Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sacramento Soccer for MLS. NEWS

News as of late is that Beckham and all of his soccer brilliance has culminated in a stadium stall down in Miami.  So it may be looking better for Sacramento in a way, whether the help turns out to be needed or not in landing a quicker spot as an expansion team at the big time level.  Hopefully northern Cali gets more rumble than just the 'Quakes.  Will the club bring the Sacramento Republic name up with them?

I have a suggestion though.

Do something bigger, city of the Sacramento Kings.  Expand your empire.  Be the California Emperors.  Or even the West Coast Emperors.  You're the state capitol.  Represent.  Represent bigger.  Because after all, you're bigger than that.

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  1. Oh hell no! Sacramento Republic or nothing. What happened to the California Angels? How can San Jose live with the fact that they are still the San Francisco 49ers when the stadium is basically in their backyard. We got pride...we got a name already.

    1. Gotcha'. But I bet you would take California Republic if it showed up tonight. I mean, I'll take an Ohio Divided playing at Paul Brown Stadium even though I would orgasm over Queen City FC or Cincinnati Reign

      NFL, I know right, the San Fran Niners of San Jose? I would've at least been like "California Niners" or no-go.

      Why the Angels or Marlins firmly decided to pretty much shrink their fan base is beyond me.

  2. What about my ideas on how the Chivas could've become West Coast with or just in Las Vegas instead of LAx2 ???