Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NFL

To me, barring Toronto's entry, Louisville lands it in the east.

Los Angeles just gives me a headache.  20 + years?  Equals mindblown.  That craziness might be balanced out by another kind, that being the chance of the Rams and Chargers moving into suburbia LA.

Wouldn't Portland like their football facade to be the Raiders brand?  I bet they'd take the Rams too.

So what do you think?  The Portland Horseman and Kentucky Downs sound like good teams?

Well anyway, I'd love to see Jacksonville taking a long vacation from the NFL.  It's a Florida city AND a navy city.  It is tarps up butt-hurt seats.  And it's not butt-hurt by any kind of additional weight from hot dogs, let alone a person.  Floridasportsitis.  Like Tampa baseball  I'm not a fan.  I've blogged about them moving to or sharing with Birmingham under the name of a Southland brand.  Or to Toronto, Louisville or making some kind of Alliance or Armada with London.  Just anything else.  I even said the Jackson Jaguars of Mississippi.  And I'm not kidding.  I think Portland or Louisville are more deserving than three in Florida.  Dissolve them and make them the Oklahoma Oilers, Cattlemen or Ranchers.

Shouldn't be too tough to deduce the four dots down the line and west of the Mississip.

There's a lot of football in Texas.  While there are no doubt fans of Cowboys in Oklahoma, a lot of them are of the college variety.  Texas already has 2 teams.  So, maybe OKC gets the nod before then.

If you're from Jacksonville or St. Louis you were probably saying, "hey man, tell me what you really think".
Return the favor, y'all.  Tell me whatcha' think.

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