Off of the top of my head, my mind has often drifted towards the likes of Germany, Monterrey, Mexico City and Sydney, wondering about stadium or arena sites and the Big Five sports with regularity.  And yes, I realize MLS in these places would be a heckle, as it stands.  It's more wonderment than care for me, because my manifest destiny personally stops with North America, but it's an interesting exercise of the mind for baseball of MLB brand in Australia and Japan.

I'm looking for "ground-guy" information, especially that which is more than normally found in publications, like a good site for an arena or stadium (ie. Farmers Field and Los Angeles).   Essentially, I would copy/paste your writing and any pictures that you would desire to accompany the article, of course, crediting the author.

If you don't think you have enough for an article, COMMENT.  We can always toss around ideas from there.

From Portland's land-lock to where big stage basketball would be played in Paris, throw me some lines.

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