Saturday, August 29, 2015

Relocating the Coyotes and the Panthers. A Regional Co-location. A New NHL Expansion

Hockey in Tampa is impressive.  They are a cup holder and that surely helped.

Hockey in Miami is eh.  Same for Arizona.  Hopefully the one-big horse town of Las Vegas will prove to not be like either.

I'm all for a re-brand and relocation of the Panthers and Coyotes.  But I think co-locating somewhere else is good also.  The Panthers were founded about the same time as the Marlins, yet the Panthers are still called "Florida", despite a dominant lightning touted in Tampa, and I like it.

But let's share Miami with Atlanta part-time and rebrand them.  How about the Southlakes Panthers?  Or what about a complete overhaul?  The Southlakes Fishermen.  Think of the apparel and television viewership with that broad swath.

What about those huge holes in Seattle and Portland?  West Coast Whales instead of the Coyotes? 
Wolf Pack 
West Coast Ghosts?

Let's share some NHL hockey with Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Anchorage, SLC, Boise and Hampton Roads.  Consider some exhibition with Honolulu, Louisville and New Orleans.  Would not a Great Lakes brand in Cleveland and Milwaukee be grand?

It's a theme in my blog:  co-location [for at least struggling franchises].  And an experimental expansion.  A safer dip of the toes into unknown waters.  Cities beckoning big business.
The NBA shared a team in Nebraska and Missouri.  See the history of the Kings.

I see other possibilities with MLB vacant cities for an imagined West Coast Athletics and the Southland Rays.  West Coast Clippers, Raiders and the old Chivas (new LAFC).

Las Vegas would be a fantastic part-time town.  And Portland in many cases too.
What do you think? 

South Carolina Stingrays

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