Sunday, February 1, 2015

Las Vegas Montreal Internationals Baseball. Major League Expansion Experiment.

The above article I have revisited a number of times.  It's frustrating.  Much like Toronto's population may/or may not beckon full-time NFL, the metropolis is an eastern black hole much like Los Angeles is to the west.  Montreal kind of reminds me this.  Not quite as starkly as the aloofness for attendance and general fan fair in Vancouver for big league hardwood, and since I'm not an avid NBA'er, correct my ignorance if I'm wrong, it's kind of like an overall general fear caused by Canadian vacancies in the larger markets of Vancouver and Montreal that makes for a hesitancy to bring ball back to the second and third largest cities there.
To balance this thought, one only has to think about the Vancouver Grizzlies basketball squad.  And probably almost every time I blog in a Big Four or five context, I'll mention it.  And it's hard to ignore the orevwa for baseball to D.C. from Montreal in 2004.

The article link atop this post:  What other cities are in the running for something MLB would call "east" in the alignment for a two team expansion?  Well, there's Charlotte to break up a Braves monopoly.  There's a chance for the Rays to move.  Nashville is a thought.  But as far as population and history, your case is pretty strong.  Even if we figure that it won't be soon we know that it will be.

I have a thought.  What about a baseball team that spends time in Las Vegas and Montreal.  2 birds with one stone.  Two if's for a hell-yeah-I-think-that'd-work.   An Expos hat or Expose reference could be dawned on the uniform when the team is camped for a home series in Montreal.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  And more of a spread out schedule can make for more of an event-like atmosphere.  Certainly Las Vegas's tourist population would like to make a break for the town when their favorite team is in town.

Montreal Cheer
What could this team be called?

Las Vegas Montreal Internationals
LoVeM' Internationals
The Emissaries?
Delegates?  Flights?
International Expos

A name for any of these teams makes me thinks about "Jets".

A travel-tag-team for the two towns.

It could be argued for football, basketball and some cool trips along with a home (away-from-home) series to Paris or Hong Kong as well.

Is this a stronger case for such a combo-team:

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Big Baseball back in Montreal after a decade absence ?

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