Friday, February 28, 2014

MLB to 2100 AD. A Little Brainstorming for Beyond.

 A Major League Baseball Franchise that plays home (camp) games in more than one city is a regional team.

A regional team with camp in Nashville, Louisville and Charlotte (or possibly New Orleans and Jacksonville).  I'm calling them the Southern Draw.  A play on "drawl".
Let me say something about the whole possibility of latent connotation with the South.  Personally I'm not a big fan of the south's place in American history.  At all.  Even as I type this I see the gray color of the gun barrels poised to bury the bullet in the ground.
Though, as a geographer and not a designer, my biggest concern is the deep south's exclusion of a city is in the way I have my regional camps mapped out by 2015.  Speaking of designers, I would love input or designs for any future franchise for any sport.

So, if we're in Charlotte, Nashville and Jacksonville and they're camps for Southern ball and Charlotte market is so strong that Carolina breaks off into another deal or becomes an autonomous Carolina team, another camp city could come into play like Little Rock or a booming Birmingham city, let's say.  Pretend it's 2050.  Yeah, I don't know.


So yeah, I see this working out by the year 2025.  In older posts, as I have indicated that with growth and stability, any expansion camp city and for all I know, like let's say Louisville and Indianapolis could team up to be a feasible economic model as the Crossroads Racers by 2050

And as an imaginary Big 5 Dictator, Already in existence in 2015 is the West Coast Athletics of Portland (Oakland and Las Vegas?), and the Coastal Run Rays (of Tampa and New Orleans (the great Regional team experiment for MLB).

By 2015
-West Coast Athletics (relocation, partial relocation)
-Coastal Run Rays (relocation, partial relocation)

By 2025
-Southern Draw (EXPANSION)
-Southwest Rattlers (EXPANSION) come into the league with home camps of Oklahoma City, San Antonio-Austin metroplex, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.  Let's say Las Vegas left the West Coast team to become part of Southwest.  Replacing their void could be Sacramento or a team in the Inland Empire or even SLC.  Hell, Southwest could really just be called Western.  Or perhaps Oakland and Portland are well enough on their own.

By 2035 there is finally a Mexican team put in Monterrey.
-The Nortemexicano Toros or Bulls EXPANSION 
Perhaps this can be a model for economic handling that bring Latin American based franchises into places like Puerto Rico.
-The Heartland Stampede comes into existence.  EXPANSION.  They play ball in OKC, Witchita and Omaha (with consideration for an Iowa based camp?).
--Recoined "Western", the southwest teams play in central Texas, SLC, Vegas, Albuquerque and Boise, with options for El Paso.

By 2050
-Coastal Colonials, East Coast Colonials EXPANSION
Play ball in Charlotte, Atlantic City and Norfolk (with consideration brainstormed for Jacksonville being part of this or the Southern team.  Perhaps that Miami team is either thriving and successful or part of some Southeast consortium of bases.  If need by, perhaps the Marlins relocated and the Miami based some of the Coastal Run consortium in years prior to 2050 and jump onto the East Coast franchise.

S.I. Link: What will the ballpark of the future look like?

All these new baseball stadiums wallowing away to days and days of vacancy?  Aside from concert or any other convention usage potential, perhaps Major League Soccer joins in on multi-use stadium model.  That shouldn't be relegated to just be a usage of the past.  Population and land use should be a big issue in the future.  Soccer is a great family experience in parks.  All that unused space for MLS in big stadium is already used as advertisement in big stadiums.  Having park and picnic space in the stadiums could make this a non-issue.  MLS's popularity could play into or discount this consideration altogether by 2050.

-Southern Draw (still) plays in Nashville, Memphis, Louisville and/or Birmingham.  Or some shuffled mix.

-Baseball further expands to Mexico City and is back in Montreal

By 2057 it's in Vancouver also.  Other cities have probably broke away from their regional camp consortium.  The Inland Empire Mustangs are in play.

By 2100
-Puerto Rico Islanders
-London Continentals
-Paris Monarchs
-Rhine Engineering Gypsies
-Tokyo Ambassadors

....and beyond:  Rome Guardians, Madrid Explorers, Dubai Mercenaries, Balkan Vamps, Moscow Travellers, Chinatown Circus, Seoul Soul... .

#21st Century   #22nd Century
# Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, Atlantic City, Charlotte, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Omaha, Boise, Vancouver, Monterrey, Mexico City, Montreal, International

Who else?
Which cities become autonomous breakaways from regional teams, for sure by 2100 AD?

I hope I'm just more forgetful than I am nostrodamnus.  I left off the Chi teams and I think Pittsburgh and Detroit also died of crime.

States without MLB in yellow ("south") and white in the west.  From coast to coast, it's contiguous.  That is to say, Forrest Gump could run from North Carolina to Oklahoma through Kansas and Nebraska, further westward through Oregon without the ability to run Jenny to a big league baseball game.
Southern Draw 

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