Sunday, April 5, 2015

Transteleportation of Sports Spectatorship

Broadcast money is where it is at for the big leagues.  Cheering from living rooms to bars to supplementing the rabble rousing beast in the stands.  In a distance decay and ever-shrinking world, when will international competition become more of a daily/weekly affair year round?  American clubs in the Premier League and NFL and NBA teams in Europe and everywhere like Africa in centuries to come.
Radio, television, computers, and mobile devices such as phones and ipads (computers) are broadcasting entertainment in far reaches.  The movement carries forth.  And who knows what else is next.  Like technologically.  A virtual experience of the stands?  Something like a 3D felt experience from different perspectives in the stands?  Field view.  A hovering chair view at below-hail-Mary level?  Taping into your chosen field view via any vast number of sensors.

Beam me up, Scotty.  Beam me there?  Teleporting?

Will sensory technology be that awesome?  Will you ever have a virtual Tom Brady experience in a video game that feels pretty friggin' holographic, even if it's more ghostly than harder to distinguish reality from simulation.  A holographic seating experience?

But for now, think about how broadcasting and the convenience of growing technology world wide will bridge the amount of nations competing in the leagues that you're used to viewing on a more regular basis.

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