Sunday, February 26, 2017

Expansion Mind Game (pt. 3). My Helluva' Idea

Polygamy will have its place in a future of third genders.

Having one team for two cities was an idea I had for a league to stick a team, with its toes into the water, into two questionable markets (like for MLB, Portland and Las Vegas).  I would love to see for this happen to the Athletics.  Re-coin them as the West Coast A's.  They could remain in Oakland and dabble in Portland and/or Vegas.  Build a 30k seat expandable ready beauty of a ballpark in another city.  If I were Oakland, I'd do it in Vegas.
What I'd do with the Rays?  Say bye bye.  Tampa would share some time with the reborn Florida Marlins.  And you'd have Expos reborn.  Magic.

So, I added a new market and still have room for two more teams to make a 32 team MLB.

All this junk I talk is already throughout my blog

I'll tell ya' the next two teams.  Vancouver and Portland could show international love with the West Coast Lumberjacks.  The apparel sales for the A's and 'Jacks would end up being phenomenal, wouldn't you think.  Take that bank of the Bronx!

Next up:  the Carolina Colonists?  Flights?  Bye bye monopoly on the true south Atlanta.  I've thought that maybe the North Country 'Jacks should be in Montreal and Vancouver.  Personally I think the Expos are ugly.  I've even thought about the International Expose of Montreal-Las Vegas, which could justifiably squeeze into any division alignment.  East Coast Expos with Charlotte, too.  I was just operating under the assumption that one market could show itself as a breakaway and alleviate any doubts that number crunchers and league offices had.  Music City bouncing around the likes of Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis.

West Coast Clippers.  Or San Diego Clippers.  St. Louis.  Missouri.  Louisville.  Seattle.  Something else.

Florida Panthers.  Um, how 'bout the Southlakes Fishermen for Miami and Atlanta.  West Coast Coyotes however you feel.  Northwest Coast Ghosts.  Northern Lights.  Whatever you'd do.

West Coast Raiders?  Nord Force in CFL stadiums.  TV would be all of Canada.  Money.  Kentucky Downs in Louisville.

Great Lakes Foot Soldiers, Armada.  A lot of cities in that region:  Milwaukee, Cleveland, Indy, Rochester and Cinci.  Bootleggers United:  Nashville and Charlotte-Raleigh region.

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What do you think?  Am I off my rocker and high in the clouds?

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