Monday, November 10, 2014

WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

MLB would be smart to have a WMLB initiative.

It makes me think of the Reds Community Fund (   From the bottom up, we can do more for our women and girls than just have them sitting with us at Great American Ballpark.

The issue with there not being a WMLB is the non-existence of a real pipeline.
No farm system.
The way things are now, softball in high school and college is an avenue of sorts.

I really want to combine two of my favorite things.  Girls and baseball.  3 if you include stuff sold at concessions.

I could go on and on about how I can sexualize the attire or give a gamut of choices in uniforms as to what each individual player on a WMLB team could choose from when taking the field.   I really should say un-uniform.  Uniformity isn't some gals wearing dresses while others are wearing miniskirts, bikinis or thongs.  No doubt that I could work in the marketing department.

So, yeah, personally for me, admittedly, it could work just as eye candy and as the years go on and the pipeline from knothole on up is built up and comes up to the plate in years to come, the quality will blossom.  And our boys will be given a run for their money.

We do need to give the ladies a footing to step on.  Encouragement and support at the ground level.  The community.

And then one day, every MLB team will have its lady counterpart.  And eventually, it could become more than an exhibition, especially when our daughters put their eyes on it in the same light we menfolk did as boys.

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