Some Future Blog Posts

 July '18: Cincinnati MLS jersey
NHL in Houston or Kansas City
Spoiled Seattle into the Big Five
Golden Knights Tale
 [ your town ]: Visiting the Possibility of (more) Pro Sports
Expansion of Locationing.  The Drafts
The Idea of Retraction in Claim
Houston having two teams.  Same with Dallas.

NHL Lake Stretch Series (Sister Cities, some international)

MLB Home Stretch Summer Camp Series

The Monarchs of New Orleans, Montreal and Paris

The Southland Band Brand.  NFL in Alabama         

Population Combination Power

Big Four Sports in Germany someday

Coastal City Series:  New York v. LA 

Sur Toros and Norde Force (Monterrey and Canada Toronto) NFL

Inland Empire Emperors.  #MLBExpansion Relocation Co-Location

New Orleans Little Rock Musicians Tag-Travel-Team




A Travel Team in Big Five Sports. Could it work? 

National Hockey League Expansion/Relocation in GeneralNational Hockey League Expansion/Relocation in General

The Big Leagues in Louisville

National Hockey League Expansion/Relocation in General
MLS       "     "                                                    "
NBA      "     "                                                     "


Sur Toros and Norde Force. Canada and Mexico's Next Teams.

Future Series

Imaginary Land Series (Sports Dictator and World King)

Outlander Series - for more of the outlandish considerations for Big Five Sports
(ie. Omaha, SLC and Boise)

Exhibitions as part of the big part of the Xtra Out of Bounds page
        Women's big leagues

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