Key Posts to Understand How Sharing a Team Between Cities Could Happen

Key Posts to Understanding (a little more clearly) 
How Sharing a Team Between Cities Could Happen

The NBA used to have the Kansas City-Omaha Kings which was a team for Missouri and Nebraska.
View:  (Kansas City-Omaha Kings)

Unless you are looking for football in Los Angeles or are in a market that you know is poised for Major League Soccer, you may want to consider sharing a team until the time comes that you cannot be ignored.

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Good question:
 Can a team be shared by more than one city? Even if they're not in the same state?

Options Options Options. What about this Relocation & Expansion for 32 team MLB ?

Big League Expansion without increasing Number of Franchises. Definite No Doubts.

Some thoughts on Travel-Tag-Team Expansion Franchises. And NHL Expansion

Mind.  Some methodology:

Of course these money making leagues aren't willy nilly with decisions 

Is the time ripe for MLB Expansion? The Talent is There. Which Market?

Arenas and Stadiums. COST. Would the Regional Model (Shared Team) require existing structures in each city?


Heart.  Word on the street:

NBA Expansion in Your City. Does Anyone Even Care?


About the "Next Expansion Team" Blog


A little bit of what this blog is about


Increasingly, television viewership becoming more important than ticket sales.  More eyeballs:

TV Market Money More Important Than The Gate?



How many "Home" Games could be played in a Regional Model for Sports Teams?

Your Home Team's Home is a Camp. Regional Teams in Big League Sports.

Regional Major League Teams. Travel Teams for a New Sustainable Market Expansion Model


MLS most feasible chance at travel team/home-camp shared team model. A Few Examples.

A Fast Pitch for Expansion in the Big Five Sports Leagues. Westward Hockey and Soccer.


Pretend:  I'm the Big Five American Sports Czar, I'm doing this to make New Teams


The Great Recession and Expansion. Combining Pro Sports Markets.


 "New" Teams for the Big Four Tomorrow

Chicago's Ice Crew

Farts and Minds.

Golden State and New England sounding Teams Rep a Big League Region


More Major League Cities with No New Teams in the Big Five Sports


MLB in 8 New States. Tales of Two Cities. The Next Expansion.


Over 20 American Cities that stand to gain by Regional Team Expansion


State named teams. A Wider Geographic Home for the Big Leagues

The Next Expansion Team. What's the Smartest Way for the Leagues to do it? Region Teams Equal More buy-in.

Changing a Sports Team's Name. Power Play$


"West Coast" named Franchises get an MLB, NFL and NHL Team. Bigtime Win for Portland and Vegas.


NFL in More Territory. No Expansion Necessary. My typical blender of ideas like the Midway Bears


Florida Marlins or Florida Rays.....NOT MIAMI MARLINS!!! A Stronger Florida Brand with Less Baseball.


The California Angels of Anaheim and Oakland. West Coast Raiders.


A re-brand for Chivas USA. Will the Geography of the Team be re-branded as well?


Major League Baseball in Charlotte and Portland. And then Las Vegas and Nashville. No Expansion Team Necessary


MLB Expansion. Just a Few Thoughts to Stir the Pot.


Pitch it !

I'm for Baseball for All, too.



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