Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WNBA. So why not the WMLS?

Wouldn't it be neat to watch the Lady Crew play before the Crew play in Columbus?  Wouldn't it be nice for some Division 1 ladies and outstanding lasses abroad to be able to play out a few more years.
I don't want to make it sound condescending with some resentment of Title 10 and how many people come out to watch but butted up against the MLS might play out well.  It's not easy being a woman and balancing out there lives.  That's for sure.  But to be real, it would be an exhibition.  But maybe not.  It would be a great place for girls to aspire to, also.  Not a bad thing for the blokes to watch either.  It could become huge one day.  Who knows what the future would hold?  All it needs is numbers in the stands.  Population grows and half of that is the little girls to ladies.

Citrus College Owls
You'd watch.

And now for some Cinci College action.
Xavier U.

Miami U.

Volleyball at UC.  You'd watch that too.

-Pro Women's League link

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