Monterrey, Mexico) Practice facility Mexico City?
-Western Mustangs (Portland, Boise .....Albuquerque, San Antonio) Snake River practice facility in WY.  further break into a SW team in the future?
-Great Plains Drifters, Frontiersman, Pioneers, Cattleman? (OKC, Witchita, Omaha, Iowa State facility Practice) could we just call them CENTRAL    Great Basin Bandits, Bison (Las Vegas, SLC)
-Southern Belles (Reform, AL build; (Tuscaloosa), Little Rock) DIXIE
-East Coast Colonials (Hampton Roads, VA; Jacksonville, FL; Atlantic City) COASTAL

I also believe these thoughts of quick-fire mobility to be a good economic downturn contingency plan to have buried in the back of the playbook.

Some of my thoughts:  click here.

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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Bigger Broader Markets. What are your thoughts on a team named "Southern" or "Western" to draw in more support?

If I was born in Mississippi would I have really even cared about baseball and had baseball heroes as a kid?
I guess my team was supposed to be the Atlanta Braves?  Would I have rooted more for the Southern Braves?  Then would I have drove to Atlanta at least one time as an adult to see "my team"?

The logistics of this marketing thought is surely not easy peasy.
But I'm sure it's more feasible in the NFL.

What about regional teams?
Does Minnesota draw more people by being named Minnesota as opposed to the St. Paul Wild, Minneapolis Twins, or the Twin City Timberwolves or North Vikings?

Could there be a Southern, Eastern, Western, Northern moniker for the team to ever come to a city closer to your town?
I wonder if any of the leagues have ever ran this through the think tank.  New England is certainly a smart moniker.  Look how many people live there.

I know as a Cincinnati kid I wouldn't want my team to change their name to the Ohio Reds.  Even if the Indians packed for Indianapolis.  I do want the Cavs to move to Columbus or Dayton and change their name to the Ohio Barons though.

Would I attend my NFL Southern Bell(e)s game on a Sunday, the day after the Tide rolled, at Tuscaloosa or two weeks later at the venue at Will Clark's alma mater of Mississippi State?

Maybe even toward the twilight of my lifetime the NFL will be in Alabama, but I wonder how.  How and what is the smartest way to market it and bring more people in?  Do I go to that game on Saturday or both of them shindigs?  Hell yeah.  Two day tailgate!!!

If you had to pick one venue for a professional football team called Eastern, Western and so on, where would it be?  Would it be multi-venue in your mind?

Eastern:  Atlantic City (or East Coast Colonials)
Western:  Portland (or West Coast Mustangs)  San Antonio
Northern:  Toronto (or Nord Force, maybe even in Ottawa further from Buffalo)
Southern: Birmingham (or west of Birmingam, like I'll talk about in the future, for a town called Reform, AL.  Think Talladega atmosphere.  Think closer to Mississippi where it'll be easier to buy the "Southern" brand and less of a roll tide v. Ole Miss.)  Southern Belles, Southern Draws (gunmen)
Think economic growth.
I do a breakdown on this Regional Concept as time goes on and (hopefully) markets grow.  I'll talk more later about it.  Multi-venue has taken place in the NBA before when the Cincinnati Royals moved to Kansas City-Omaha and became the Kings that went on to become Sacramento.

What say you?


Typewritered as a kiddo, when the Colorado and Florida territories were deemed MLB places
"Territory extended"


See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

A little bit of what this blog is about

The Big Five.
For Big League sports, I understand this is the precedence of sports for hardest franchise to acquire or found:
MLB (played more daily)
NFL (weekly)
NHL (how many kids play pickup games in Cincinnati or Atlanta?)
NBA (a lot of games, like 4/7 of the week)
MLS (needs more popularity and it will get there)

It might not be realistic for your town to have a big league team now, but imagine it anyway.  From time to time on this blog I'm going to be a league dictator for imagination purposes..  That will allow me to defy the reality of the market by building brand new stadiums,...even in seemingly outlandish locations.

All of the leagues don't want an inflation in the quality of talent.  So, besides dollars in the market, that's a big factor for league growth.  Contraction and Expansion is what business looks at.  It's no different for the business of sports.  An option to relocation, contraction or expansion could be having a regional consortium for a team.  Let's call it Co-location.  Imagine the Florida Marlins playing in Tampa and Miami and the Texas Rangers playing in Dallas and Austin.  A way for market expansion without worry for game quality dilution is camp (home) team expansion.  How cost realistic is this?  I'm not very knowledgeable on operating cost, but facilities can host other venues in the absence of big league ball.

U.S. states without major sports teams - Wikipedia (is awesome) TV MARKET IS REALLY IMPORTANT

I know places like Portland, Charlotte, San Antonio, Toronto, Montreal and Vegas has some feetball and baseball people peaking at the possibilities to have their "own" team in the area.  I wonder how many Las Vegas homegrowns have been doing this their entire life.  Poor you-guys!

Some older established pro towns missing out of the big 3?
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City and now Seattle out of the NBA
In the NFL we're missing the gaping hole that is in L.A. and there's the big town of Toronto (Bills market and CFL turf).

MLB is bound for Portland and Charlotte someday.  I just wish the grapefruit teams would pull up turf from Florida for those two cities.  Tampa has a Yankees minor league team in their town!  That's a telling transplant tale.  Aside from the criminal influence of gambling, maybe that's a reason the migrant town of Vegas doesn't have a team quite yet.

The Big 5 will catch up sometime.  It'll be nice when at least soccer feetball will catch up in popularity for America.  There are some fault lines there.
At the front of my brain, I can only think of Seattle or Portland for a near American NHL feasibility. Quebec and another Toronto seem golden.

Money in market to hold a franchise.

  • $85.4 billion for MLB
  • $37.6 billion for the NHL
  • $36.7 billion for the NFL
  • $34.2 billion for the NBA
  • $15.4 billion for MLS.

Let's discuss the possibilities.
There's a decent amount of realistic, sooner-than-later towns for expansion talk in all the sports.  It can be found on the net.   Let's do more of that, realistic or otherwise.  And let's get more futuristic, as populations grow.  Nationwide, continental and global.  What are your visions?  You can discount some points in the future, assuming logistics will be less of an issue in the world.  And do me a favor.  Be thoughtful for the name of your hometown team, even if you envision a professional cornhole club someday.  You can always spot a half-arse with a half-arse name.  Really?  You really want your town's name to be that?!  It reminds me of that kittencat logo the UC Bearcats used to sport.

A lot of blabbing on my blog will be thematically redundant with some new franchise name ideas thrown in.

What are your thoughts on sooners or laters for who, what, when, where gets a team?

Japan 2020 Olympics

I created this blog out of my frustration of the economy, coupled with what was to be the Ballpark at Broadway Commons and my wish for a Mayan calendar 2012 MLB tour carnivaled in the style of Field of Dreams throughout outlander America.   Wikipedia is so handy of a source.  They have talk of the expansion throughout the sports.  As far as what is out there in searchland or googleland, I like to have good links consolidated on my blog such as Oregon's bid to land some teams and feasibility studies for a market to be able to house a franchise.

Think ahead.  And way ahead.  If Walmart wanted to float a team for Arkansas in or around Bentonville, well,... they got the money and a state full of people.  And a workforce.

If your city isn't quite ready to hold a pro team, perhaps you can give thought to sharing a team for now .... a travel team.

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