Saturday, September 20, 2014

TV Market Money More Important Than The Gate?

Is this modern matter keeping the gate from swiveling away from or closing on Tampa, as the case with Rays baseball?

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Recently, television money has surpassed ticket profit for major league baseball and probably other big league sports revenue as well.

Comparatively, look at the list of those that have MLB and those that don't.  Orlando is in there.  Next is Sacramento.  Portland, Charlotte coupled with Raleigh-Durham is potent.  Nashville.  Connecticut.  Columbus.  SLC.  All before Cincinnati and Milwaukee.

So attendance in Tampa sucks but the TV is good watchin'?  Should be good news for some of the above-named cities.

Factors not considered, as the case with baseball.  The retiree's destination of Florida probably has more Yankees fans than Marlins or Rays.  More crap to do in Florida than up north.  At least as far as enjoying the outdoors consistently. 

Either way, I think Rays baseball should part time with a more expansive area, and play in a stadium somewhere else (AT LEAST) part time down south like Charlotte, Louisville, or Nashville.  Shared with New Orleans and even Mexico in the city of Monterrey.  Memphis?  "Southern Sounds" baseball has a ring to it, too.  Take that for expansion.

Realistically though, any expansion outside of the MLS anytime soon?

And since TV matters, let's get the Athletics market, who stay 17 miles away from the Giants across the bay, to a much broader area.  I'm for them splitting home game time between Portland and Las Vegas and calling them the West Coast Athletics.  Ditto for the Raiders.  Isn't the Bay Area cannibalizing itself a bit on television?  If I were dictator, I would think about calling San Fran the California (Bay) Giants or Northern California Giants for a nice redwood touch.  Is the business so strong for owners for a Portland Mariners *slash* Charlotte Braves connection that we shouldn't expand home team baseball for more of the masses geographically, at least in name?

Cheering across America

The South's brand of baseball.  But what about the likes of Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Birmingham, Jackonville and Charlotte?
Cheering in the heart of America.  In this case, Kansas.  Can't see this from the top row seat but maybe with a Smart phone or  Scoreboard.

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