Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: National Hockey League

Apparently, a desert brand in Arizona is not far enough away from the thoughts of Las Vegas.  And while Vegas is a different kind of oasis of crowds altogether, Seattle and Portland hold much more cold water.  So you can see where I'm laying my chips.
Not pictured on the map is Kansas City, which has a suitable big league arena.  Cincinnati is pictured and has one in the works as a major renovation.  For a long time, I've fancied a Great Lakes brand shared between the lakelands of Cleveland and Milwaukee.  Indianapolis could tag in on that brand along with Cinci.  SLC and Austin have the appeal.  Yes yes and yes to Austin over Houston.  Saskatoon could bring the love.  That's the hockey ambiance in my mind.  And road trips would also bolster an Omaha-Lincoln or Dakota brand.  Wouldn't that be a great regional brand named Midlands. 

Atlanta's hockey is much like Montreal's baseball is in my mind,....ya's had your shot, now get to the back of the line.  For a reincarnation of Montreal baseball, I believe a North Country brand shared with old Grizzly lands in Vancouver could make a viable brand in an east, central or west division.  And in the Canadian brand of daily games that is hockey, it would be neat to see a Southlakes brand shared between Nashville and Atlanta.

I'm advocating for Toronto 2 to be branded Ontario, in Hamilton or no.

Any thoughts?

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  1. North Coast Brigade sound like a good Dakota brand?