Saturday, January 3, 2015

UFL and Arena Football filling a void? And the LFL Expanding to Broader Markets Faster. World Markets.

NFL Europe didn't sustain itself but there are plenty of successful peeks into London every year now.

There are plenty of places without pro football.
Some other leagues to fill a pro void of live action:

Here inlies a travel team in a minor league experiment for the big time:

It consists of Boston, Brooklyn, Omaha and a traveling team.

Arena Football

A dozen teams man the league at present.  And there has been much of trial and error in history.   No mention of defunct action like my Cincinnati Rockers.
Found here:

Albany, Columbus, Hartford, Utah and Sacramento.  On and on.  And redundancy of pro markets.

Out of all the big sports, I don't understand these attempts at trying to compete another football league to rival the 32 teams and 100 yards of mainstay American Football as the NFL.  I mean, go for flag football and maybe watch the investment blossom at a time the brute ball is banned.
I think a better shot would be baseball or semi-pro baseball.  Not a good shot, but better.  Like a league of poised replacement players.

Austin, Omaha and Alabama got represented.  Carolina was also repped in their time before the NFL.  There were a lot of redundant markets from New England to Cleveland to L.A. along with many one season wanderers. 
Hot World Wide

Legends Football League (aka Lingerie-FL)
Check out this spread.
The game is getting a foot in from Latin America to island continents.  The beauty of it is universally appreciated.

"Broad Markets".  It might come off as a pun back when people said, "here's looking at you, kid".

United Kingdom, Canada (home to the CFL), Australia and New Zealand.  A lot is in the works, a lot is yet to be seen for world development.  Confidence maintained in the U.S. market as to whether it's sustainable is in the air.

From whatever cultural geography lessons and readings piled into my brainhole over the years, I somehow just know that the Aussies could get a lot of attention in the stands and TV time from flying some games in Tokyo.  I think it could be a great exhibition and become a great thing in Asia.

In all of these countries, perhaps a male semi-pro American style football could be the exhibition instead of the main gate.  A new footing for football.
Rookie of the Year

There has been some head to head competition attempts at the NFL

World Football of the 1970s.  NFL Europe.  CFL Americana.

Plenty of hut hut hike bikini pics out in cyberspace.
And more ramblings on my blog like Las Vegas

Baltimore Stallions (CFL Champs, 1995) and the San Antonio Texans.

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