Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ohio Flights NBA Expansion Team. House it in Cincinnati AND Dayton

It would be the best two coliseum team in the NBA.  One of the arenas already exists and it will be NBA/NHL caliber when renovated, and its renovation is set.

Build another 50 miles up the highway in Dayton and the Cavaliers have balanced competition on the other side of the state.  It wouldn't be a bad idea having the Ohio Flights in Columbus and Cinci, or C-bus and Dayton for that matter.  Dayton-Toledo isn't a terrible idea at all. 

I'm for a compromise to house the team in Butler County in between Cinci and Dayton in the heart of the CinDay Corridor.

Sound like a good idea?  Too close to a Louisville expansion?  I'm for two-town teams.  Two teams are in the big sports for Ohio but not hockey and b-ball.  I've talked about ways for that including a Great Lakes brand for a NHL franchise.  That drumbeat of multi-located home-camps is throughout my blog.

And to wrap this post up with full disclosure:  I find it only fair for Louisville's pro brand of basketball is more deserved, with my heart and my business mind regarding market saturation.

What do you think?
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