Monday, February 13, 2017

D-WNBA League

WNBA's D-League
Is UConn the developmental league?  Maybe with Tennessee?

Just do it.

What kind of open geography do you see in the map?
12 current teams and some defunct ones in the big time.

I'd like to offer up a team.  The Fever's Cincinnati Cold.

Now I'm not going to pretend to know the business of it, and yet I'll assume the closer the minor club is to the major, the more feasible of a choice it is.

Do the Cleveland Rockers again.  Affiliate with Chicago.
          10 more to go:
Florida Scheme for the Atlanta Dream
Boston Bad Girls for the CT Sun
Iowa Farm Girls for the Lynx
Delaware Dare for the Mystics
Buffalo Gals for Liberty
            , or does Lady Liberty of Long Island work?  Philly Freedom?
California Queens (San Fran?) for Los Angeles
Starzz of ol' Utah but in Vegas for the Phx Mercury
Reincarnate the Portland Fire for the Storm
Austin Lassos for the San Antonio Stars
Dallas Diamonds ..or Diamantes
What say you?  Louisville instead of Cinci?  Louisville Crossovers?

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