Saturday, April 25, 2015

The NFL in San Marcos Texas. And Major League Futbol

Austin and the Longhorns
Place a National Football League stadium just south of San Marcos so that it is very reachable for the fans of Sunday showdowns of both Austin and San Antonio.  San Marcos should be the in-between for the Texas sister city rivalry and proximity.
Alamodome in San Antone

What could they be named?
The Texas Cattlemen?
Resurrect the Oilers name?  Or is it going to sound too "Indians" in the next few years?

And just as the Cowboys have locked in loyalty from San Antonio in the past by having some exhibitions there, have the Texas-named team play in El Paso from time to time at the place with over 50,000 seats.

There are enough football seats in both cities to start play of the Texas Oilers soon enough.  It could keep going that way while or until another stadium is built.

The same in-between San Antonio/Austin compromise could be had for a new Texas Major League Soccer squad.  With all the fuss, a "Texas Divided" brand would be new age and a hint at the autonomy of the rest of Texans from the metropolises of Houston and Dallas.

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San Marcos, Texas Should Be the Second Site For Texas Teams 

Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson 

If it can't be a relocated West Coast Coyotes:  "Northern Lights" NHL Team a New Expansion Team for Seattle and Portland. Try that on for Size

 West Coast or Portland Athletics and the Coastal Run Rays of Tampa Bay and New Orleans, 2015 MLB 

West Coast Clippers?  (see below)

West Coast Whales NHL Team in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas
 Seattle Clippers?

Austin Texas Big Leagues. Bring it



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