Friday, November 27, 2015

Imagine some Minor League Football Affiliations and Brands. Part II, In or Outside the Big League City

NFL minor league affiliates if they played the same place as the NFL parent.  Or another town.
Note some expansion-by-place names for some.

In Town, sharing the varsity field
Perhaps a most local flavor in name while sharing the existing pro infrastructure
COWBOYS: Texas Tycoons
PATRIOTS:  Foxborough Foxes (think the British chasing)
EAGLES:  Philly Iggles
BENGALSOhio Nnats (Gnats) or Fightin' Cinci-natians.  The Dayton Bengal Tigers could still play there
BROWNS: Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famers, Ohio Rockin' Roll Calls.  Shuhboohka.  See what I did there?

BEARS: Chicagoland Express
COLTS:  Indiana Stable
STEELERS:  Eastland Ironmen
RAVENS:  Baltimore Banners
GIANTS:  NY Gnats ?

JETS:  Brooklyn Bombers
SEAHAWKS:   Star Bucks (yep, I left room for sponsoship and maybe even Nascar lookin' helmets)
PACKERS:  Green Bay Backers
RAIDERS:  West Coast Raiders 
BRONCOS:  Colorado Rapids 

49ERS: California Goldenboys
DOLPHINS: Florida Fishermen  
CHIEFS:  Kansas Todos
CARDINALS:  Phoenix Preachers
BILLS:  Ontario Lakers

VIKINGS:  Minni Soda Tike Kings (sponsored by pepsi products), or Minnesota Brigades
LIONS:  Michigan Riders
REDSKINS: Chesapeake Bay Navy
PANTHERS:  Rally Cats
CHARGERS: Beachers

SAINTS:  Southern Sounds
RAMS: Mississippi river Rams
FALCONS:  Birmingham Elephants
TEXANS    Texas Stampede
JAGUARS:  Southlakes Sailors (Jacksonville)

BUCCANEERS:  St. Petersburg Wave
TITANS:  Tennessee Dueling Banjos

Aesthetic enough?

Out or in-town minor league affiliate?
...mostly from the part one post

COWBOYS:  OKC Cattle Drive
PATRIOTS:  Road Islanders
EAGLES:  Philly Iggles, consider Scranton Beagles
BENGALS:  Dayton Tigers
BROWNS:  Canton Bulldogs

BEARS: Midway Iowans
COLTS:  Ft. Wayne Horseman
STEELERS:  West Virginia Ironmen
RAVENS:  Baltimore Banners
GIANTS: New Jersey Generals, NY Gnats ?

JETS:  Portland Jets (Oregon).  Bold huh?
SEAHAWKS:  Vancouver Hawks
PACKERS:  Milwaukee Backers or Bootleggers
RAIDERS:  West Coast Raiders (of Las Vegas)
BRONCOS:  Salt Lake City Steeds 

49ERS:  Boise Bluelegs.  Or does Bluebloods or Blueboots sound niftier?
DOLPHINS:  Tallahassee Fishermen  
CHIEFS:  Kansas Chiefs (Play in KC or Topeka)
CARDINALS:  Albuquerque Road Runners
BILLS:  Toronto Billygoats

VIKINGS:  Dakota Oilers
LIONS:  Lansing Ligers
REDSKINS:  Virginian Marylanders
PANTHERS:  Rally Durham Triangles (Raleigh)
CHARGERS:  Tijuana Bulls

SAINTS:  Southern Saints (Jackson, Mississippi)
RAMS:  Kentucky Downs (Louisville)
FALCONS:  Birmingham Elephants
TEXANS:    Texas Ranchers
JAGUARS:  Southlakes Sailors (Jacksonville)

BUCCANEERS:  Pensacola Pirates
TITANS:  Memphis Trumpeters 

 Go ahead, call me a flop.

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