Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ohio Flights and Kentucky Horsemen for an NBA Expansion

3 million people are in the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex and throw in the million more in central Ohio for the commute.

Pacers taking on the Flights, taking on the Cavs and then the Horsemen.  That's a tight region of basketball, akin to Philly, NYC and the Bowash Corridor.  A Louisville team a hundred miles away from the Pacers and another near Dayton 100 miles away.  It's more than 200 miles away from all these in Cleveland.

Choosing only one for an east west expansion and alignment I would default to Kentucky.

a former indoor football team -click-
I can't think of some better team cities in the east for the NBA.  Virginia Beach, blah.  Jacksonville or Tampa, blah.  Already have enough in those regions.  DC wizzingbulletwizards and the bobcathornet with the Magic.  Sure, Virginia might not thinks it's Washington but that's too bad.
Birmingham, maybe they have a case of no real saturation.

I'm convinced.  Flights and Horsemen.

What do you think in the heartland and east?
What do you think for out west?

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  2. #NBAlouisville #NBAdayton #NBAcincinnati