Friday, December 4, 2015

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NBA

I see the biggest balls fired at Seattle and Louisville.

See the likes of Little Rock, Birmingham, Boise and New Mexico?

The Show-Me State has MLB and NFL in its two towns but not the hardwood.  Kings (Royals) lineage to both KC and St.L in Missouri and in Omaha had a shared court after it was a Cincinnati and Rochester franchise.

See Cincinnati lumped in with Dayton on the map? (See post:  Ohio Aviators NBA Team)
Pittsburgh is another major league spot without.

The NBA has found homes in other big show neglected sports stays like San Antonio, Sacramento, Memphis and Oklahoma City.  The dance is even in Orlando, Portland and SLC (all now MLS spots).

Because of basketball, the NHL and NFL easily gave Charlotte the shot that kept on giving.  MLS is sure to give her a nod. 

We can envision some futures.  What are some you see?

See samples, such as the West Coast Clippers, Athletics and Raiders:
...and more

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