Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MLB Cities Before Sacramento

Should Omaha be up there also?
More NYC region teams before the capital of Cali ?  Brooklyn ?  New Jersey ?
Your chances might be better for a two-place team in the form of a revamped California Angels.  Ditto for Rays saying bye-bye and Florida Marlins again.

What are your disagreements ?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

At Closing Time 2017, Nashville slips under the Bar looking like Cinderella in Garber Goggles

Either Cincinnati, or maybe even more so, Sacramento, is surely getting snubbed.

Nashville officially got the nod.  Congrats to Tennessee soccer fans.
My tone is for the young league and its flirting and loyalty.
Yeehaw, or whatever
I'm not calling them a slut, with Sacramento just being a most deserving bridesmaid just yet, after all Nashville danced the dance and played the game.  But if you're looking at MLS from the state of Ohio's perspective right now, possible being vacant altogether soon, we don't have to be happy in our graceful waiting period.  And Sacramento shouldn't feel like Garber is a pope walking into town either way.

The stadium whores of MLS look as if they're changing half of their announcement from soon until January of 2018.  Not that Cincinnati area officials have been paying enough attention to the word "downtown" lately, but Nashvillians look like they have a tiny hike to the field also.

And hopefully, either Cincinnati or Sacramento will be on-deck for the next two teams playing after Nashville and whoever else, the dragging-feet Dade County Futbol Buco di Becker Club.

While cities like Austin stand to benefit from Soccer's youthful fiascos,.... it all just feels rigged looking at the fields of Patriots, Falcons and Seahawks.

.....To Be Continued

Monday, December 18, 2017

Saskatoon Saskies sound good ???

Let's just say that Canada deserves a Toronto team II (hopefully provinicially named) and Quebec City.  Then I think Seattle and Portland (before Vegas or Houston, or even Austin).  Indianapolis.  Halifax or some sort.

Shutterstock has the goods
But before all of these cities for expansion, 


What do you think for a Saskatchewan team name in the NHL ?

click: Toronto Atlantic Travellers


Sunday, December 10, 2017

MLS by Year 2100

It's a little too crazy to talk about.  I guess it'll look like Europe.  Relegation in effect, or some such.  Maybe even worldwide by then, leagues in a bracket.

It's a little crazy to even think of 2025 or 2030 the way things are.

I think it would be funny, sports being as mercenary as it is, if English clubs would form an All-Star conglomerate from time to time, and this can be a precursor to a year round worldwide league a hundred or so years down the road (whatever it takes), and have a team slotted in Major League Soccer.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Utah Pelicans v. Seattle Super Sonics 2020

Because Jazz just makes me mad.
It's so wrong.  Or Utah Air Plains.  -Spelled correctly.

And how 'bout some Sonics action ?  Is Seattle about to be super spoiled by becoming Big Five in a quick boom in a new arena?
Say it.  Say it. 

And the NHL FINALLY there (again).

Seattle Islanders ?

...Or just call them the 'Mets like they once were.

We're sitting at 31 teams.  Seattle in the Year 2020?:

Friday, December 1, 2017

NBA by 2100

               50 teams by 2100 A.D.

This was listed from my 2050 post:

Louisville Stallions
Ohio Heights or Flights housed in Dayton.  Close enough to Cinci and C-bus
Show Me:  Kansas City - St. Louis Showmen ?
Las Vegas Aces High
Seattle Sonics 
West Coast Clippers play in San Diego sometimes.  Also Honolulu.
North Country Lumberjacks?  The Northern Lights? to split time in Montreal and Vancouver
......or would that name be better left for baseball and we should go with Nord Force?

 Who Else?
the Year 2100 
'Bama Jamas
Mexco Toros

Radio City Music Hall, NYC
UK King's Court
Paris Towers
Deutschland Sky
Rome Around

African Roots
Dubai Highrisers

Sydney Stunts
Brisbane Bears
Tokyo Times
Seoul Mans
Manila Phils

Sunday, November 26, 2017

If Houston lands NHL, what is it called ?

