Friday, January 27, 2017

'Uh Football Mad N. America in the Future ?

Let's for imaginary sake pretend that head trauma and illiteracy stemming trauma will not eliminate American football as we know it.  Hell, flag football might be fun.  Running backs generally bore me anyway.

So, let's say Friday (HS), Saturday (NCAA), and Sunday (NFL).
And I'm going to plead for sanity to reign back in the greed (as NFL is ridding itself of Thursday nights) of the NFL and NCAA, and in this scenario, not for simplicity, but again FOR sanity, I'll say so.

Whatta' ya think?:  Saturday is CFL and NCAA.
I'm not so much concerned for Americans who can record their television to catch some CFL highlights as they root on alma maters live.  I just want the NFL and CFL not to step on each other.

But anyway, imagine some of the CFL teams of the future.
Look at some of those of the past.

What would be some good NFL Canada teams and CFL America teams?

Halifax Nordics
Atlantic Canadians perhaps 
I may have used this one for hockey in referencing a Toronto team 2.  Ontario Gold Horsemen

Oregon Express
New Mexico Railroad
Kentucky Downs
Midland Truckers of Omaha
Salt Lake Fishermen
Great Lakes Shoremen of Milwaukee
Boise Blue Legs
Montana Backbreakers.  Completely kidding.
Oklahoma Oilers
Dakota Diesel
New Jersey Titans
Rhode Island & Connecticut Colonials

Norde Force, mainly housed out of Toronto

                                      Vancouver Voyagers  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

D-League 2 or 3 More?

I could imagine EMPIRE jerseys for the Clippers D. 
BUCK NATION for anything Wisconsin.
Bayhawks going for the Hawks seems 'sensical.  More so than BayMagic.

1/25 update:  SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI (suburban Memphis)

Blah blah Warriors across the Bridge to San Fran

The high value real estate crowded up rosey rump of San Francisco will take the Warriors of the Golden State across the Golden Gate, away from Oakland.  Sorry, but San Fran seems more sideline and less basketbally to me.
What say you?


Friday, January 20, 2017

NFL, Get to Canada. CFL, get to America

Are you not miffed as well that LA supposedly NEEDs two NFL teams???

Put the brakes on this London Jaguars stuff.  Move that puppy up north instead of across the long abyss. The CFL Saturdays and NFL can co-exist.

Surely, if I was all San Diego I'd be done with the league.  The Raiders, if stuck, would do well to rename themselves the California Raiders, or something cool and Vegas inclusive like the West Coast Raiders.  Oregon Raiders might be better than the current clutter.  Chargers, too.

But why not at least the Toronto Chargers?  I guess Oregon wouldn't have built them a stadium.  But at least if you're going to move, MOVE.  Next door???  That's terrible.  I hope people in San Diego have their dignity about the matter.  At least go away to the likes of Louisville for the separation.

CFL, why not an expansion including Portland and Louisville?  Worried it might not take in Portland?  Do the Oregon Express.  If that doesn't work, I'm sure there'll be takers.  Omaha Express, New Mexico Express or Idaho Express.  Maybe Vegas.

I like the sound of Kentucky Downs.

My idea of the Canadian team hopping CFL Fields seems tame enough.  TV money might beat $eats.

The Future of CFL Expansion/Relocation. In America?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ReLocations Update


Outline of relocations for NFL and the other leagues:


FC Tri-State. A Place to Root for Three Entire States.

The Cincinnati Region is often referred to as the Tri-State, especially by broadcasters.  So maybe this would make the Crew their own island in Columbus, but hey.

Cincinnati is at the heart of this map.

I find this to be quite an appropriate name for a team in Cincinnati Metro.  Whether near the casinos in Indiana or somewhere around the circle loop freeway in Kentucky, it'd be a good weekly tailgating trek for some Major League Soccer.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ol' San Diego Chargers and St. Louis NFL Stadiums Not Good Enough for MLS ?? Uh, really?

It seems there's a football vacuum.

Of course Los Angeles is ridiculously doubled up.  Double or nothing?  Or is it, "doubled up and nothing" for the likes of Charlotte and Cincinnati.  Nifty expansion plan, MLS.

Sporting KC could use a cross state rival.

