Saturday, September 12, 2015

Best 100 Miles of Big Baseball

Indianapolis to Louisville to Cincinnati to Dayton to Columbus
            So, just to name a few in all of this guessery, you have the Pirate's Indians, the Bats, Reds, Dragons  and Clippers

Scranton to Philadelphia to Allentown to NYC with Brooklyn

San Diego to Anaheim and LA to San Bernadino (Inland Empire)

D.C.?                   The Bay?

Chicago to Milwaukee

Boston to Rhode Island to Maine                                

Buffalo to Rochester

Atlanta area?

Tough decision but I'm a biased bastard:  On top is my tr-state 100 mile stretch of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

WHO AM I MISSING, if any???

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  1. ....Now, tell me how there can or cannot be region teams in a few spots.