Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How about some New Canadian Football League America Expansions?

And these are the cities that I could see vying for an on-deck NFL bid by flaunting their crowds in Pro Football.

It worked for the city of Baltimore.  They won a Canadian Football League championship.  And then they lured an NFL franchise to call their own, once more.

Before I talk about some future CFL thoughts, Look at where it has been before (via Wikipedia):

So, I've talked about some of this before, but here are some stops I'm thinking of:

Louisville                Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville


Oklahoma City              Oklahoma Oilers in the NFL

And, for the sake of being neat and clean, and doing this expansion by number of four, I'll say the Santa Fe Express sounds like a neat team.  What would I personally name Portland?  Maybe Riders, Henchmen, Phantoms or some such.  Venturing one's mind to Little Rock or Omaha is a thought also.  Little Rock Rollers.  Omaha Huskies.

But really, there are 9 teams currently in the CFL, what I just did there was even up the league at 12 with adding just 3 teams.  Plus I'm leaving room for 3 teams in the states for expansion with one being from the Provinces.  Keeping in line with my share-the-more-love theme, I'd love to see Halifax and some travel-team love for some towns in Canada under the name Nord Navy or Norsemen.  I like that and the top 3 American cities above-mentioned that have never been in the league before.

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