So much LA already could use something more than San Josey'.  I suppose by having two squads up north in California with the addition of Sacramento will balance out something already so SoCal without San Diego.

We are a wasteful lot.  Is Major League Soccer being pretentious?   Do they have something of their own complex?  Are they afraid of relocations if American football stadiums turn out not so suitable?

With 10 cities in waiting are they afraid of relocations?????   Really.

Let saint cities like St. Louis and San Diego play in existing, numbers-facilitating structures.  Seats are for butts.  What's the worse that could happen????   60,000 seats get filled???  Don't wuss out of existing opportunities.   Maybe some republics talk about the environments out of one side of their mouth and build baby build out of the other, but think this through.  A different kinda' football vacated these places.  Perhaps you can sell a more literate form of world football with less fuss.

Yes, Cali United in San Diego and Sacramento is my vote.  Sac Repub can round out 2 out of 3 pitches for the month for Capital Cali.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The National Football League is Incestuously Retarded

Couldn't be coined the West Coast Chargers, at least in name, and at least additionally a game or few in Las Vegas or Portland and/or still San Diego.
This logo's name is called dude on dude action.

But they want LA seats each week.  The NFL wants to F*** itself.
Impregnating poop.  Anti-expansion is contraction.  The league essentially contracted in place. 

Soon, the commissioner will sound like a locker room IQ:  "I do what I do when I do what I do, na'mean".

Though absolutely seemingly insane having an absence for two decades with L.A., the league seemed fair in not appearing to be hellbent on forcing it there.

But no Vegas Chargers, no Louisville Chargers.  No Toronto Chargers.  Same story.  Double up.

I guess next it's the Las Vegas Raiders.  Oklahoma Raiders?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Home Team and Expanse

Let me drop this word though:  ......Mercenaries.  Mercenaries represent me.  It's like we outsource hometown proud.  Maybe we can think of it as working smarter, not harder.

But anyway,.... the Power of Place.  It's strong.  I should know.  Though I don't live in Cincinnati anymore, I'm from there.  So it'll be Bearcats, Bengals and Reds always.  As far as I'm concerned, it's by birth, not choice.  And since having big league baseball is better than silver, gold and diamonds, I know how lucky I am.  And with diamonds we can think about artificial inflation.

And a big part of this pride I possess is that not everyone has that big league hometown proud.  Sure, a lot of people don't make it to the Boston area to see their beloved Patriots, but they possess their name of New England.  Ergo my expansion themes.  Why can't there be more New Englands, Golden States and Carolinas?  At least from a marketing standpoint if not from multi-nodal ones that I thematically desire in my blog?  With all of the money (television wise as well), why are we pretending there's just one home (or mansion or palace)?  Jetset isn't over power of place?

But is it that strong?  This loyalty of home, 
as if it's mother's house?
Is it so much Boston Red Sox that it can't be New England Red Sox and anywhere other than at the Monster?  For old standing brands, we can understand this affection to be conservative.  But what about newer teams that come into play?  More Golden State wide-embrace names.  Having a new team sharing with Las Vegas.  Call it West Coast and share that football team with the likes of Portland or Oakland.  I've always thought about this hesitation by the likes of MLB to go into half-ready markets like Portland or Charlotte.  But two halves can make a whole.

But wouldn't it be neat to have a New England counterpart in the National League, let's say they're called the New England Colonials?

The Boston area is easily in the top ten for population density.  What about a ballpark somewhat south of Foxborough nearer Providence?  I mean, there is always talk in baseball demographic circles about New Jersey squads or even something Brooklyn.   Whatta' ya' think?

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for the footballS, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog

Friday, January 6, 2017

Expandable Stadiums. Where are They?

And by expandable, I mean that they were built with the understanding that they may like to be more adaptable to expanding the amount of seating, as the case with a AAA baseball stadium adding enough seats for Major League Baseball.

I've known this about the Buffalo Bisons ball club. 
Take a look at some of these oldies:
Buffalo's infield

Along with Bisons baseball, Louisville City FC talking about building a Major Leagueable' potential stadium put the question in my head:  

How many stadiums were built with "expandable" (seating) in mind? 

