Sunday, October 18, 2015

Indianapolis is next east city to get NHL, right?

Besides Canadian places like TorontoDos and QC of course.

You can throw other major league city names into the hat like Cleveland and Cincinnati, but the B-Jacks house the heart of Ohio.  And Indy is that gap between C-bus and Blackhawk holds.

Kansas City has the arena beckoning something but the Blues make their claim in state.  Atlanta can kiss as much grass as it wants,...they had their shot.
Welp, that's about as much east as there is to be talked about.  Out west, I see glaring holes of Portland and Seattle.

To settle my Midwest love, I've chattered about a Great Lakes team.  It could be housed on the north coast in Cleveland and Milwaukee and/ or even spread more in the likes of Cinci, Indy and Syracuse.

A regional team in a couple places as home isn't new in the big leagues.  The Kansas City-Omaha Kings were before Sacramento.  Look it up.

Merry Christmas indeed

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