Sunday, February 23, 2014

NBA Expansion in Your City. Does Anyone Even Care?

Does the NBA do better in smaller markets?
Will excitement wear out in OKC?  How long does that take and is there a good example of this in NBA history?  Cincinnati Royals maybe?  Will they be the first American league to go into another continent's market with a franchise?  Will the NFL beat them in doing this (well, I'll be damned)?  In 1995 did you think twenty years later the NBA would have as many sorry ass franchise dollar issues with the league floating some of the teams?

I'd like to give a shout out to Bleacher Report.  There is always awesome stuff to view there.

Feasibility studies for each sport to locate to your towns can be viewed for all the sports on the links on this awesome site as well:

They lay it out number$ as to why our certain cities don't have a pro team.
According to the bizjournal article linked above currently big cities like KC, St. Louis, Cinci and Pittsburgh alone are insufficient to hold the franchise.  Market saturation, yadda yadda yadda.
Dayton is borderline.  I'd like to combine it with the millions in the Cincinnati market since both cities are so close.  River City team for Louisville and Cinci?  Add St. Louis?  Okay, okay, let's add Pittsburgh and have the Rivertown Raiders, Marauders, Rovers.

Can there be a Kansas City - St. Louis bball team?  How hard would it be to have multi-venue for a single franchise?
Do cities like Cinci and Pittsburgh really even care?

A Case Study could be had from the Sacramento Kings stay in two cities for a bit last century:
Kansas City-Omaha Kings link on wikipedia.

Are we satisfied with our college kids of Muskie, Billiken, Panther and Bearcat ilk hustling down the court?  Maybe.  I kind of am, truthfully.

Can I answer these questions alone?  No.
Can I tell you if Paul M. Stone, PMS, wants an NBA team in the Cincinnati Dayton area called, let's say, the Ohio Barons to battle those laketown lugs calling themselves the roundtable of Ohio elite basketball?  I can tell you that'd be cool.  Put that mammajamma in Middletown.

What about a single team for KC and St.L called the ShowMe State Storm?

Super Sonics back at it.

Share the Tennessee Grizzlies with Nashville.

Does Las Vegas even want one?  Does anyone care?  I'd like to know.

And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.
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