Friday, July 15, 2016

Big League Expansion Teams in Canada. MLB, NFL, NBA and Yep

Let's say that if there were an NBA or MLB team to return to Canada, the deal would be that two medium sized facilities be built, or something adequate be in place part-time (like BC Place in Vancouver) in the two obvious vacancies, being Montreal and Vancouver.

40 Major League games on the diamond could be played at the home camp in each of those Canadian metropolises.   You get the idea.  Maybe 35k seat ballyards.  What about splitting time for a Canadian NFL team between some CFL towns?  Would those not be big ratings for the nation and these leagues?  Apparel much?

And what would be a good name for such a(n essentially) national team?  Vancouver-Montreal Whatevers doesn't have a ring to it, not anything like the Kansas City-Omaha Kings of Ago.
But Canada might sound a little too Olympicky too.

But I'll tell you my favs:

Canadian Power or Norde Force for the NFL team.
Toronto Canadians wouldn't be bad.  Ontario Legion?

For MLB, it's a no-brainer for me.  The 'Jacks.  The North Country Lumberjacks.

Heights?  Flights?  Or Jets?  Skaters?  Northern Lights.
Simply, "Northtown".  Sleep on it.
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What about a travel team for the Canadian Outlander settlements (aka. not relatively big towns like Edmonton or Winnepeg, being the likes of Halifax, Saskatoon or Hamilton):
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