And for the record, I'm all for Austin over this melt-hole.

Houston Sombrero Tricks
Cattle Drive
Texas Wranglers

With Austin, we can go with Texas Musicals, Tunes, Cavalry, Tornadoes, Tortugas

Whatta' ya got ?

Friday, November 24, 2017

When Video Gaming Gets Bigger ... .

Can we have Geographic teams?

That is to say, can it be less like NASCAR and more of a home team thing?
And, as such, can it be organic?

If there's a Seattle team, can all the players be from that Northwest region?

Just a thought.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Atlanta in the NHL: the Southlakes Fishermen

It can work this time.  Split time with the Raleigh region.  Save hockey in the south.  Screw the 'Canes and Thrashers.  Be this Southlakes Fishermen brand in two places.

Make it a shorter move westward for the Hurricanes if they had to ditch Carolina altogether.  And keep at least a television fan base of the south with such a broad name as Southlakes.  Fishermen apparel across the country would have a life of its own.

Relocation:  theguardian  BLOG2017/feb/14/nhl-team-move-islanders-hurricanes-whalers

Wiki attendance figures:  List_of_National_Hockey_League_attendance_figures#2016-17

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Soccer Expansion Hot Talk

So far as I've seen, stadium views from Newport and the West End Cincinnati have been floating on the world wide web.

Stadium multi-use in Detroit and Cincinnati would be nice, but MLS owners are cocky that the taxpayers love their profits mandated through taxation.

The hot talk is Sacramento, Nashville and Cinci.  Beyond that it's definitely Austin, Columbus as it stands, and Detroit.  Essentially, over the next few years 4 slots in MLS are being vied for.  Miami has a pass to just jack around indefinitely it seems.

Sacramento seems the shoe-in.  Nashville and Cinci now have the money and stadium promise lined up.

click:  Nashville Stadium Study Chicago Tribune

Finally found that Oakley aesthetic on Cinci's east side:
Up against I-71

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NHL Relocation Pipe Schemes

Islanders:  Seattle Islanders
Flames:  And I definitely don't want to see a team leave Calgary
                 but if they did keep it homier in Quebec City for that hockey rebirth.
                 And I can't stop thinking about the Cleveland-Milwaukee brand of Great Lakes  
                  Northshoremen as a passing slight.  Great Lakes could include also any combination of
                  Rochester, Syracuse, Cincinnati and/or Indianapolis.
Coyotes:  Portland Pack
Hurricanes:  Hartford-Hampton Roads Hurricanes, or a redesignation back to Whalers.  The East Coast Whalers.

In baseball, the Everett AquaSox have tipped their caps sideways to heritage and affiliation with the Mariners

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Next 5 Major League Soccer Cities ?

                   will the Crew move there?
                    and then this city's case would be bolstered
                          they've invigorated their case in the expansion discussion
                          the signs have been there for awhile

Would these be part of the planned expansion to 28 from the current 22 teams?

San Antonio if Austin gets there first?  Charlotte, St. Louis or Indy?
Not in Arizona yet... .  Research Triangle, San Diego or the west coast of Florida again
            which'll be first?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Major League Baseball 2100

In my 2050 post, I listed the following.
Carolina Truckers
Portland Express
Monterrey Mexican Rays
Montreal Expos

And that has the obvious ones covered.  A stadium open-mouthed kiss in making up with Montreal, whose history touches Jackie Robinson.  And the longstanding gaps of Portland and Charlotte.

MLB 2100
Being 80 years of a leap into the future, we can cozy up with Mexico City.
And maybe Havana.
And the Puerto Rican brand in San Juan.
And since we're feeling far, Vancouver will be in there.

Oklahoma City will be able to take on the Rangers and Royals.
Nashville could be in on it with New Orleans.  And we know there are people there waiting.
I've beat the drum on my blog aplenty for combining a city with Las Vegas for the West Coast A's.  And dropping Tampa full-time for more part-time again, the Florida Marlins with the other coast Florida town.

