Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ohio Aviators NBA Team

I see action at a revamped Cincinnati Gardens and the Nutter Center (suburbia Dayton).  Before a renovated (or newly built) Cincinnati site, the old Riverfront Coliseum named after some bank, could make a good site.  Value City Arena's 20 thousand seats in Columbus shouldn't be ignored totally from NBA play.

Ohio's Middletown to represent a chunk of NBA middle America?  Smack dab in the middle of a few million Dayton Cincinnati (Daynnati or Cinday) people.  That would be a compromise to Dayton or Cincinnati, though I could easily see two spots for an Ohio Aviators basketball squad.
Cincinnati Royals

Wright State University Nutter Center's 10k seats for b-ball, UD's 13k, Columbus's 20k and Cinci's 17k could be good tents while the big digs are built taking another corner or half of Ohio's big time basketball love.

Have any other ideas for names?  Comment.

Off of I-75 and the largest arena between Cincinnati and Columbus.

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