Friday, November 27, 2015

Imagine some Minor League Football Affiliations and Brands

     Spit-ball with me.  What day would they play?  Which place?  Should the teams be more like a regional fence post, or should they just play at the same facilities as an NFL parent club?  Or even the same day as a pre-game flexor and exhibition?  $5 more to get into the gate earlier?:

COWBOYS:  OKC Cattle Drive
PATRIOTS:  Road Islanders
EAGLES:  Philly Iggles
BENGALS:  Dayton Tigers,...or should they be the Dayton Triangles (of ol')?
BROWNS:  Canton Bulldogs....or is a better market move the Columbus Panhandles (or too much OSU already)?

BEARS: Midway Iowans
COLTS:  Ft. Wayne Horseman
STEELERS:  West Virginia Ironmen
Baltimore Banners                                                      

Take that, ye terrorist chimpanzees

GIANTS: New Jersey Generals, NY Gnats ?

JETS:  Portland Jets (Oregon).  Bold huh?
SEAHAWKS:  Vancouver Hawks
PACKERS:  Milwaukee Backers
RAIDERS:  West Coast Raiders (of Las Vegas)
BRONCOS:  Salt Lake City Steeds 

49ERS:  Boise Bluelegs.  Or does Bluebloods or Blueboots sound niftier?
DOLPHINS:  Tallahassee Fishermen  
CHIEFS:  Kansas Chiefs (Play in KC or Topeka)
CARDINALS:  Albuquerque Road Runners
BILLS:  Toronto Billygoats

VIKINGS:  Dakota Oilers
LIONS:  Lansing Ligers
REDSKINS:  Virginian Marylanders
PANTHERS:  Rally Durham Triangles (Raleigh)
CHARGERS:  Tijuana Bulls

SAINTS:  Southern Saints (Jackson, Mississippi)
RAMS:  Kentucky Downs (Louisville)
FALCONS:  Birmingham Elephants
TEXANS    El Paso Texans
JAGUARS:  Southlakes Sailors (Jacksonville)

BUCCANEERS:  Pensacola Pirates
TITANS:  Memphis Trumpeters

Logistically sound?  Some neat choice names of ambiance?

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