Monday, December 7, 2015

Should Kansas City and Omaha Team Up for a Pro Franchise Again ?

Tagging along with St. Louis, this NBA brand existed before as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings.  Yep, those newer Sacramento Kings.

Could they exist as another NBA franchise?  There's that new arena in KC, and some want basketball and hockey beckoned there.  Market realities make that unlikely.  All markets which would be new markets in the Big Four are as saturated as it is.  As such, they wouldn't be as profitable as the leagues would bare, outside of MLS.  It could be argued between St. Louis and probably no other central city.

But the city area of Omaha-Lincoln  would lend some great hockey credibility for a bid in the NHL.  The only other central America market that could make a case would be the region of Austin and Houston.  Imagination and ingenuity could argue a case for a Dakotas brand.  But back to KC/Omaha:   what would be a good name?  Banshees?  Phantoms.  Stampede.  Horseman.  Wolf Pack.  Ranchers.  Cattlemen.  Cattle Drive (the Drive).  Truckers.  Road Warriors.  Highwayman?  It could be badass.  Even a badass NBA  name like the KC-Omaha Diesel.

A chiefly KC and then Nebraska brand?

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  1. #NHLomaha Along with KC and Austin/Houston consideration. A Dakota brand would be badassery also.