Sunday, February 15, 2015

Midlakes Mustangs NHL Expansion Team

An Exponential NHL Move?
Before, I have formulated options for a West Coast and East Coast named team in my blog.  Also, I have schemed up some Westward, Southlakes, or Northland/Great Lakes.  I have even schemed a Dakota NHL brand and another for Omaha.  A look can be had on the links at the bottom.

I think a Midland brand would be neat. The name "Midlakes" gives it more of that hockey feel.  Houston is a hockey melt.  So here are the places I'm thinking about for this travel-tag-team camps:  Housed in Austin, Omaha and Williston, ND.  And even Saskatoon.  Nothing else NHL in that province so I almost would want that town to be a sure thing in on the deal.  And yes, Kansas City is of consideration.  Should a town fail out, KC has a great arena, though I note that the Blues are already in-state.

A West Coast Whales with an East Coast Whalers taking on the North Coast Great Lakers and Southlakes Predators versus the Midlakes Mustangs is an interesting alternative for the NHL's planned 4 team expansion. That's 9 more NHL cities than planned.

West Coast (Seattle, Las Vegas and/or Portland)
                    I wish it was the Coyotes.
East Coast (Hartford, Norfolk)
Southlakes (Nashville merger co-locating with Atlanta)
North Coast (Toronto2 and/or Quebec City with Cleveland and Milwaukee)

A Great Lakes brand could also set sights for Cincinnati, upstate New York and Indianapolis.  Plenty of play with these geographic justifications.

Any of these and Midlakes jump out at you?  And ideas?  See some links about what I've been talking about below.

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 Milwaukee Bay in the NHL

If Ever a Major Sports Team in Rhode Island and Again for Connecticut 

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL
Dakota NHL Team 
Kansas City-Omaha Kings

The NHL in Lincoln-Omaha. A Big League Team for Nebraska
Austin, Texas. MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL or MLS Next ????? Answer: #NHLExpansion 
Seattle with the NBA Team Again. And a New NHL Team

West Coast Whales NHL Team in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas
"Northern Lights" NHL Team a New Expansion Team for Seattle and Portland. Try that on for Size.

A Fast Pitch for Expansion in the Big Five Sports Leagues. Westward Hockey and Soccer

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