Saturday, February 4, 2017

Unless you go Multi-Nodal, You Won't have a Home Team in your Lifetime

Unless you go Multi-Nodal, You Won't have a Home Team in your Lifetime..... in what you may want, big league baseball.
And the children of your children won't have a team to call their own as quick as they could.

Let's look at an example.  Let's say the Athletics leave Oakland for Portland and Las Vegas, and it happens this way because MLB is unsure of both cities but figures that the West Coast A's playing 40 home games a piece in each place can work out.  And even better yet, let's say that after a few seasons, even with vacationers checking out their team at the road game in the resort town, the attendance figures waiver in the City of Sin.  Let's say that no a single game has unsold seats in Portland.

And let's say the West Coast apparel sales are exceedingly kicking butt.  MLB awards the ownership shares completely to Portland (previously MLB 4%, LV 48%, Port 48%).  Well, now the only dilemma for the Portland housed team, no longer camped in Vegas periodically, is whether to keep the team name West Coast A's or Portland A's because of the name Portland likely not selling as much clothing gear as West Coast's broad name inclusivity embodies.

Portland and Las Vegas alone, may have peoples that never see the big league claim in their lifetime.
That is unless the likes of them blaze a trail.

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