Thursday, February 9, 2017

Futbol Blitz: Where do you see Your Stadium?

Unprecedented in the expansion sports world, this rapid Major League Soccer expansion is moving along fast.  And the likes of Charlotte and Cincinnati are of consideration.  Stretching from Sacramento to San Antonio.  Galore, much more.

But where do you see your stadium?
With a league urban 'insistance for locating a stadium, Cincinnati is limited geographically (terrain and population density).  With as much fervor as the fanbase has proven itself a hustle, I don't see why what's good for Seattle and Portland can't be the same for the Bengal base.  They have NFL stadium and tarps (leaving room for the environmentally-efficient and friendly mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle).  And expansion of seats with the roll of the tarp!  Dummies!

My town, Cincinnati, does a lot in way of supporting its club.  This will help translate the fan base into more of a major league one sooner than later.
And the stadium we use for our USL team, UC's Nippert, was the same place the Bengals got their footing before moving downtown.  Verbally, possibility has been stated north of their currently inferred temporary location for a new stadium, to just south of our border on the river, within walk and site.  Kentucky will be to Cincinnati what New Jersey is to New York City.

Rough Draft stage Moved fast in Cincinnati.  This is an unsolicited rendering ..... RiverCityNews

What are some choices in your town?
As urban as Carson City?

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