2015 ProSportsExpansion Blog Year in Review

For the nitty gritty and nuanced details of my decisions, these rationales are embedded in my blog posts throughout the year.  I'm just going to get straight to what I like.  And that's what I want.  Even if it comes off as raining leafs from a thought-tree.

In 2014, I spelled out my desire for the West Coast brands, whether that be expansion by simply rebranding the name or broadening it.  I like my NHL East Coast Whales or Whalers.  Love my Great Lakes combos too.  I like many Powerbrands made from a combination of towns.  And that was reinforced as I thought more through it in 2015.

If my expansion would logistically have to be rebranding, I'm for my Carolina Rays (Florida Marlins thereby playing in two places) and West Coast A's of Portland (with time in Vegas).
But I have to tell you what,..... Tennessee brand MLB splitting time between Memphis and Nashville sounds lovely.

For the NFL, I only want Los Angeles to do something like have their historical Rams back.  I don't want them double dipping or stealing the Chargers.  I did hear some heartbeat (or small vibrations) from the streets of San Diego ambiance though and here is what I think.  If I had to poach two big league town of their teams, one would be San Diego.  They can hate me all they want, but essentially they don't have Winters and can go fume off somewhere by taking a resort walk for all I care.  So can Saint Louis football for all I care.  But anyway, sharing the love, I'm all for some ditto for the Raiders as I stated above for the West Coast above as with the A's.

NBA, right now,....the West Coast Clippers should be playing in Seattle and wherever else.  I don't care....LA, SD, or LV.  But damn if the Louisville Clippers wouldn't be the shit, also.

NHL.  Take the Coyotes elsewhere, especially with this Las Vegas building stuff going on.  West Coast Ghosts in Portland and Seattle.  And expand for Canada by two.  I prefer something provincial in name for Ontario (greater Toronto) and Quebec City.  Nordiques, take two.  And Toronto, take two.
Okay, also move the Panthers.  You could move them PART-TIME to Atlanta and call them the Southlakes Panthers.  But rebranding them the Southlakes Fishermen would explode your apparel market with green confetti.  It would just feel relevant.  Why wouldn't you want to flash your brand over the entirety of the south?!  You're doing it with deserts.

MLS.  You're doing your thing.
You have the historical likes of big league cities (already with a team in their state) such as Cinci-Cleveland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.  You're missing Carolina.  Carolina Crown has a ring to it.

I feel MLS dropped the ball on the Chivas of ago.  Or maybe they laid a big Goat with that one.  Doubling up in the markets of NYC and LA, like everyone else.  I would've liked West Coast United or West Coast Diamond club in the likes of LA and/or Vegas.  I know it's a weekly venue with these footballs, but I think MLS is in a place to be innovative,....like having the Appalachia United Bootleggers in Nashville and Charlotte.  Stadiums do already exist for those of eco-friendly mindset.  Texas Excited in central Texas (San Antonio, Austin or San Marcos (the compromise)) is nifty.  Arizona Futbol in Tucson could offset a saturation issue.  Ohio Divided in the football stadiums of Cleveland and Cincinnati with a Columbus existence.  Those are my favs.

Florida:  too much hockey and baseball for sure.  Jacksonville, you're not doing it for me.  I'd put you in Louisville as the Kentucky Downs if I could.  Let rappers wear your nostalgic teal.

St. Louis and football,...not feeling it.

Arizona hockey - no.  Soccer - yes.

Oakland Giants and Niners.  I'm all for taxpayers not getting soap shoved in their mouth and or up their asses, so I'm with you there.

That might sum it up.

Southlakes Fisherman (not Panthers of Florida)
West Coast Ghosts (of Seattle and Portland (sometimes Vegas); not Coyotes)
Expand QC and TorontoTwo
West Coast Athletics and Carolina Rays
West Coast Raiders
Kentucky Downs (not Jaguars)
Los Angeles Rams
West Coast Diamond Club (not Chivas or LAFC-Dos)
Appalachia United Bootleggers
FC Arizona
Ohio Divided
Texas Excited
West Coast Clippers or Louisville Clippers

Essentially, I expanded the MLS by 4.  That's feasible,...or at least reasonable for business expansion (?).  I put hockey in the more hockier cities.  I considered my Great Lakes (North Coast) brand of sharing for Cleveland and Milwaukee with considerations for Indy and Cinci, but just shared the love with the south as Southlakes in Atlanta (or Austin) and Miami.

And man, I love my Nord Force NFL squad idea of camping throughout Canada.

Have any ideas of your own going into 2016?

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The fields of footballs, the rink of hockey, court of b-ball and diamonds of baseball.  For some, I say take a shot at combining for a power pitch and an apparel powerbrand.

But what did the year bring?
More for Minnesota, Miami, Orlando and Atlanta blah blah blah.
Some rumblings and movement of Sacramento FC.  Talk of twice the dose of LA football once again, both footballs actually.  NFL after 2 decades is wowsers!
NHL inching closer to some more tumbleweed action,...or maybe it's just an exciting ol' roll of the dice in the desert.
Jaguars are locked in a stay-put agreement (Sorry Louisville, sorry Toronto).  Rays to Montreal?  Charlotte?  Expos again?  Blah blah blicky blah.

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