Thursday, February 2, 2017

2020 and 2022 for Major League Soccer

Two playing in 2020
Two more for 2022
Announcements later this year and some other time after that.

The rank:
"In order" according to Commish.....St. Louis, Sacramento, Detroit, San Diego, San Antonio, Austin and Cincinnati.
                      Then there's ....Charlotte, Indianapolis, Nashville, Tampa and Raleigh. So, Central Texas and central North Carolina are in intra-regional competition for the house.

Is that how it's going to be?  Lose the Chargers to boost a charge?

MLS is like a horse sprint.  Your city can be in the map at no time at all.  Talk about a trade out brands of big league football like San Diego and St. Louis, or show your minor league support like Cincinnati.                                                                                            Out of the mentioned markets, Austin is brave turf.  Well, at least it's new turf.  Not a far drive from San Antonio, especially for bi-weekly attendance.  A Texas named team in San Marcos is smartest of compromises.

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