Saturday, November 29, 2014

MLS most feasible chance at travel team/home-camp shared team model. A Few Examples.

Loosely speaking, over 15 billion bucks is required in a market in order to host a MLS team and its stadium.  That's the smallest amount in big league American sports, so, the easiest big league franchise to land for your town.

Of all professional sports, a MLS facility could be one of the most youth or amateur team utilized facilities of them all.

If a team were to be shared between two cities, given America's slow warming to soccer, I would think it to be the best sport to ease into a market by showing itself to a location every month as a sort of regional travel team.  And there are plenty of football stadiums to hold it, especially over the Summer.  Build an all-soccer stadium in Nashville, and play that team in a lot of Summer games in the Falcons house (when they're not having the NFL season).  A "Southern" named team could kick off that market; ease into it.

Midnight soccer.

A camp team is a home team in multiple sites or locations.
I say that because the Texas Rangers could play in multiple places in Texas and be housed in let's say Austin as well as Arlington.  It's all Texas.  A West Coast named franchise, like the Athletics or Raiders could play in Oakland and Portland.  It's regional.

What about soccer in Cleveland and Cincinnati called Ohio Divided?  The Crew is in the middle of the state.  A team touring the corners of the state like Toledo, which is butted up against a vacant Detroit market, could play in Athen's Ohio University stadium.

I don't know.
West Coast Goats
Ohio Divided, Texas Divided
Southern Excited
East Coast Blockade
Northern Railroad
Do you think travel teams could work?


I'm for a WMLS also.  I talk about that.
I'm more for a MLS Sister team model, even if it starts as exhibition.

Look at some method to the madness: 

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