Will Omaha be bolstered up?  Same league with Boise, Albuquerque, and SLC?

I've got to think the ocean leap will happen at the same time or just a touch of time after Mexico City.
So, will we be lined up with Asia and the Aussies?  Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney.  A flotilla stadium in Hong Kong or Beijing?

Then London, Paris and Berlin?

Will it be 2150 or 2200 Africa?

We suppose that would indicate a forward world.


Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: MLB

Saturday, November 4, 2017

And why not a Football Stadium double for a Soccer Stadium ??

After all, their names double for each other.  Kinda'

Because we hate the environment I guess.
Because many high falootin upper folks think that we'll buy the house and they'll live on top of it.
And throw it away in 20 years.

MLS holds the chips.  They may be a bit surprised how valuable their chips aren' voters.  The house is still floating them.  St. Louis all but gave a Bye-Felicia to the Richies.

Cincinnati's PBS, which has too many NFL franchise take-all concessions as it stands.  So, yeah, there are complications to be worked out.
An anchor franchise in Columbus with the first all-soccer stadium is to be sent packing????

Not a good look.

Off the top of my head, Seattle, Portland and New England seem peachy enough.

I'm all for some Detroit Arsenal
Destroying origins and integral foundation: LIFE STUDENT LIFE

Move Coyotes to Portland. The Portland Pack

Portland and Seattle absent the NHL.  But in the desert there's Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Yo.  Do it quick.  The ice melts.
You can even hold off on a uniform change for a year.

Yes.  Yes.  Move it from the SOUTHwest to the NORTHwest.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Seattle Islanders ?

New York has enough.
Fort Neverlose Nothin'.
Double everything.  Well, let me say what a lot of people know, Mr Hockies!  Toronto doesn't have two teams, as would be proper.

And enough, NYC has the Rangers.

So, can we have the Seattle Islanders?
There'd be some cool time in Alaska with that name.

Or go with the Metropolitans in that odd twist.  It's whatever.  The biggest vacuum in hockey.

It's hockey where it needs to be.  In the northwest.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NFL 2100

                               Will it be more like flag football?  Maybe society will see.
46 teams?
Dublin Shamrockers
Glasgow Edinburgh Elbowers
London United Kingsmen
Paris Towers

Mexico City Matadors
Berlin Blitz
Holland Landers
Spanish Armada
Lederhosen or Burka Cheerleaders?

Canadian Power (formerly LA Chargers)
Oregon Express
Oklahoma Oilers
Kentucky Downs
Nord Force of Toronto and all CFL Stadius, Mainstay at BC Place for Canadian Power
Sur Toros (Monterrey) 
48 teams?  Sydney Sharks.  Emperor's Samurai  

Thursday, October 26, 2017

NHL 2100

Just some spitballin'
Indiana Ice
East Coast Whalers
Southlakes Fishermen of Atlanta and Austin (AA - so much fun there)
Omaha-Dakota Diesel
Toronto Meeses ...or Ontario Golden Horsemen.
Great Lakes Longshoremen (Cleveland, Milwaukee)

Cincinnati Riverhawks
West Coast Ghosts (Seattle, Anchorage)
Quebec Nordiques
Atlantic Travelers
Oklahoma Ranchers
London Armada
Portland Phantoms (West Coast with Honolulu)
Saskatchewan Swan
Hamilton Mounted Patrol

pair of grins, Providence Peregrines
And evening out at 48 teams, Providence Peregrines

Here's what I had by 2050: NHL 2050
So, .....

Monday, October 23, 2017

G-League. Used to be the D-League. New sponsor and names

Gatorade league is no longer the D-League for the NBA.  First thing's first, obey your thirst.  Not Sprizite for the developmental level.
The league has truly become a team-for-team minor league farm to draw for talent.

