Thursday, September 3, 2015

Add "Nation" to the Jersey


Is that all?

Maybe Steelers?
New York and Dallas?
That Pittsburgh mention makes my stomach curdle to the point where I don't care for this research to go beyond aesthetic.  What's out there?

But would adding "Nation" or "Country" to a jersey on at very least an exhibition tour, do more for the brand in terms of selling.  A Cavs game in Cincinnati....does that do the trick?  What about having Cavs Country jerseys, that helpful for someone in Cinci to embrace something that is actually Cleveland?

Speaking of another Queen City claim.  The south could use someone else to anti-monopolize baseball.

As a Cinci guy.  I would go for the Celtics touring town.  Not an inkling of anything else do I care for.  Loved Miller and the Pacers.  But how much does an urban kid care for race cars?

Any ideas?

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