Monday, November 24, 2014

Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson

This is the way Arizona should enter the Big Five sports club when MLS finally comes to the Grand Canyon State.

Tucson is 100 miles southeast from Phoenix, and of course Glendale, home to the Cardinals and Coyotes, is just a Phoenix suburban hike northeast from the big town that all associate as Arizona.

Shake up the sports saturation.  Soccer is a weekly venue that Arizona and soccer lovers would make a trek for, to an area with a million people, half of which live inside Tucson.  The proximity to the border, which is a slightly shorter drive than it is to Phoenix, should bring you the thoughts of soccer celebration potential in the area.  And if you don't understand the Latino relationship with soccer, you probably don't know much about the international appreciation of it.

This is a no-brainer to me.  These days, sports saturation is a market issue.

Check out this chart where Phoenix is #13:

A prevalent theme in my blog is team sharing for questionable markets.  A franchise named (and sponsored by) Western Union shared by (all the west) Tucson and Vegas or the likes of Austin, El Paso and Boise would work.  Then more love could be shared across the country and Soccer Nation with an eastern balance like a team called the American Middies sharing venue in towns like St. Louis, Cincinnati and Oklahoma City.  When you need to find a way to make it work, creativity is in order.  Though I'm sure a team like an Arizona Rattlers would do fine as a Tucson mainstay.

A biodome around Tucson,_Arizona 

Arizona Firebirds?

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  1. Thats stupid you would put MLS in phoenix no one wants to go to shity ass Tucson

    1. So you're saying it's stupid that I would put it in Phoenix?... because I can see that's what you're saying. You must be from Tucson (?). Which high school in Tucson did you graduate?

    2. Im assuming he is from Phoenix and either tried to go to or went to ASU. Either that or he is just irrational and ignorant because Tucson, as a tourist destination, ranks very high in most publications. FC Tucson and Pre Season MLS has been extremely popular in Tucson. It is a legitimate idea.