Friday, February 10, 2017

Hypothetical Dream about MLB's Future. ..a blog blab

North Country Lumberjacks took on the New England Colonials in a World Series for the first time.  The 'Jacks did a number on Boston's National League brand, sweeping them 2 games a piece in Vancouver and Montreal.

Other such firsts of expansion team matchups in the 21st Century were as follows:

Oklahoma Pilots took on the West Coast Cobras, but fell in Las Vegas.
Monterrey Toros took on Dallas Texas Express
Portland Flights v. Charlotte Carolinas

Indianapolis v. Music City Mayhem brought about some contention for fans in NOLA.  While Memphis and Nashville got to host the game in person, New Orleans didn't get such a privilege, namely because of the Mayhem's failure to get to Game 7 in their loss to the Racers for game 5.

Florida Marlins were swept by the California Angels on a Tuesday night in Sacramento.

Any questions for all this questionable babble?

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