Look at all that room for grandstand building in the outfield.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chicago AHL AFFILIATED with Las Vegas

There is already some Chicago Wolves affiliation with the St. Louis Blues big team.
The article makes mention of how there are a number of affiliations far from the Big House club.  And the Vegas Chicago connection is a 4 hour flight.

What are your thoughts?
When will there be room for more AHL or ECHL teams?
And when will one of those be Seattle or Portland (of the Northwest variety) ...for crying out loud? 

The Ontario Reign team is in California.  Know that.

Monday, January 2, 2017

MLS More its Own Thing

I'm not necessarily advocating the plain ol' name of city insert animal name.  Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake are as nifty to me as Portland Timbers.  I like the mix.  And I hope there is more of it.

Like.........:  Gateway instead of St. Louis whatever whatever.
Capital California
Great Lakes SC or Fleet instead of anything just Milwaukee or Cleveland.  Think Indy also.
Midlands for something like Omaha or Austin.
Music City for the likes of Memphis, Nashville and/or New Orleans.
Appalachia United instead of just Nashville or Charlotte.
Bootleggers United      what about this name?
FC Queen City for Cincinnati to piss off North Carolina and move the rivalry beyond the Ohio argument as king of flight.
Texas Divided whether landing in Austin or San Antonio (or my compromise for the weekly venue of San Marcos)
West Coast United based in Las Vegas and/or San Diego.


That's my pitch.

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           Whatta'ya think?

2016 ProSportsExpansion Blog Year in Review

And for your interests and locales...... the Google search bar up above is much improved in 2016.

Vegas Golden Knights

There were two great outpourings of support.
Or at least two great showings in the expansion world this year.

Las Vegas and Cincinnati.  A city of Sin and Cin, if you will.

Vegas was the biggest winner winner chicken dinner of 2016, no doubt.  They've finally made it.  Quebec City is still in wait.  Now left for the Big Leagues, are the likes of Louisville and Austin lying in wait.

There has been talk of moving training camps (Browns); retraction of naming in claim (Lake Erie AHL hockey recoined Cleveland);

 Stadiums/arenas that're big league 'bout ready (KC, Cinci, Pitts); MLS exploding as opposed to imploding, and now there are a list of 10 viable cities;
D-League doubling down redundant in existing markets (Chicago and Charotte); Raider Vegas talks racheted up; my want for hometown players on the hometown team;
logos on more than NASCAR and soccer jerseys (being the NBA);

Cuba became that much more plausible this year; the sixth sport when it comes (I still believe it's volleyball); maybe expanding baseball spring training to the likes of New Mexico (or even soCal);
CFL blowing up bigger;
More envisioned big baseball near Boston
or Dallas
Making minor league football;
Talking about having any more room for minor league baseball(?)'
Supporting your minor league team as promotion (and the oddity of no pro hockey in Portland and Seattle and that whole semi-amateur club hockey thingy)
Anything else I'm missing? 
Too much MLS in the New Year?


Sunday, January 1, 2017

When MLS in Cincinnati, Why not FC Ohio?

And the easy answer is probably Cleveland with this whole ownership thing between a Detroit and the Cleveland Baron pact for purchasing franchise rights for a Michigan Detroit team.

I hope they name that Detroit Arsenal.

But people in the know, know that Browntown and the Nnati are their own states.

Akron is hunkered against Cleveland and the future is going to be Daytonnati for the southwest corner of the Buckeye State.

But here's the deal.  Urban Cinci might not have room for an exclusive Major League Soccer stadium in a downtown location per the wishes of MLS.  I've mentioned before that the Bengals could get a new palace across the river in Kentucky.  And that way, PBS could be transferred to FC Cincinnati.  But yeah, downtown is crowded.  And the hilly geography is limiting around the urban core.

They might have to go higher in the north burbs up the freeway.  And it's not that far to Dayton as it is.  So, why not go there for an Ohioan weekly trek?

I was good with the idea for splitting time in the big houses of Cle and Cin for an Ohio Divided franchise.  I'm also good for staying at the Nip'.  But something in Dayton would be nice. Because, granted, Greater Cincinnati includes parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

click: defunct Fairgrounds in Downtown Dayton 38 acres

See way way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the

footballs, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog.   

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