By 2015, the last multiple-affiliate team, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, was purchased by the Indiana Pacers leading to the first season where all D-League teams were affiliated with only one NBA team. As there were no longer any unaffiliated D-League teams left, the remaining NBA teams began purchasing expansion franchises or hybrid partnership teams and placing them near the parent team. In 2015, the Toronto Raptors placed their own team, Raptors 905, in the Greater Toronto Area in Mississauga, Ontario.[13][14] In 2016, the D-League expanded by three more NBA parent club-owned teams for the largest D-League expansion since 2007. The Charlotte Hornets created the Greensboro Swarm, the Brooklyn Nets created the Long Island Nets, and the Chicago Bulls created the Windy City Bulls.
Memphis Hustle
Agua Caliente Clippers
Wisconsin Herd
South Bay Lakers namechange. 
Lakeland Magic

Proximity has become more and more the thing.  Logistically and eco friendly.
Take a look at more names and renames

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chiming in: the Next Two Cities for Expansion

MLB expansion got a bolster with talk of getting rid of the American and National Leagues for Regional brackets.  And balance of east west hints at Montreal and Portland.

Some folks think the NBA expands before MLB, though basketball seems most susceptible to powerhouse imbalance in the competition realm.

The NFL with Vegas will spurn conversation.  And more desert hockey is likely to have Quebec be more passionate in a conversation,.... more so than a city of Angels with a super injection of Chargers and Ramrods.

MLS, as always, seems chaotically crazy in the expansion cosmos.
google play wallpaper
MLB:  Portland and Montreal
NFL:  Portland and Toronto
NBA:  Seattle and Louisville
MLS:  Sacramento and Nashville (if Columbus doesn't move to Austin), but if so:  Cincinnati.
     No way I would've thought any of these before a Carolina Charlotte team.
NHL:  Quebec City evens it out...... .  But later, hmmmmm Seattle/Portland ...and little talked of Indianapolis?  Toronto 2 seems deserving.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plainly Put Tickertape News: Ohio, Oregon, Austin and Expos

The owner of the Crew, absent a new stadium, wants to take the team to Austin.

This 20 year condemnation of buildings is an acceptable thing?  Such subsidies to billionaires?

In other major league news, the American and National leagues may go away for intra-time zone play for teams in a region. Montreal and Portland are said to be next in the 32 team big league baseball.
Portland???  Or should it be Charlotte.....?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MLS Expansion City Horse Race

Is the Major League Expansion cities horse race heating up?

Is Nashville in the lead with Sacramento over the likes of Cincinnati in landing the next spots in the league?


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fantasy MLB Shakeup. No Stadiums in Oakland, Tampa Bay or Arizona

We're not going to get into the boring little leaky pipe details in this matter.  A's baseball is withing 20 miles of Giants baseball, so that could eventually be a bye bye, much as MLB says it doesn't want to make little Johnnys cry like St. Louis NFL fans may have.  And Oakland just lost their Raiders.  Tampa is already too much Florida resort and grapefruit baseball.   Make Florida the Marlins again (but a two-place team).  Arizona has stadium concerns.  And Phoenix without baseball would still leave the state with its Cactus League.  But anyway, it is said expansion won't happen without A's and Rays stadium settlement.  No more relocation, one is to suppose.

So, let's fantasize 3 other spots.  Who are the top three thoughts?
Montreal, Portland and Charlotte?
Maybe San Antonio?  Who outside of that?

Well, outside of those and Mexico City, there's not a whole lot.  Havana is notably new, but poor.  Monterrey is logistically better than the big capital.

Wildcards like Oklahoma City or Vancouver are rarely talked about.  Indianapolis would love their own place in the buffer zone of Reds, Cards and Cubs.  And let's be honest about Vegas.  It's getting saturated, even if it could be the shortest move outside of some kind of crazy Inland Empire middle finger to the old California Angels.

