Monday, April 24, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB Central

Oklahoma City
Omaha?  Not yet.  I like the sound of Oklahoma-Omaha Pilots.
When you look at the map what do you see?  Albuquerque or El Paso someday?

But Texas Rangers already.  So what does that mean for central Tex with San Antonio and Austin?

I disparaged Montreal before.  Well, not really, maybe I rubbed them the wrong way in my preference for other cities for big league ball.  But I have a compromise and it involves stadiums being fuller more often than they are,...and the city of Vancouver.  Average Montreal in with Vancouver and we have a Central geographic justification.   A two-place team for Canada is where it's at.

Would the Mexico City Emissaries work with part-time play hubbed in San Antonio?  Tex-Mex Toros?  Monterrey involved in there somewhere?

New Orleans?  Share the Midland Rockers with Little Rock?  What about a 20 or 35k seat beautiful ballyard?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kentucky Downs and Horsemen. NOW !!!


I'm not going to pretend Louisville can handle MLB just yet.  Not before Indy.
And I'm not going to pretend they care about hockey all that much.  Or are foaming at the mouth for soccer.  And yes, diamond-wise there are territorial encroachment realities with the Redlands, Cards and Cubs, with nothing to say of the line of precedence of Charlotte and Nashville and market realities concerning 80 homegames.

But football and basketball can be handled with fervor.

Now that Las Vegas has been very much staked off, Louisville is all that is left in bustling virgin land for these big leagues.

You know it and I know it.

Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville

Ohio Flights and Kentucky Horsemen for an NBA Expansion


Friday, April 7, 2017

Next Regional Name

Is it going to be MLS for the Carolinas?  We have two "Carolina" themed teams.  Two New England ones.  A Golden State one.  A few aptly state named ones like Minnesota and Texas.  We used to have a broader Angels and Marlins.
What's next?  Not sure.
But let me tell you what I'd like to see sometime.

Dakota Diesel hockey.  Omaha Dakota Diesel hockey.  Have their logo be the front of a big rig with a mean grill.

New England Colonials.
A National League brand for the Boston region,....and why not the Carolinas?  East Coast Colonials would be a neat two-place team.  Imagine two beautiful baseball chapels of some 35,000 butt plates.  MLB will get it's toes more proudly into other markets.  No minor league team shakeups necessary.  How neat would it be for Carolinians to enjoy watching their minor leaguers come up in person?  A Colonials and Mudcats and Bats fan.  Oh my.  What if minor league teams were located very near their big league papa?  Imagine the farm system being farm to table.  Farm to plate.

North Country Lumberjacks.  <----click on this.
Or would this make for a good CFL stadium barnstormy NFL team representing all of Canada?  I also like names like Canadian Power and Nord Force.

Southlakes hockey in the NHL would work for Atlanta.  Share a retooled and co-located Panthers, and rebrand them as the Southlakes Fishermen.  Apparel galore.  $.

Especially with San Diego being freed up as a market in both types of football, a West Coast named brand beckons.  Instead of a second Los Angeles anything, I would enjoy any number of West Coast two-place teams (if not just in name) including markets such as Inland Empire, Sacramento, Portland, Oakland, Seattle, and even Honolulu or Anchorage.  Oakland, wouldn't you spare some part of your Athletics, if you shared baseball with Las Vegas or Portland?

Also in baseball, a Southland Band share representing some combo of musical cities as New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and Charlotte is a thought.  Atlanta monopoly has gotten boring.

What say you?  A Midland brand.  A tag team like the Oklahoma Omaha Pilots?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Taxpayers at Gateway Reject Paying for Rich Man's Stadium - MLS

And for that, I commend you all.  I'm a man of Reds Country, so I don't say many positive things with respects to ye' of Cardinal ilk, but you're sticking up for yourselves and sending a message to billionaires and their subsidized footballs.
But a dream...
Hands on, do shoot, Saint Louey

Monday, April 3, 2017

Will We Go with Oregon Athletics?

Oakland, I'm sorry about the dooms day scenarios all going on.  Las Vegas.  Golden States jump over the Golden Gate.  Taxpayer Stockholm Syndrome.  Truly I am kinda'.

I think it's a better name than Portland Athletics,....but maybe not better than California Athletics.  That team could split time between any number of cities.  Think Sacramento and the Inland Empire.  Could even be West Coast A's with Vegas.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Major Leaguer Heaven

Ballah in Valhalla.  Whatever ya' call it.
Imagine the simulator that could arouse or evoke the most from ya'.  Okay, maybe not virtual reality yet, but let's go with a video game.

Imagine playing a baseball game.  At anywhere.  Anytime.
Pete Rose on the same field as Shoeless Joe.  You want that at Crosley, Commisky, Riverfront, or Vegas under the modern lights?  The Babe at Fenway.  Which year?  That cornfield in Iowa. 

Another virtual major league.  Pele up against whoever else is a great footballer.

What pairings or All-Star squads would you intermix?  Would you name your team?  Where would you play the game?  Would you do an all-time hometown team?  Would all players in the history of
the game be available?  Okay.  Yes.  Would this be an entirely online game and updated as such?
Yes, Bo Jackson's Baseball