Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grey Coast Ghosts. NHL Expansion Team that Includes Portland and Seattle. West Coast Brand

Portland-Seattle as a tag team.  Technically it would be a travel team.  But traveling to two homes (camps) isn't that big of a deal.  Every team plays road games.  They'll just have two homes.

Shume at deviantart
The Grey Coast team could be a Northwest regional team moniker and more embraceable by the likes of Idaho and maybe even some way northern California kids.

Imagine the haunting spooky imagery that could be conjured up in this brand.  A wolf off in the distance.  An apparition of a wolf.  The reeper.  The shadow of a sasquatch.  Big Feet.  Some bad arse white uniforms.  Some play on gray and black.

But above all, hockey haunting and echoing through the sounds of hockey areas neighboring our cousins to the north makes a ton more sense priority-wise than do the likes of the sandy beaches (and mirages) of Arizona, Vegas and Miami.  Let's make it happen.  Portland, this looks like your only shot, lest the City of Sin, Coyotes or Panthers fail soon. h

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