Oh, how I wish a team would embrace the two-place team model like the NBA did with the Kansas City-Omaha Kings.   Las Vegas and Portland could have the West Coast A's that way.  The Southland Band could be in the likes of Charlotte, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans that way (instead of some empty Rays squad).  In other sports, Southlakes Predators or Fishermen could play hockey in Atlanta.  The apparel would be nuts!  Think of all the possibilities.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Could the Bengals move to Toronto?

Or would Louisville be more apt?
Oh how I love the sound of Kentucky Downs for them though.
Why can't Toronto have the Chargers?  They're already lackluster in LA

I've blogblabbed before of how owners will all be Jerry Jonesing for an upgraded football cathedral.  Who Dey's home of PBS is getting closer and closer to the 20 year mark.  Kentucky could call for some action and abatement to billionaires across the river, ...especially if the northern Kentucky shore doesn't get to house futbol of FC Cincinnati.

Get rid of the Jungle from the Nnati?  I've had to sit out a couple NFL seasons.  The first one was because of a Steelers playoff victory against my team doing Gump impersonations to the tunnel for a premature celebration in a loss.  Probation until week 2 of the playoffs declared since they can't seem to ever make it there.  And trying to briefly escape politics in sports another year, ....well, ya' get drug into a low IQ point of view.  'Cape doesn't hurt my feelings.  But when I see his parents, then I feel like handing him a lollypop instead of a microphone.  Solidarity in an anthem?  Okay, so we stop pretending.  I'm with that.  I'm geography-minded.  As such, I tend to know where I am, even if driving through.  It's predictable for the most part.  Really, it's simple math.  Crappy hoods.  Good hoods.  So, ...glad it wasn't my team .... but wait,.... my team's locker room is pontificating crap, .....and so I don't feel like supporting those intellectual and victory bums.  We might re-sign the librarian leading the locker room.  Yawn.  Enough of THAT commentary.  Check 'er out.

I've had a CFL-NFL idea before.  Canada's NFL team kind of playing a home game in each of the CFL stadiums.  The TV money is where it'll count the most.  So instead of like a Vancouver or Toronto team, do a national name like the Norde Force.  Or.  Canadian Power.  Or Railroad.  Or Truckers.  Trucking.  I'd enjoy some American-based franchises in the CFL again.  Showcase some Portland and Louisville.  Or some Oklahoma Oilers.  All in my blogosphere mentioned.

CFL Expansion: An Experimental Regional American Team

Defunct American CFL Teams 

Truckers is a Helluva' Brand Name. Especially for a Team Hubbed at a Doubt


Friday, September 15, 2017

Texas Railroad. The NFL team in central Texas. Pre-Season in El Paso

The NFL team in Austin, San Marcos AND/or San Antonio
Does the Railroad sound like a good name?

Pre-season El Paso

My multi-nodal home camp idea for teams, with a somewhat travel-team feel, creates more "absence makes the heart grow fonder" for butts in seats.  This would do good things for sports possibility in Florida and questionable following in places like Las Vegas or Portland.

National Football League Expansion & Relocation. #NFLexpansion

The NFL in San Marcos Texas. And Major League Futbol


Texas Country Cavalry. A Team with Two Stadiums. A two-town Texas team

Florida has 3 NFL Teams....But Not Texas. Huh

Austin Texas Big Leagues. Bring it

San Antonio: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NFL

NFL: 50 States and 32 Nations?


Friday, September 1, 2017

How to have NFL team in the likes of Omaha

And I don't believe the college pigskin luster will help or hurt much.

It's like a circuit.  Maybe 1 or 2 NFL games per year with the Midland Stampede.
The Cattle Drive.  Barons.  Something.  Imagine 8 home-camp games shared between the likes of Oklahoma City, Austin or even Little Rock.


I believe this would afford many o' Americans to have two favorite teams.  Omaha will still have a place in their hearts for the Broncos, and though still feel a bit of Denver in their minds, the Bronco Country blues could have a backup root.

Look at all of the Outlander cities that could feel this way:  Regional NFL Expansion