Thursday, November 26, 2015

Minor League Football. The Better Idea?

This idea could aid the sport in an effort to stop patronizing universities and producing Johnny Footballs.  A development league.  A maturation process.  There's nothing wrong with a blue collar option as part of a broader hardworking American attitude adjustment.

I gleaned some ESPN background noise and heard Trent Dilfer talk about improving the NFL's product.  He would do it through development.
He said that he's writing an article about it for ESPN magazine.

In the past Arena Football as well as CFL have been considered a farm for the NFL, more so in the past, but the leagues are different games on the ground essentially.  Many leagues have come and gone.

My question to football hungry folks and geography sports nerds alike is this: what cities should get a minor league NFL team?  In its infancy as a development (minor) league, do you think many of the programs would share the grounds of the big league programs?  And what days would they play?

I find it particularly of poor taste having college or pro games on Friday nights.  If you don't know why I feel that way, you must be a really late football bloomer.

Also, in the adult world of business, I'm not the biggest fan of essentially extending Monday Night Football into something like a Thursday.  Daddy's gotta get up in the morning.  Are you with me on this?  Sorry  I went a little off tract.  But anyway, what day to play for the minors?

And what are some good affiliate towns for the likes of Cowboy nation (with a camp already in Cali) and the Bengals?  Would a minor league squad in Louisville or Dayton be good for a Tigers team?
Sounds like fodder for another post to me.  Name a city and give a name that team.



On a side note:  I think there is a sore need for most companies to stop having sorry excuses of navigating much-to-be-desired information for these big organizations websites.  Consulting niche?

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