Friday, December 4, 2015

Map of Major League Looks for MLS

I found it rather disappointing of Major League Soccer to expand as if they're MLB as they doubled up on spots like NYC and Los Angeles.  That's two spots that could've became a bigger soccer town like Charlotte and Tucson, Arizona to say the least.

The thought even occurred to me how the Chivas could've dissolved into a joint Los Angeles-Las Vegas  squad branded as West Coast.  I think the league is missing out on some expansion ideas.  For sharing towns for one team, the footballs, being a weekly venue, might not be the greatest pitch for my model, but many facilities are already in place in cities all across America.  Be environmentally friendly like the Sounders.  Use the places in place.

See some placemarks on the map.

What about some Detroit Arsenal?   or Diesel
New Orleans Monarchs
Santa Fe-Albuquerque Express
Ohio Divided housed in between Cinci-Dayton.
                                 I'd even love them playing at the NFL fields in Cinci and Browntown
Or, stealing from my hockey pitch:  Great Lakes Armada playing in Milwaukee and Cleveland?
Texas Excited playing in San Marcos in between Austin and San Antonio
Arizona Phoenix in Tucson
Boise Blue Sox
Carolina Wave     Fleet?
Speaking of the south, I get excited with the concept of a Bootleggers brand, coined something Southern or Appalachian.  FC Dixie unfortunately can evoke connotation but damn if it doesn't have a ring to it.  And Dukes.  But like I said.  

In that same region I think of a triangle of "Louis United" for Louisiana, St. Louis and Louisville.

There is some room for a "Midland" brand Barons, Stampede, Cattlemen, Ranchers, Squadron, Brigaide and on and on.

Some fun thoughts for me:  When another team comes around for Chicago, let's get something to the boys in blue ...and maybe even the nerds...perhaps the "Force".
"Baron Dakota" gives me a chuckle with the thoughts of "barren" and oil.
Keeping with that cuteness, thoughts trickle to me of a tag-travel team brand for the stretches of Winnipeg to the two big spots of Calgary and Edmonton.  And the name:  Planes Canada (Plains).

Baltimore should chime in on a Baltimore-DC United brand.  What about a San Diego brand called "So Cal".  What else?

Any thoughts on marketing or locations?

See your place in the Index Key
See much more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for the 

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