Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Idea of Retraction in Claim. The Angels and Marlins of California and Florida

Yeah, instead of the opposite of expansion, "contraction", I used the word retraction to think of those who may have felt violated.  If I grew up in Barstow in 1989 and the Angels were my team, I might feel weird about calling them Anaheim's Angels.

So here's some blabbing I have to do:  The California Angels played at the same time as the teams in San Diego, LA, San Fran and Oakland.  Perhaps there is too much bandwagon switching and fan viewership between the brands and so they retracted to be deemed Greater LA Anaheim.  Or...just that's the deal that got some spotlight for East LA.

The coming of Tampa Bay Devil Rays shrunk the Marlins from Florida to just Miami.  And as far as seats in both places, they're butthurt.

It should be the California Angels and Florida Marlins again. I mean, the Panthers in hockey didn't.... oh well.. .  The Angels could play in two places.  Try Sacramento.  Anaheim baseball could expand further out than that, to the likes of Portland or Las Vegas by calling themselves the West Coast Angels.  And the Marlins could play at St. Pete, freeing up the Rays to play elsewhere.  I like a share between Charlotte and Nashville.  How about the Southland Rays?  I like the idea of some sharing, especially when it's already justified in name.  The Bronx Bombers could do some time as the Buffalo Bombers.  The Rangers could spend time near Austin or San Antonio.

Don't you think Southland Rays apparel would fetch droves and droves more money across the south?  An alternative to vacating Tampa, the Rays could toe-tap the Charlotte market under this brand change and I've also thought bigger things for the old Tampa Bay Devil Rays going internationally by sharing with Mexico as the Tampa-Monterrey Rays.

We need something bolder and better for the strugglers in Oakland and Tampa.  And Glendale, Arizona and the Panthers of Florida.  There's a couple good thoughts for each league of sports.  Check out more of them in the blog, like the West Coast Clippers.


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